You prefer ice cream of casquinha or small glass?

Following the steps of the research of the psychologist Fernando Dogana on the relation between alimentary choice and personality, the também Italian Viviana Finistrella, specialist in psychology of the nutrition of the Pediátrico Hospital Boy Jesus, in Rome, chose the ice cream as base of a similar analysis.

It counts that, since the times of the college, its interest was the development of the feeding in the evolutivas stages. The practical professional brought the possibility to study alimentary disfunções between the children, what she emphasized the idea of the intense connection between the food and the individual development and of the relations with the other.

According to specialist, the personality characteristics start if to structuralize for return of the 7 years of age, time where the preferences for food also are established. “In the base of these choices it is the flavor candy, because it is more pleasant, typical of maternal milk”, he says.

“Human they are premade use to refuse the bitter taste and the acid one, therefore many harmful substances possess these characteristics”, explain. In evolutivos terms, this rejection has objective to protect the human being of threats of the nature. “The good entendedor will conclude that the apreciadores of these flavors are people who do not hesitate in defying the danger”, complete Finistrella.

Which its ice cream?
Making mystery on the details of the research, that still is in course, the psychologist only discloses that she detached the main characteristics of the ice cream, forms of consumption, presentation and consistency.

Breaking of the comment of all these elements, she compared them it the behaviors of each participant of the study. “She is clearly that only differences and nuances in each personality exist, and that they do not admit identification through this method. But the found basic traces are common to all”, conclude.

It sees which the common characteristics of personality to who prefers definitive forms of ice cream presentation, according to research:

Casquinha: it is the choice of who prefers sensorial an experience complete, counting on the security of the final satisfaction. Who prefers this format is almost always a guloso type.

Picolé: to the first sight, who likes this type of ice cream is a person endowed with initiative, adores to try some types of possible flavors, but at the same time if it shows unsafe, therefore it demonstrates to necessity of some tangible reminiscência - the proper palito, to play or to only keep it in the mouth.

Geladinho: its apreciador has personality of the imediatista-independent type, that it looks for pleasures that can be lived in the hour. Because of this characteristic, the frustrations of the wait tolerate little.

Biscuit stuffed with ice cream: rare in Brazil, this form of presentation attracts people whom they need security. It seems a snack prepared for the mother, where it has of everything - until the biscuit that remembers the necessity of a bigger dose of affective nutrition.

Small glass: he is the preferred one of the comedidos types most controlled and. It is the only ice cream that does not allow freedom in the form to eat and demands the one use colherinha. He is the preferred one of who does not allow to leave itself to lead, granting a pleasure (that it can make dirty the hands or the clothes), or of that they need to keep the good ways, exactly that is for same itself.

Ice cream bonbon: synonymous of modern-current personality. It is a typical choice of our time. It is the ice cream of who it adores to have a well-being reserve, a lesser pleasure, that is not become enlarged, but is repeated in the time. Moreover, it can be appreciated in some different contexts (enclosed the work environment).

To think very can make the person to get fat?

A carried through study it showed that the people, after to carry through some works that they demand to use the cinereous mass well, eatmore, what will make, with the time, that the staff that works incessamente in the industrial area is each time more obeso, given to the fact of all day the attention and thoughts if they focam total in the work and the physical activity is almost null.

This if must to the fact of that the body reacts asking for food, so that glucose can be reestablished, that it is a power plant of the brain, since it used much energy in the activity exerted at the study moment or concentration.

For that every day they are in the college studying, studying very to be able to arrive to have a good income, for these it is advisable that they keep a rhythm of physical exercises in day, so that if can keep healthy the body. They also prevent much mass and fat, since, in case that the time is little for exercises, the body does not suffer with you ingesting these calóricos foods.
E, for that every day they use much energy to focar itself in working in companies of great transport whom they demand very of the employee, try to use to advantage the rest schedule well tax for the company, who generally, when the work is arduous, is of two hours.

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You wise person who the cooling ones assist in the precocious aging?

A study published in daily Daily Mail it assures that the cooling ones can cause the oldness before the foreseen one. The scientists alert of the danger them fosfatos que abundam in gaseous drinks and that it is basic ingredient to revive its flavor, he is subtle harmful therefore can speed up the deterioration of our organism.

Despite the specialists of the University of Harvard have made experiences only with rats, they believe that the results can have the same effect in the human beings. Between some consequências it is the consumption of skin and muscles, beyond the damages that provoked to the heart and the kidneys. Lamentably the fosfato meets also in other foods as processed meats, crayons and breads.

The exaggerated consumption of only two refrigerecos is sufficiently preoccupying since latinhas per week are enough for the increase of the risk to suffer of fragile bones, pancreático cancer, muscular atony and paralysis.

The recommendation of the scientists is clear, to have a healthful and balanced and distant diet of gaseous drinks. The balance in all scope of the life is essential and in the feeding it would not be different.

To take multivitaminic can cause cancer

In the last times, the antirust vitamins have been seen as the super-heroes of the health, always ready young mento fight the villains of the organism, called radical free. This speech was being repeated for the common sense of the popular medicine throughout the last decade, until arriving at the point where we are, where they repeat it to the consumers without knowing what it means.
Thus, the people had started to buy, for salty prices, concentrated of these substances (in general, the vitamin tablets), that they are found in natural foods as fruits, vegetables and cereals. Scientists of an institute of health of Los Angeles (U.S.A.) had discovered that intent vitamin pills C and can increase the cancer risk.
The free radicals are produced of course by the body, but they are harmful to our fabrics, what it speeds up the aging. As they possess vitamins (antirust), the fruits and vegetables had been raised to the status of elixir of the long life have some decades, therefore they fight the accumulation of radicals. Searching to increase the effect, the nourishing industry started to produce compressed with pure vitamins. E everything was propagandeado as the most efficient combat to the aging.
In the years, 90, however, the first negative effect of such miraculous pills was uncovered: they increase the possibilities of cancer in the lung. Now, others males are being disclosed: vitamins C and E, in excess, confuse in the repair of the DNA, what it can compromise the vital substance synthesis for the body.
Moreover, one uncovered that the free radicals are not of all bad. They are useful to exactly prevent the problem that the vitaminic pills provide: the cancer. The free radicals inhibit the eventual creation and growth of some cancerígenos tumors.
Here it is the advice of the doctors: not to consume these multivitaminic ones. The vitamin level in the human body can be kept in the ideal level with a normal diet of fruits and vegetables. Exactly exaggerated, the vegetable consumption does not provoke the harmful effect of tablets. In some cases, without a doubt, the natural one is optimum.

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Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs transform heat of the electric chain into light.

The incandescent light bulbs function transforming into light the heatthat the electric chain produces when passing for its filaments.

But 6% of this heat are transformed into visible light.

About 75% of the expended energy it is lost in infra red radiation and 0.25% in ultraviolet.

19% remains are wasted for the environment.

Subliminar message

Messages subliminares are those that the human directions do not obtain to perceive of conscientious form, thus, the message reach another part of the subconscious human brain. The term was invented by James Vicary, a specialist in marketing americyear, the year of 1957.

Vicary developed one technique called “projection to subliminar”, where impossible intentional images of if perceiving of conscientious form were projected in fractions of second in a cinema section. The chosen phrases had been “Drink Coke” (drinks cocaine-glue) and “Eat Popcorn” (it eats popcorn). Result: In the nights where the experience was made, the popcorn sales had increased in 57,7%, and of Coca-Cola in 18,1%.

The whole world of the advertising if concentrated in the result of the experience of Vicary. However, Vicary affirmed in a news article that had been forced to divulge those results, that is, it contradicted the effect of the messages subliminares. After the cold water bucket played by the proper founder of the concept, some scientists had continued trying to remake the experience of Vicary and to prove the effect of the messages subliminares, however none got success. Exactly thus, the psychological effect caused by the repercussion of the experience was enough to keep the fame of the messages subliminares until the present.

Message to subliminar is that one that works with the subconscious mind of the people. The caught message is assimilated without no conscientious barrier, thus, the individual acts not as if it was hipnotizado, therefore it does not lose the conscience, but yes, with subjective trends to take certain attitude.

It is important to stand out that the message to subliminar works solely with the subconscious mind, therefore, any conscientious impression that an image provokes in the individual cannot be considered as message to subliminar. In many cases, the people try to find meanings in messages that do not possess nothing of more. This mechanism is called auto-illusion, where a person costuma to use of its personal knowledge, experiences and its opinions to print its ideas in what it is analyzing - the message, moving completely its real direction.

In Brazil, no law does not exist that forbids of direct form any type of propaganda to subliminar, however, the legislation believes that the propaganda to subliminar wounds what it says article 20 of the Code of Ethics of the Advertising executives, where says that all the messages must ostensive and be assumed (explicit). Thus, in the legal context, the message to subliminar is seen as an antiethical and unconstitutional element, since the spectator cannot use its right of choice for not being conscientious of its existence.


The Bible says:
“These nefilins were the braves, the reputation men, that had inthe seniority.” Gênesis 6.4

“Before they had inhabited in it emins, people great e numerous, and high as anaquins; they also are considered refains as anaquins; but the moabitas call them emins.” Deuteronômio 2.10-11

“Because only Ogue, king of Basã, were of remaining portion of refains; here it is that its stream bed, an iron stream bed, is not porventura in Rabá of the amonitas? Its length of nine is côvados [4 meters], and of four côvados [1,78 meters] its width, according to côvado in use.” Deutoronômio 3.11

“Also we saw there nefilins, that is, the children of Anaque, who are descending of nefilins; we were to our eyes as grasshoppers; e thus also we were to its eyes.” Numbers 13.33

Science confirms:
It has about 5.500 years, the stature human being was very high. Men in the Mesopotâmia existed whose stature exceeded 4 meters. The first giants, calls in the Bible of Nefilins (enfilins in the Hebrew original that it means “fallen” or “deserters”) could still more be high.

In the ends of years 50 during the construction of a road the Southeast of Homs, in the Valley of the Eufrates, Southeast of Turkey, region next to where the dilúvio lived Noah after, had been found some tombs of giants. They had 4 meters of length, and inside of two they were bones of the thigh (fêmur human) measuring about 120 centimeters of length. It is calculated that this human being approximately had a height of 4 meters and feet of 53 centimeters. One of the bones is being commercialized for TM. Fossil Blanco Museum in the city of Crosbyton, Texas, U.S.A., at the cost of 450 dollars.

Russian mountain

The inventors had been the Russians. The first mountain-Russians, appeared between centuries XV and XVI, were made of ice, since the track until the stands. It was a winter sport. The adventurers sat down block-type with seats excavated and re-covered of straw and went down the mountain. The first stand with wheels was constructed in 1784, in Is Petersburgo, still in the Russia governed for the czars. In the Europe, the first ones to import the idea had been the Frenchmen, in 1804. A stand nor always obtained to stop in the end of the slope and much people if it crippled. The toy was perfecting and was spread for the whole world.

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Chicxulub is a small city located in the state of Yucatan, in Mexico. In the year the 2000 city approximately had a population of 3,400 inhabitants.

Chicxulub is famous for being the city next to the crater of Chicxulub, originated for the shock of the asteroid that probably extingüiu the dinossauros has 65 million years.

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German army enlists baby of 4 weeks

The German army sent a letter of invocation to a baby of four weeks called Lucio, demanding that it presented itself innext the 10 days. Later the error was recognized.

A spokesman of the Army said that the letter was sent by error because a writer typed the date of birth of the boy of Aubstadt wrong, in the south of Germany. “It was an accident”, said the spokesman.

“Somebody typed the number missed in the computer. It did not have damage. We perceive the error in the same day and bind for the family to say that they played the letter it are when it arrived”.