# the North American canal of notice CNN was created by the entrepreneur Ted Turner. It started to operate to 18h of day 1 of June of 1980.

# Its name means Wire News Network (Net of Notice the Handle).

# Was the first canal 24 hours of notice in the world to enter in air.

# the principle, the people found that the notice propagated for the CNN were manipulated according to interests of the sender. Therefore, it was known as Chicken Noodle Network (Emitting of the Soup of Hen), something as TV of the marmelada one.

# In the official launching of the canal, Turner recited a poem of the writer Ed Kessler who said: To act for the certainties of somebody while others wait, to create a positive force in a world where if they spread cynical, to provide information that were not available before to the people.

# When it was inaugurated, the CNN counted on 300 employees spread in offices located in 9 cities, including London (England) and Rome (Italy).

# Up to 1981, focava national notice. This characteristic moved later that Turner made a visit to the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It confidenciou to it that he attended the CNN because caught a signal of the south of the Flórida (U.S.A.) and suggested that the net was transmitted by the whole world. Turner finished convincing Fidel to make a promocional advertising on the canal.

# Turner vendeu the net for the company of Time Warner communication in 1995.
The Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Television offers the Emmy prize to the best ones of the North American TV since 1948. Its more than 10,000 memberschoose every year the professionals of bigger prominence in categories as series of comedy, series of drama and infantile program. The contemplated ones receive one estatueta in the format from a woman holding an atom created for engineer Louis McManus. Its proper woman served of model for the winged figure that represents the muses of the art and science.

Originally, the statue received the name from Immy, term that also the pipe of a television camera assigns. With the time the expression was substituted by Emmy so that it had a more feminine noise. The responsible one for its manufacture is company R.S. Owens. Made in copper and bathed in gold, they delay about five hours being ready and has about 2 kilos of weight and 40 centimeters of height.
2002 had the day of “great capicua”
In day 20 of February of 2002 we live a mathematical moment that happens only ten times to each a thousand years. Capicua is about one day, a date that can indifferently bechore of the left for the right or the right for the left (20.02.2002). This capicua, however, was special, therefore, beyond being the first one of the millenium, it can be multiplied by the digital clocks to 20h02, showing “20: 02 20/02 2002”. A phenomenon as this happened only two times previously, to 10h01 of 10/01/1001 and 11h11 of 1111, but it is clearly that at this time if it cannot observe the numerical sequence in digital counters. Great capicuas as these will only be seen one more time in the history of the humanity, to 21h12 of 21/12/2112. After this date, will be impossible reproduziz them, since 12 months only exist. Many people believe that these symmetrical numerical sequences are in the truth a signal of good luck.

* The human body delay of 30 the 60 minutes to absorb a cup of agua.

* It is composed for 70% of water.

* The camels obtain to drink up to 120 liters of water of one alone time.

* The musician Ludwig van Beethoven had the habit to play water frozen in the head while he composed.

* To dive in the water of a height of 100 meters corresponds to fall in a concrete flagstone.

* In Old Greece, it was custom to shoot currencies in the sources so that they never dried.

* In one hour, an oak produces 4 a thousand liters of vapor.

* The water if transforms into acid when it enters in contact with the volcanic gases.

* Three rooms of the surface of the planet Land are water. If it was divided enters all the world-wide population, each person would have rightthe eight full olímpicas swimming pools.

* But 2.7% of the world-wide water can be consumed. That is, if all this water fit in a bottle of 1 liter, only half gotinha would be potable.

* Of all used water, 10% are destined to the human consumption, 20% to industrial use and 70% to agriculture. In Brazil, 83% of the water go for cattle agriculture and, 10% for urban consumption and 7% for the industry.

* If all the ice of calotas polar melted, one room of the Land would be flooded.

* Poluída in the rivers of the world has 12 a thousand kilometers cubical of water.

* Brazil has 13.7% of all the water candy of the planet. Of these, 80% are in the Amazonian Basin.

* 16 billion liters of water for the redor of the world rain according to.
The terrorist attempted against one of 11 of September of 2001
In the morning of day 11 of September of 2001, four airplanes had been kidnapped in the United States. Three of them had been used in terrorist acts, being launched on building and had caused the death of 2.752 people.


# According to Federal Aviation Administration, that controls the air traffic in the United States, to 9h49 of 11 of September, day of the terrorist attacks, 3,667 airplanes sobrevoavam the American territory.
To the noon, it is common to exist about 5.000 flights. To 11h40 of that day, only 290 flights had been registered.

# the impact caused for the shocks of the airplanes and the landslide of the two towers had shaken the structures of neighboring building. Building 7, that it was part of the set of seven building of the World Trade Center, fell the same to 17h25 of day.

# the Pentagon, headquarters of the Secretariat of the Defense of the United States, third target of the terrorist attempted against one, has restricted access in integral period. All the entrances are protected by armed guards, metal detectors and cameras of video. Visitors must be folloied by somebody of the security. Barriers of concrete hinder that if it parks next to the entrances.

In 2002, an integrant one of the official list of missing people was found in a clinic of New York. Gerge Sims suffered from amnesia and presented schizophrenia symptoms. According to family, it was “vendendo things” in the neighborhoods of the WTC in the day of the accident.
Babies on board

* In the second half of the decade of 40, when the soldiers who had fought in the Second War had come back toward house, he had the call baby boom, increase of the number of births. After the “11 of September”, New York saw to be born 25% more children who the normal one. For the gynecologist Joan Berman, who works in the city, they are the two causes for this new baby boom. “More people were making sex without protection since everything seemed so dangerous”, it to the magazine New York Magazine said. “Moreover, between September and October she had many irregular menstrual cycles and much people were surprise handle.”

* Even though in Canada similar phenomenon occurred. Mark Alwan, obstetra of the General Hospital of Pomona Valley, after observed that the number of births increased of 400 for 500 for month, from June of 2002 - nine months the attacks. “These numbers must have if kept until August”, it to the local periodical The Daily Bulletin said.
Lance Armstrong
# the ciclista Lance Edward Gunderson was born in 18 of September of 1971 in Dallas (U.S.A.). It never knew its father true, Edward Gunderson. Therefore, padastro adopted the last name of its, Terry Armstrong, that arrived to adopt it.

# Começou to compete professionally with only 16 years.

# In 1996, discovered that it had cancer in the testicules. It arrived if to spread and to reach the pulmões and the brain. During the treatment, he decided to create the Foundation of Lance Armstrong, come back to the combat of the illness. It was the yellow group that idealized the sales of pulseirinhas with the phrase Live Strong (Strong Life) with the objective of raising money for research. The action was copied by diverse institutions around of the world.

# Its three children with the Kristin former-wife had been conceived with sperm that it congealed before initiating the treatment against the cancer.

# Its heart is three times bigger that of normal personal one.

# Detém the record of consecutive victories in the race Tour de France. They had been seven pódios, of 1999 the 2005.

# Many say that its physical capacity if must to the use of drugs. In book L.A. Confidentional, a nurse who worked in the team of the ciclista declared that athlete consumed EPO during the preparation of the return of the France of 1999.

# In 2004, assumed namoro with the singer Sheryl Crow.
The illness antrax is caused by the Bacillus bacterium anthracis and can reach the pulmões, the skin and the gastrointestinal device.
The symptoms of the illness resemble it of the grippe; the person has fever, migraine, feels nauseas and vomits. When she reaches the skin, can appear a wound covered for a black crust.
It is treated illness with antibiotics. The form of I infect for inhalation is most dangerous, and if it will not be treated, is fatal in 90% of the cases.
Gracie family

# the Gracie family is known in Brazil and the world for having developed the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an adaptation of the Japanese martial art where the fighters weakkest can compete in equality of conditions with strongest. The creators of the technique had been Carlos Gracie, who died to the 92 years, in 1994, and Gracie Helium. Today the Gracie Jui-Jitsu also is practised in Japan.

# the patriarch of the family, Gastão Gracie, knew the master Japanese Maeda Koma, the Conde Koma, in Belém (Pará). In exchange for shelter in the new city, the oriental accepted to teach the martial art to the son oldest of Gastão, Carlos. After four years, the franzino Carlos if moved with the family for Rio De Janeiro and started if to detach as professor and fighter of Jiu-Jitsu for, to win athlete stronger. With the brother Helium, it officialized the new technique and the philosophy of life.

# Valley-Everything, fight that does not have defined rules, was born of the presentations and fights of the Gracie brothers, who wanted to prove that the technique developed for them functioned.

# In years 50, Helium consequently developed an alimentary diet that has as main objective to keep pH of the meals and, of the blood, most neutral possible and that she was known as the Gracie Diet.

# Because of numerologia studies, Carlos and Hélio had true setting for letters “R” and “C”. The tradition to baptize the descendants with these letters is kept until today by the family.

# the philosophy of life created for the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu nails the abstinence to the tobacco and to the drink. The sex must be made only for the reproduction.

# the women of the family do not fight Jiu-Jitsu. They are created to be mother and to take care of of the family.

# Carlos Gracie Grandson has the name of the grandfather, but it very chose a different profession of the majority of the relatives: he is dancer. Mary, sister of the creators of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, is nun.

# Another tradition of the Gracie is to have many women and children. Helium has 21 children of 7 different mothers, between three formal marriages and four informal ones. Carlos lived 50 years with the same woman, Daisy, but the loving one, Vera. The two understood that the objective age to have the maximum of heirs. One of the children of Carlos, Carley, already had two women at the same time, liveing in the same house. Landmarks, grandson of Carlos, already wanted to mount a community to live with its three women. The idea did not only give certain because of the jealousy.

# One of the grandsons of Carlos, Ryan Gracie, of 33 years, was imprisoned in day 14 of December of 2007, in São Paulo, after stealing an car and trying to steal a motion. In the following day to the arrest, it was found died in the cell. Examinations had disclosed that the fighter had consumed cocaine, marijuana and crack. It already had been imprisoned in 2000, defendant of esfaquear a student in a party and passed 18 days imprisoned. In 2005, accused to attack a policeman and to offend a commission agent, Ryan was withheld one more time.

# In 2000, Rockson Gracie died victim of overdose in a hotel of New York, in the United States. The family found odd that the youngster left to make contact and initiated a search, that finished with the identification it body it fighter and model. It had been embedded as poor.
Kung fu

* For the Chinese, its meaning is ample and encloses allthe fight forms that are trained as art and method of physical autoperfeição and spiritual.

* It was created by the agriculturists whom they needed to defend its lands. The expression “kung-fu” can be translated as “continuous work”.

* In century 5 d.C monges of the Buddhist temple Shao-lin had developed the styles practised until today.

* The movements of attack and defense had been inspired in some animals, as the eagle, garça, the tiger, the grasshopper and the monkey.

* The fighters who possess tattooings of these animals are showing its style of fight.

* The sport, that also is called wushu in China, was popularized by the Bruce actor Lee.

* The exímio fighter estreou in Hollywood in the end of years 60 and made one short career in the screens. He died to the 33 years.
David Carradine estrelou the 72 episodes of the seriado Kung fu. It played the role ofKwai Chang Caine, also call of Grasshopper for its professor, master Dust. The tram showed to its andanças for the United States behind an unknown brother, its exhausting training to become one shaolin and the persecution undertaken for hunters of rewards (it was being looked for the death of a member of the royalty). The episodes had had recorded scenes in the Monastery of Shaolim, in the city of Zhenghzou, China.
Kinsey scales

* Alfred Charles Kinsey was born in day 23 of June of 1864 in the city of Hoboken, in New Jersey, United States. Biologist and professor of zoology, Kinsey established in 1947 the 'Institute ofResearch on the Sex, Sort and Reproduction ". In 1948, it published the first including research on the sexuality of the North Americans.

* Alfred Kinsey was famous for developing the “Kinsey Scale”, that it classifies the sexual orientation in one scales of 0 the 6. In accordance with the results of the research at the time, made with 18 a thousand volunteers, 46% of the North Americans if classified as bissexuais.

Kinsey scales

0 - Exclusively heterosexuals
1 - Predominantly heterosexuals, but with sporadical experiences homosexuals.
2 - Preferential heterosexuals, but with experiences regular homosexuals.
3 - Bissexuais
4 - Preferential homosexuals, but with experiences regular heterosexuals.
5 - Predominantly homosexuals, but with experiences sporadical heterosexuals.
6 - Exclusively homosexuals.

* The research of Kinsey was made by means of interviews. Kinsey believed that the people lay less when they were face-the-face with the researcher.
Corporal language
Little people know, but the body is a great ally in the hour of paquera. Unconsciously, it emits signals that indicate the conquest possibilitiesduring the seduction ritual. He confers some of the gestures and movements and what they want to say:

I want to call the attention
Estufar the chest
To gesture exageradamente
To balance the body
To laugh and very high
To leave value objects the sample

I am interested
To look at three seconds for more than
To smile, showing or to not teeth them
To play the head stops backwards, generally when it smiles
To arrange the hair
To incline the body in direction the person

I feel attraction for you
Not to leave that in the distance it enters the bodies is superior the 1 meter
Not to allow that the silence intervals exceed 3 seconds more than
To allow that it is touched in the arms and the shoulders some times and to repay
To imitate the gestures of the person
Not to deviate the look
The signals of the lie
The liar, for better that he is, tends to present definitive attitudes that finish for denouncing it. Between them, he is:

# Desviar the eyes when asked on delicate subjects.

# Piscar the eyes more frequently.

# Piscar quickly when the colloquy declines for a comprometedor topic.

# To incline stops backwards.

# Responder? not? e to balance the head affirmatively, exactly that of light.

# Respirar in small e fast golfadas and to lard them with long and deep sighs.

# Evitar to point the finger or to emphasize the words with ample movements of the arms.

# When telling a history, making? bridges of texts? , that they consist of artificial accelerations of the sequence of the facts.

# Pedir that the interlocutor repeats the question, with intention to gain more time in the elaboration of a reply.

# not to speak badly of itself, exactly in subjects that nothing does not have to see with the lie.
The infractions of the Code of Transit

* New Code of Brazilian Transit, that entered in vigor in 23 of January of 1998, came to substitute a 1966 legislation. When the old code was promulgated, the Brazilian fleet was of only 1,4 million of vehicles. Today, they are about 27 million occupying the streets of the country. In these three decades, the number of fatal victims went up of 5 a thousand for 27 a thousand to the year.
* The way to take off the qualification wallet national was more complicated: to the 18 years, you it makes practical and theoretical test and it receives a permission to direct… valid per only one year. If, in this time, you to commit the 1 most serious or serious infraction, or 2 average infractions, it has that to recommence the process.
Protestantismo or reform
The founder of the protestantismo was Martinho Lutero. To restore the cathedral of São Paulo, the Pope Lion X started to vender indulgences, that would diminish the punishment of the pecador. Infuriated with this, in 31 of October of 1517 Lutero he denounced prátic. He called it to the Pope “drunk German”. Lutero said that the Pope was not “better of what any another stinking pecador”. It finished excomungado.

To the being threatened with the fogueira, Lutero if took refuge in Germany, where if it dedicated to the translation of the New Will of the Greek for the German.

As leader spiritual of the new Church, that celebrated only the sacramentos of the baptism and communion, Lutero fought for the elimination of the celibacy. It married the former-nun Katharina von Bora.

Its protests if had spread for all the Europe, earning adhesion of João Calvin, who systemize the basic points of the protestantismo.

After these reforms, the protestant branches if had multiplied and today they are more than 200.

In 1930, the Japanese Massaharu Taniguchi published the first editionof a magazine contends diverse reflections on faith, life and truth, result of long years of studies and research on different philosophies and religions. The work marked the sprouting of the Seicho-knot-IE. This doctrine if does not bind to no religious denomination and fold that all come the same from universal God. Its teachings also search to acquire knowledge the men on the preciosidade of the life of all the human beings.

Today, the Seicho-knot-IE has centers in the United States, Germany, Canada and Brazil, beyond Japan. In ground national, it was brought by Japanese immigrants. During 50 years, until its death, to the 91 years, the proper Taniguchi took care of of the propagation of its thoughts, carrying through in the whole world radiofônicas lectures and transmissions. The publication of periodicals, magazines and books, by the way, is one of the marcantes characteristics of the Seicho-knot-IE. It is also counted that, after the spreading of its writings in the decade of 30, had started to occur amazing facts, as the cure of illnesses. This relieved it its founder the heading of “Man Miracle of Japan”.

The Wicca philosophy is inspired in old heathen rituals of the peoples inhabitants of current England, where the women were venerated by having dom of the reproduction. It survived in secret for the whole world up to 1951, when the last law of hunting to the witches was revoked in the country. In the occasion, the Breton Gerald Gardner started to defend the Wicca as the first European religion and it if he spread for the world. The name “wicca” is a variation of wicce, that in the archaic English it means “to turn, to fold, to mold”. The word also gave to origin witch, “witch”, in English.
Yuri Gagarin

* Its full name was Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin.

* It was born in 9 of March of 1935, the city of Klushino, old Soviet Union.

*History to participating of the first manned orbital flight in 12 of April of 1961 entered it.

* It did not have that to command espaçonave, since the Vostok-1 was completely automatic. He was only spectator.

* When it sighted the Land of the space said the famous phrase: “The Land is blue”.

* The trip lasted 1h48, time enough to give a return around the planet.

* When it was only the 7 kilometers of the soil it set in motion the jettisonable accent and it finished the descending with the aid of a parachute. One feared that the impact of the capsule with the soil was very strong for the cosmonaut. In 70 years the reason of the unexpected descending was only disclosed, since the Soviets did not want to disqualify the trip.

* Yuri Gagarin was not astronaut, but pilot of the Soviet Air Force, as well as all the candidates the cosmonaut for the mission.

* He enters days 29 of July and 5 of August of 1961, Gagarin he visited São Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Brasilia and was decorated by president Jânio Pictures with the Order of the Southern Cross.

* Still in the visit to Brazil a boy baptized with its name knew: Yuri Gagarin Da Silva.

* In Brasilia, he affirmed: “The impression that I have is to be arriving in a different planet”.

* He was responsible for the first contact diplomatist between Brazil and the Soviet Union. Gagarin took to the Jânio a message of Nikita Kruchev, Soviet leader. The diplomatical relations between the two countries if had materialize in December of 1961.

* After its death, in 1968, its native city, Klushino, the west of Moscow, was rebaptized of Gagarin.

* It was third of four children.

* It measured only 1,58 meters and it weighed 69 kilos when it embarked for the space.

* A center of training in the city of Baikonur, Cazaquistão, takes its name.

* In 1993 its uniform was auctionzed by 112.500 dollars.

* The space capsule Vostok 1 was round and had of less than 2 meters and way of diameter.

* On the gravity it affirmed: “All the untied objects floated in air and saw I them I eat if they were in a dream”.

* From fear to be substituted in the historical mission did not sleep in the night that preceded the take-off.

* Yuri Gagarin died in an air accident in day 27 of March of 1968, victim of an imperfection in the low cloud forecast.

# the Sputnik was the first artificial satellite launched by the Soviet Union. The launching happened in 4 of October of 1967, ofthe Cosmódromo de Baikonur, in the old Soviet Union (current Cazaquistão).

# This satellite was the first object manufactured for the man to gravitate the Land.

# Age a sphere of 58,5 cm (the same that a ball of basquete) and weighed 83,6 kg Had four antennas - two measured 2,4 meters and the others two, 2,9 meters.

# Sputnik left the Land in a R-7 rocket, that weighed four tons.

# Its function was to frequently send for the Land a 40 radio control of 20 and mega watts, easily caught for amateur radios.

# By means of the duration of the “beeper”, the technician Soviet had information on the temperature and the pressure in the space, beyond having the certainty that Sputnik had not been reached for no meteorite.

# Sputnik was in the space for three months, but the two batteries, made of radio and zinc, had only fed the transmitters per 22 days.

# the word “sputnik” means friend, fellow traveller.

# the launching of Sputnik caused panic in the United States. Six months after the launching of the artificial satellite a research showed that 60% of the Americans believed that a nuclear war was imminent, and that, because of it, half of the Americans would die.

# Its name was Kudriavka - Laika. The dog was the first one to be alive to go for space, in day 3 of November of 1957, to 22h28.

# It was captured in the streets of Moscow. One gave credit that a street dog would have more resistance to the training, since it fought daily for its survival.

# the objective of the mission was to analyze how much the organism of an alive being would support in the space conditions.

# Laika passed for the same tests of a human being and was chosen by being a turn-can and to present ideal weight and height: less than 6 kilos and 35 centimeters.

# When it was for the space, Laika dressed overalls repleto of captadores that folloied its cardiac beatings, arterial pressure and respiratory frequency.

# Many rumors had appeared on its death, that was only clarified in 2002. One of the organizadores of the mission, Dmitri Malashenkov, disclosed that Laika died after a period of suffering, hours after the take-off. Scared with the racket of the launching, its heart arrived to beat three times faster of what the habitual one. In orbit, Laika if calmed, but problems with the temperature in the capsule, that reached 41ºC, had been fatal. Five hours after going for the space, Laika did not give more signals of life.

# the capsule where it was the body of Laika was consumed by the atmosphere in day 14 of August of 1958.
Neil Armstrong

* Neil Alden Armstrong was born in 5 of August of 1930 in the city of Wapakoneta, Ohio, United States. He was the first man to step on inthe Moon, 20 of July of 1969.

* Armstrong flied for the first time of airplane to the 6 years, in 1936.

* In 1955, it formed aeronautical engineer for the University of Purdue, of Indiana, United States.

* It was pilot of tests of NASA and entered for the American aerospace program in 1962.

* Its first mission in the space was in 1966, when it made a maneuver of space coupling between the ship 8 Gemini and the Agena rocket.

* Second space trip commanded the mission Apollo 11 in its. When they had arrived at the Moon, using the lunar module Eagle, it and the astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin they had been about two hours exploring the ground of astro, collecting material and photographing.

* The first step in the Moon was given with a so great foot 41. This age the number of the blue boot of Armstrong.

* NASA in 1971 left and was to give lessons of space engineering in the University of Cincinatti, in the United States.

* In 1994, the former-astronaut processed the Hallmark company, who makes commemorative cards, for having used the famous phrase “This is a small step for a man” in a Christmas card.

* In 1º of June of 2005, she was divulged that the astronaut wanted in return hair wires its that the owner of a hall of cabelereiro of Libanon, United States, had vendido for a collector. Armstrong demanded the devolution of the chumaços and alleged that this age breaking of its privacy. The purchaser, who spent 3 a thousand dollars in the transaction, is the detainer of the biggest collection of hair of celebrities of the world.
Space buses

# the space bus is one espaçonave partially reaproveitáveldeveloped by NASA.

# Before idealizing the vehicle, NASA carried through tests with an archetype connected in a Boeing airplane, that was adapted for flights of great altitude.

# the first space bus to enter in orbit was Columbia, in 1981.

# is constituted of 3 parts: a external tank, two rockets and the ship properly said.

# In the take-off, the rockets are the responsible ones for stimulating the ship for the high one. They have an equal force of 30 airplanes Jumbo 747. When the bus reaches 45 kilometers of altitude, if they unfasten and they fall in the sea.

# untied the external tank if when it finishes the fuel, about 100 kilometers of altitude.

# In orbit, the vehicle is operated by back engines and 44 mini-spurts of control. Its nose, wings and all the inferior part are coated by small ceramics parts, that support high temperatures.

# the fleet of space buses of NASA contained 5 ships: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. Columbia blew up in 1º of February of 2003, during the re-entry in the orbit of the Land. Debris that if had unfastened of the proper fusilagem had opened a hole in the left wing. The Challenger nor arrived at the space: the take-off caught fire 73 seconds after.

# NASA passed 2 years and way without carrying through flights with the space buses after the accident with Columbia. A new group of astronauts, on board the Discovery, took off in 26 of July of 2005 and successfully returned the Land in 9 from August of 2005.
Columbia, the first space bus
# the space bus Columbia was the first aircraft of the sortconstructed for NASA (space agency of the United States) to be launched in the space. Before it, a model for tests was constructed called Constitution initially. NASA decided to change its name for Enterprise, exactly name of the spaceship of seriado the North American Day in the Stars, after to receive thousand from letters of fans from the program.

# the inaugural flight of Columbia occurred in 12 of April of 1981.

# With it, had beginning the age of the ships of continuous use, that came to supplant the rockets, of very expensive construction.

# Its name is a homage to the boat that, in 1792, passed for dangerous sand banks in the sand mouth and arrived unharmed what it is today the British Columbia, in Canada.
# In 1992, Columbia suffered a reform that cost 70 million dollar. With the modifications, the ship gained a cabin new, lighter and that it used little electricity, beyond bigger protection against the heat in the wings.

# the last mission of Columbia had beginning in 16 of January of 2003. He was 28ª trip of the ship and 113ª mission of NASA with space buses.

# In this flight, was part of the Ilan crew Ramon, first Israeli astronaut to go for the space. It was son of a survivor of the concentration camp of Auschwitz. The other astronauts were Rick Douglas Husband, William C. McCool, Michael Anderson, Blair Laurel Clark, David Brown and Kalpana Chawla.

# Columbia blew up when the Texas (U.S.A.) in 01 of February of 2003 sobrevoava, shortly after to reentrar the atmosphere of the Land. When the accident occurred, the ship was the 21,2 a thousand kilometers for the moment, 60 kilometers of height and with 57 degrees of inclination. In the distance for the landing track, in Canaveral Handle, in the Flórida, it was of 2.254 kilometers of distance. The seven astronauts of the crew had died.

# Shortly after the tragedy, already had people offering destroços of the space bus in the site of auction eBay.

* Typically Argentine the musical sort was born for return of 1877 in the city of Buenos Aires. The libertos blacks after the abolition ofthe slavery, promulgated in the country in 1813, liveed in its majority in the Montesserat quarter, where they costumavam if to congregate to touch and to dance.

* The places where the parties happened were called “tangos”. It has some versions for the origin of the name. Some believe that it comes of “drum”, widely used musics of African inspiration.

* Others affirm that the term is an adaptation of Xangô, name of the god of the war in the religion afro. One third group still exists that says to be about a word of a dialect whose meant it is “to come close itself, to touch”.

* Independent of the controversy, the strong strokes of the African tambores had seduced the Argentines descending of Spaniard. The rhythm, then, gained touchs of European music and assumed the form that has today. The dance, in turn, was considered “luxuriante” and “indecent” during much time.

* One of the known tangos more is “For Joins Cabeza”, composition in 1935 for the singer Carlos Gardel. In one of the scenes most famous of the film “Perfume of Woman” (1992), the blind military man interpreted by Al Pacino dances this folloied music of the actress Gabrielle Anwar.
New Bossa

* For 1932 return, Pink the Noel composer heard the expression “bossa”in classroom, in the College of Medicine of Rio De Janeiro. At the time, the word meant - in the medical jargon - “lump rounded off in the óssea surface of the skull” that, in accordance with a called science frenologia, determined the vocation and capacity of the people. It finished using the word in the samba “Is Coisas Ours”, using “bossa” with the aptitude direction, vocation.

* A group of sambistas formed by Mario Kings, Luiz Barbosa and Ciro Hunter adopted the term and passed if auto-to call “singers of bossa”.

* In the decade of 1950, the slang already had if spread for the city and any original or fancy thing she was called “bossa”.

* In 1958, the show of a group of modern music was announced as “Show with Sílvia Teles and a new set of bossa” for the Hebrew University Group. The participant of the event, composer and musical producer Ronaldo Bôscoli started to use “bossa” to define that type of music - a mixture of samba, bolero and jazz.

* “Untuned” music, composed for Tone Jobim and Newton Mendonça, are considered the first music of New Bossa. The term appears in the letter, in the stretch “If you insist on classifying My behavior of anti-musical comedy I myself lying you must argue That is New Bossa, that is very natural”.

* The musician João Gilbert is known as “Father of the New Bossa”.
The Jazz appeared at the beginning of century XX in the United States. At the time the recém-libertos blacks of New Orleans found in music the oneform of will be next to its history. The Jazz was born of a derivation of the Blues, characterized for its choroso rhythm, with the Ragtime, a more harmonious line. The jazz consists, basically, in a carried through instrumental improvisation on of a melódica base, that is, the musicians create new chords on of a set of predefined chords. From this concept the Jazz if divided in diverse sources.

The Swing was a rhythm very appreciated of the one of years 20 until the end of World War II. The time that goes of 1938 the 1943 was known as the age of the Swing. The main characteristics of this style are the dançante character of the compositions and the size of the bands, who normally counted on some musicians. The Swing was known as the popular part of the Jazz.

The Bebop appeared soon after the Swing and followed a contrary line completely. The Bebop had as great characteristics the bands with few musicians, normally two or three, and the complex rhythmic sequences, with ample dissonantes note use. This style does not have much acceptance until today enters the great public for possessing a very complex structure. The Bebop name came of the onomatopéia created for the jazzistas when imitating the taken off frantic sequences of its instruments.

Cool Jazz
This style started to be practised in 1949 in reply to the agile chords of the Bebop. The Cool was calmer, almost comparable to the Blues. It received this name for being considered a less emotiva part of the Jazz, cool would be a alusão the cold.

Free Jazz
The Free Jazz appeared in the decade of 60 of hitchhiking in the vanguardista movement of the time. The style is characterized by the improvisation, that in this in case that it is led to the extremity. In the Free Jazz the musicians do not follow no line nor subjects, them they leave previously of some agreed chords and from each musician he creates there what well to understand.

The style of Fusion Jazz was born of the mixture of the jazz with the Rock initiated in years 70. Later the mixture passed to be called only fusion. The style approached the jazz with the language of the time and became the style less complicated for the population. To make fusion the Jazz had that to place of side acoustic instruments for real the force of the electric instruments. The rhythmic complexity also is left of side.
Young Guard

* Roberto Carlos, the “Tremendão” Erasmo Carlos and Wanderléa, the “Ternurinha”, trindade of the musical movement formedsantíssima that started in 1964.

* One year after blunting in the stops, the three artists had assumed the command of the program “Young Guard”, in the TV Record. The name of the attraction was inspired in a stretch of the speech of the revolutionary leader Russian Lênin: “The future belongs to the young guard because the old one is exceeded”. But, in the end, one finished baptizing all takes of singers and national bands who had incorporated its compositions elements of rock'n'roll North American.

* Beyond music, the Young Guard influenced the language and the standards of behavior of the moçada one.

* Wanderléa and Erasmo make anniversary in day the same, 5 of June.

* The minissaia, for example, turned coqueluche after displaying the legs of Wanderléa. The pilgrim's staffs said for Robert and Erasmo, considered the brazilian equivalents of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (of the Beatles), were repeated by all the fans. In the height of its popularity, the Young Guard arrived to mobilize 3 million spectators alone in São Paulo, where he was transmitted to the living creature. The cities of Rio De Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Recife attended the writings. The program left air in 1968.
# the king of the forests appeared in 1914, and was bolado by the American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, who never put the feet in the forest.

# Tarzan was son of English noblemen, John and Alice Clayton, who had been assassinated by a group of gorilas in the coast of equatorial Africa. It was educated by a called monkey Kala. It was married Jane (son of an American professor) and had had a son.

# In the cinema, the name of the boy was Boy. Already in the romances, it if it called Jack, that the monkeys did not obtain to pronounce and said “Korak”.

# in the cinema the monkey of Tarzan was Only called Chita. In books and the livened up drawings its name was Nikima.

# the registered mark of Tarzan is its possante shout,

# When dying, in 1950, Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of the Tarzan, was embedded in a city of the state of called California Tarzana. In the language of the monkeys, Tarzan means “skin white”.
007 - James Bond

* James Bond was created by the English writer Ian Fleming in 1953. Fascinated for the world of the espionage and for he will bacará, it imagined a personage who was an ideal version of itself exactly: he worked for the English private service, had luck in the game and well-was occurred with the women.

* Fleming used the name of an ornithologist to baptize the agent. The James Bond of truth is researcher and author of the book “Birds of the West Indies” (“Birds of the Guianas”).

* The personage James Bond was inspired in a private agent of British intelligence called Lionel “Buster” Crabb. He gives credit yourself that Lionel has been died in April of 1956, during a mission. The objective age to dive in the seas of the south of England to inspect, private, a Russian ship. It was the beginning of the Cold War.

* The zeros in the front of its number of code mean that it has license to kill when it will be the service of the queen of England.

* “007 Against the Rocket of the Death” (1979), had some scenes filmed in Brazil. In the film, the Cataracts of the Iguaçu are shown as part of the Amazonian Forest.

* The car of James Bond in “007 Against Golden Eye” is a BMW Z3.

* The preferred drink of James Bond is dry martini moved, never beaten.

* The film “Golden Eye” brings substantial alterations in at least a point. Bond abandoned its favourite champagne mark, the Dom Perignon, and substituted it for the competitor Bollinger Great Année 1988.

* In the adaptation of books for the cinema, the SMERSH - agency composed politician of retaliation basically for Russians - gave place to the SPECTRE, type of union to freelancer of the crime. These two fictitious organizations are the main enemies of Bond.

* Albert “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, owners of the EON Productions (responsible for the production of the long ones of 007), had at the beginning bought the rights on books of Ian Flemming of 60. But two headings had been of it are of the acquisition: “Casino Royale” and “Thunderball”. This last one had legal empecilhos because the co-author of the workmanship was the producer Kevin McClory, that later co-produced the film most productive of the series in years 60 - “007 Against the Atomic Blackmail” (refilmado in 1984 with the heading “Never Plus Another Time”).

* Sean Connery was rejected the principle to interpret the private agent. An executive of the company arrived to affirm, mentioning the past to it of the actor: “I do not go to show a covered with star film for a cargo loader”.

* In 2005, the British actor Daniel Craig, of 37 years, was chosen to interpret James Bond in the refilmagem of “Casino Royale”, the twentieth film of the series. The choice caused controversy: Craig is blond and James Bond traditionally brown. In the first scene of fight, Craig took one beats and finished losing two teeth.

* The used golden pistol in film “007 Against the Man with the Golden Pistol” (1974) was stolen of the studio where she was kept, in Hertfordshire, England. Evaluated in about 180 a thousand Reals, the weapon was used in the film for the villain Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee), contracted to kill the spy James Bond (Roger Moore). The real life, the policy believes that the weapon will fall in the black market of the collectors. The crime happened in 10 of October of 2008.

* “007 - Quantum of Solace” is continuation of the previous episode, “Royale Casino”. James Bond wants to avenge the death of its loved Vesper (Eva Green) at the same time where combat the “country-villain” of the time (Bolivia) and tries to save the world of an ambient disaster.