The man who attacked the wife with a tuna

In November of 1999, Nicholas Vitalich, an American of 24 years, woollen inhabitant Jolla, California, was sentenced to one year of therapy against conjugal violence and three years of conditional chain after to have attacked its wife repetidamente with a cool tuna of 60 centimeters and almost ten kilos. The couple met in front of the market where the “weapon” was bought when they had started to fight, Vitalich uncontrolled and beat some times in the wife with the supper. The criminal was imprisoned for domestic violence and resistance to the police search.

The galaxies as we know today

Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) was the responsible one for the classification of the galaxies as we know today.

It was who proved, in years 20, that they are as “islands”, moving itself separately.

The ones are its also that they make possible to identify the relation in the distance enters and speed with that if they put into motion, reason this known as constant Hubble.

The astronomer was formed itself in right for the University of Oxford and appends later left for astronomy, its true passion.

He knows more:
The galaxy is a collection of solar masses that can contain between 100 a thousand and 3,000 billion stars.

They congregate in groups and supergroups and possess some forms.

Nobody knows with precision how many galaxies exist in the Universe, but ours, the Way Láctea, she is only one between thousand or perhaps millions.

The Way Láctea is a galaxy in spiral that if extends for 100 a thousand year-light of diameter.

The galaxies in spiral tend to possess shining younger stars e, while the elliptical galaxies, that are most common, contain older stars.

Andrômeda is many times described as our twin galaxy, because it has more or less the same so great, the same form and age.

Life in Other Points of the Universe exists

In an controversial book published in 2000 (Rare Earth, Springer), two American authors, the paleontólogo PeterWard and astronomer Donald Brownlee, authors of the phrase above, they had considered the idea of that would be practically zero the possibility to exist similar intelligent life of the human being. In other words, we can be alone in the Universe.

It sees well, expensive reader, the controversy is not if it would exist any type of life in other points of the universe beyond the Land. The majority of the scientists agrees that it has an extremely high possibility of that it exists, and we will see below the argument in favor of this. The controversy most violent, and that it is crawled since the time of Giordano Bruno, is if beings could exist livings creature endowed with intelligence, that is, somebody similar to us, human beings.

The argument of Ward and Brownlee seems to strengthen what many religious ones affirm since the Average Age, that is, that the human being would be an only creation of God, made to its image and similarity, and that another place of the Universe would not exist in none. Had to this dogma, the Land it was placed in its center, and the celestial spheres had been considered abandoned, with exception of the angels and the good souls that they had deserved the redemption of the Sky.

For having affirmed (among others religious heresies for the time), that an infinite number of worlds would exist, and, therefore, of other intelligent races to the image of God, frade Italian Giordano Bruno was burnt alive by the Inquisition, for having defied the impositions of the “official knowledge” of the Church Catholic. Before dying, the Bruno rebel declared the judges: “Perhaps its fear in me to pass this judgment is bigger of what mine to receive it”, an excellent phrase of farewell, and until today it summarizes well what exists for backwards of the intolerância and the dogma: simply the fear.

Later, with the development and popularização of astronomy, we are knowing that the planets are other worlds as ours, and that they could theoretically have life (even so until today nothing he has been found). In the following centuries the Humanity took knowledge, shocked, that the Sun is only one star amongst more than the 100 billion the Way Láctea, and that this, in turn, is a galaxy of average size possibly enters some trillions of other dispersed galaxies in an unimaginably great space.

More recently, using new techniques, the astronomers had been capable to detect the existence of hundreds of new planets in other systems estelares. Almost all, for being giant, are similar Jupiter and other planets gaseous, incapable to shelter any type of life. However, in April of 2007 a planet was discovered for the first time, about 20 year-light of the Land, that seems to have water in liquid state and a temperature between 0 and 40 Celsius degrees, being capable, therefore, to this way shelter similar forms of life to the found ones.

Making some simple accounts, scientists as Frank Drake and Carl Sagan (authors of a famous equation developed in 1961 that she looked for to objective calculate this probability) soon had arrived at the conclusion who, enters the trillions of trillions of possible planets, would be a mathematical impossibility that in some of them, had not developed life, and, especially, intelligent life. The parameters of the such equation can be kicked to the will, then it is well little trustworthy, but a sufficiently pessimistic estimate gave, exactly thus, a result of at least 10 extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy.

The alive species had evolved, in some billions of years, from extremely simple organisms, as bacteria, seaweed or unicellular protozoários, adapted to the physical conditions of the Land. The cells, in turn, seem to have had its origin in organic molecular accumulations, but not carbon livings creature, composites, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other atoms, that exist in great amount for all part in the Universe, also in the interstellar dust. These atoms more weighed had been generated in the nuclear furnace inside of the stars, from hydrogen, and if they had spread for the sidereal space when these stars had blown up to the end of its life (new and super-new).

Age of the Land

In 1654 an Irish archbishop calculates, on the basis of Biblical texts, that the Land would have if formed to the 9 hours of day 26 ofOctober of 4004 B.C. Today already knows that the Land has about 5 billion years. The scientific dating is made from the age of the Universe and the study of the rocks of the terrestrial crust. According to theory of Big Bang, the Universe would have if formed it has 15 billion years and the galaxies it has about 13 billion. The first stars start to appear 4 billion years after Big Bang.

Dating of rocks - to calculate the age of a rock she is necessary to add the time of its formation in the interior of the planet, the period of esfriamento (that it can arrive the 500 a thousand years) and the time that it leads to appear in the crust. In the dating of rocks the scientists identify in its composition radiativos elements. One knows that all radiativo element (unstable isotope) if transforms of course into a steady isotope. The maximum time of transformation also is a known 0 variable. Thus, it is possible to calculate the age of a rock investigating how much still it remains of the radiativo element.

Airbag for the feet

The Autoliv, Swiss company who manufactures parts for automobiles, developed the Inflatable Carpet,“airbag” for the feet.

According to Autoliv, tests had shown that the trauma in the tibia, greater bone of the inferior part of the leg, was reduced by the half.

It has some years, the Autoliv also had developed one “airbag” for the knees.

It knows as to create alcohol and an artificial caries

If you to leave a weak mixture of water and sugar, displayed to the air and the light of the day, after some time, start to smell the alcohol.

The existing bacteria in air decompose the sugar, transforming the solution into alcohol.

If to place a tooth in the surface of this solution, the sugar it will be changedded into acid láctico and it will go to attack the tooth and to produce a caries artificial.

The syndrome of space adaptation

The syndrome of space adaptation, call also of illness ofthe space movement, is very common in the astronauts. It occurs when it has a discrepancy of the information between the visual entrance and the instrument initial. The astronauts can make examination of drugs or submit it the autogenético training undergo to hold this illness of movement. After approximately three days, the brain adapta automatically trusting the visual entrance only.

Accurately as the rocking of a boat in the water it makes with that if it is with nausea, the illness of movement in the space makes with that if it is with nausea, or to try illness of movement of the space. The movement illness is a disturber of the balance caused for one me the combination of the information enters the visual entrance of the eyes and the situated initial instrument in the ear.

The instrument initial contains a liquid and ones for the very small that if move with the attraction of the gravity to inform the brain of the orientation and the direction of movement of the body. In the microgravity, the instrument initial cannot function correctly. For example, when an astronaut is upside-down, its eyes indicate this its brain, but its instrument initial does not supply the imperceptible information. This can result in nauseas, in nauseas, and in I vomit per some days until the brain if adapte trusting the alone visual entrance. The studies of NASA indicate that approximately half of the astronauts of U.S.A. tries the syndrome of the adaptation in the space.

Space travellers can use drugs to hinder or to diminish the movement illness. These drugs whiten the neurotransmitters that stimulate the vomit. One another way to hold the syndrome of the adaptation of the space is with the autogenético training, that involves to control the corporal functions that are generally involuntary. This allows the astronauts to learn to hinder or to minimize the illness of movement and the other circumstances caused for the microgravity.

Small doubts

How it is that the Tarzan always was shaved?

Why the Flinstones commemorated the Christmas, if they lived before Christ?

Why the series if called “Impossible Mission”, if they always obtained to carry through the missions?

Why the films of space battles have so barulhentas explosions, if the sound does not spread in the vacuum?

Why that film with Kevin Costner if calls “Dance with Wolves” if it only appears a wolf during all history?

How the men obtain to keep as many details of some games of soccer?

If the men are all equal ones, why the women choose in such a way?

Why the women open the mouth when are passing some cream in the face?

Why Kamicases pilots used helmets?

Why “the Great” word is minor who “the Small” word?

Why “Separate” if it writes everything together and “Everything Together” if it writes separate?

If the wine is liquid, as can be dry?

How is written zero in Roman number?

Why the moons of the other planets have names and ours it is called alone moon?

Why when people bind for a wrong number never of the busy one?

Why the people press the remote control with more force, when the stack are weak?

The institute that emits the certificates of quality ISO 9000 has quality certifyd for who?

Why qdo appears in the computer the phrase “Keyboard Not Installed”, the manufacturer asks for to press any keyboard key?

When they had invented the clock, as knew that hours were, to be able to make right it?

If science obtains to unmask until the mysteries of the DNA, why nobody discovered still the formula of Coca-Cola?

Why qdo you stops in the red signal, always has somebody in the car of the side with the finger in the nose?

If after the bath we are clean, why we wash the towel?

How it was that the plate “Is forbidden To step on In the Gram” was placed there?

Why qdo somebody asks for in that let us help to look them a lost object, has the craze to ask “Where was that you lost”?

Why it has people that she wakes up the others to ask if they were sleeping?

If the Donald Duck does not use pants, because it leaves the bath rolled in a towel?

Because the mirror inverts the images of a side for the other, but it does not invert from top to bottom?

20 things that the Internet is destroying

Below it is a list reformulated and adapted with 20 things, between social habits and positions, that the Internet is destroying:

1 - The art to disagree educadamente
The insignificant quarrels of the beginning ones of the YouTube can not be representative, but certainly the Internet sharpened the tone of the debates. The world of blogs seems incapable to accept the opinion differences. E trolls grows in each sings of web.

2 - Fear of being the only person of the world not touched for the death of a celebrity
The Twitter if became a tribune opened for jokes on the death of famous people. Some of very bad taste, but an antidote “I fight for it” of the fans who, of another form, would predominate.

3 - To hear a record of the beginning to the end
Singles is one of the improbable benefits of the Internet. On the other hand, she is not more necessary to aguentar eight musics boats to be able to hear one or two that they are valid the penalty. But, on the other hand, albums that are valid the penalty will have the hearing that they deserve?

4 - Pontualidade
Before the cellular ones, the people needed to keep its commitments and to arrive at the restaurant in the alias process. To send text messages five minutes before informing the friends of the delay if became one of the dismissable coarsenesses of the age of the conectividade.

5 - Lists of telephone
You can find everything that to want in the Internet, with data much more complete of what the old ones and mofadas Yellow Pages.

6 - Store of music
In a world where the people are not made use to pay for music, to charge of them R$ 30 for 12 musics of a fragile plastic box inside, definitively, it is not a good model of business.

7 - Memory
When almost all fact, does not import obscure and mysterious quão, can be esmiuçado in seconds through the Google or of the Wikipedia, “mere” the storage and recovery of knowledge in its mind if it became less valued.

8 - Concentration
Who, between the Gmail, the Twitter, the Facebook and the Google News, obtains to work? A new trend of concentration riot that if develops.

9 - To decorate telephone numbers
After typing the numbers in the agenda of its cellular one, you never more it goes to look at for them of new.

10 - Conspiratórias theories
The Internet constantly is repudiated as dominated for eccentric people, but, throughout the years, if it showed much more inclined to discredit conspiratórias theories instead of perpetuating them.

11 - To fill forms in the last page of books
Next to this today they are the services of the virtual bookstores as “Customers who had also bought this book had bought…”

12 - Albums of photos and projections of slides
Facebook, Flickr and sites of impression of photos as Snapfish are the new way for which we share our photos. At the beginning of this year, Kodak announced to be discontinuing the production of its classic Kodachrome film due to demand.

13 - To depend on agents of trips to mark vacation
To embark in a vacation trip, we do not need more to pass obligatorily for the agent of trips, who insistently tries to vender that “imperdível” package. Sites specialized inside mounts the trip of the dreams of the possible budget.

14 - Anxious adolescents for its first Playboy
The onipresença of gratuitous and weighed pornography in the Internet finished more with one feared rites to them of ticket for the adolescent boys: the purchase of pornography magazines. Because to tremble in the line to buy the last Playboy if you can lower mountains of obscenities direct in its bed?

15 - Wristwatches
To be moving in the pocket to catch its cellular one can not be so elegant how much to look at for a wristwatch, but is more economic and practical of what walking for there with two equipment.

16 - Artists not yet discovered
To place its paintings or poems online is so easy, that the unknown artists do not have more excuses.

17 - To write letters
Email is faster, cheap and convenient. To receive a letter written by hand from a friend if became a pleasure rare, and until nostalgic. As consequencia, formal phrases of farewell as “With the best greetings” had been substituted by a simple ones “Were valid”.

18 - To kill time
When it was the last time that you passed one hour looking at the world for the window, or reading again its favourite book? The attraction of the Internet on our attention is implacable e, each time, more difficult to resist.

19 - To attend folloied television
The Internet allows that relatives and friends attend the same programs in different schedules and different places, finishing with the meaning of that he was one of the most attractive cultural apelos of the middle class, the shared experience. Together programs to attend television, if still exist, if they limit the esportivos events and reality shows.

20 - The lunch interval
You leave its computer to lunch? Or he eats a personal sandwich while he answers e-mails and he confers the last promotions of aerial tickets?

Son loses the arm and goes to sleep not to take quarrel of the mother

n the last one fourth, in the city of Ulm, the south of Germany, a boy of 4 years of age lostthe arm in a terrible domestic accident and was for the hidden bed, without counting to nothing pra nobody, from fear taking quarrel of the mother.

With aid of its older brother, the boy rolled the arm in a towel and was for bed. The brother botou the member amputated inside of freezer and was pra bed also.

In the following morning, when the mother was to wake up it, it would have asked for excuses for having lost the arm.

- Excuse, mami. I was to play and lost my arm. I did not want, it I would have said.

The boy was taken of ambulance for the hospital, together with the arm, that cannot be implanted in return.

- It Was nothing less than a miracle not to have bleed until the death during the night, said Wolfgang Juergens, on behalf of the policy of Ulms

The accident happened because the boy was playing, together with the brother of 11, with a machine to wash old, that partially it was disassembled and its arm was imprisoned when it was on.
First law of transit limited the speed in 10 km/h

The first law of transit called Law the Red Flag and was promulgated in 1836, in England. Beyond for the moment limiting in ten kilometers the maximum speed, it compelled the one that the car was preceded by a man having carried a red flag to alert the pedestrians, at least the 60 meters of distance.

The Electronic Ink

Newness of the technology: the electronic ink, that will allow to the reutilização ofthe paper innumerable times.

Simplifying, the ink is made of untied metal particles that if electrify and acquire color when for a special penxs.

To erase a stretch, it is enough to modify the eletrização, thus the color disappears and the ink becomes transparent.
Project of new calendar foresees year with 13 months of 28 days

It is stopped has 50 years in the ONU the project of a new calendar where every month they would start in sunday and they would finish in Saturday. Each day of each month would always fall in the same day of the week. It would have 13 months of 28 days. The new month would have the Sun name and would be intercalated between June and July.

10 more strange Illnesses of the world

me the research of the Australian periodical Sydney Morning Herald related some of the syndromes more strange than they reach the human being. They can seem doideiras, but for each one of these illnesses a battalion of doctors exists trying to discover the cause. E mainly the cure.

After to suffer to a collision or any another type of injury in the brain, the victims of this riot start to say with sotaque French… or Italian… or Spaniard. The language varies, but, in the majority of the cases, the victims are unaware of the new language. According to scientists, the pronunciation is not effectively foreign, only of a impression of this. Researchers of the University of Oxford, England, believe that the symptom is caused by a trauma in responsible areas of the brain for the language, provoking changes in the tune, in the pronunciation and in other characteristics of it speaks. A well recent case of the syndrome of sotaque rolled with the British Lynda Walker, in the last month. After one infarto, Lynda woke up speaking with sotaque jamaicano.

After to suffer a disillusion with the spouse, the parents or any another relative, the person starts to believe that they had been kidnapped and substituted by imposters. The symptom for times if return against the proper victim: to if looking in the mirror, it also it believes that it is seeing the image of an impostor. Total neurosis! The problem tends to reach more people from the 40 years and its causes not yet are known. The syndrome was discovered by French psychiatrist Jean Marie Joseph Capgras, described who it for the first time in 1923. In extreme degrees, the victim finds that until inanimate objects, as chairs, tables and books, had been substituted by accurate rejoinders.

“My hand acted on account proper…” This used excuse for some cafajestes can be true. The syndrome in question alien hand syndrome, in English makes that one of the hands of the victim seems to gain life proper. The problem mainly reaches people with injuries in the brain or that they had passed for surgeries in the region. The hard one is that the sick person not quick attention in the silly hand, until it makes some besteira. The crazy hand is capable of complex actions, as to open zíperes… The effect of the lack of control on the hand can be reduced giving a task any, task to it any, as to hold an object.

Illness that provokes distortions in the visual perception of the victim, making that some next objects disproportionately seem very small. The riot was described for the first time in 1955, for the English psychiatrist John Todd, baptized who it in homage to the book of Lewis Carroll. In the workmanship, the Alice protagonist enxerga desproporcionais things, as one was in a “trip” provoked by LSD. The victims of the syndrome also see distortions in the proper body, believing that she has left of it is moving of form or size.

This also strange name does not have nothing of ponographic: it pricks is a Latin word derived from handle, a type of pigeon that eats any thing. E pricks it the syndrome, is clearly… makes this accurately: the person feels a compulsory appetite for not eatable things, as adobe, rocks, tocos of cigarettes, ink, hair… The problem reaches pregnant more and children. After to eat much nastiness involuntarily, the glutãos are with rocks calcificadas in the stomach. In 2004, medical Frenchmen had taken care of one gentleman of 62 years who devorava currencies. Although the efforts, it died. With about 600 dollars in the stomach…

The name bizarro is a reference the Ondina, nymph of waters in European heathen mythology. The illness, more stranger still, makes with that the victims lose the control of the breath.

If not to be intent, the citizen simply forgets to breathe and finishes suffocated! The syndrome was discovered has 30 years and already they exist about 400 cases in the world. Researchers of the hospital Enfants Malades, of Paris, believe that the illness is related with a called gene THOX2B. The central nervous system if neglects of the breath during sleep and the necessary sick person to sleep with a fan in the face not to be without air!

Extreme depression, where the sick one starts to believe that already it died has some years. It finds that it is a ambulant corpse and that all to its return also are died. In extreme cases, the citizen says that it can feel its meat apodrecendo and worms taking a walk for the body… In the final phase, the victim even leaves to sleep and its illusion can effectively become reality. The name of the illness make reference to reference the French doctor Jules Cotard, described who it for the first time in 1880. Although depressive and certain of that it is deceased, the sick person, contradictorily, also can present megalomaníacas ideas, as the belief in the proper one immortality.

If you already dreamed never more in feeling no pain, care with what she asks for… The victims of this illness do not feel pains, but this is a problemão. They are citizens not to suffer accidents because they stop to register any acknowledgment of damage in fabrics of the body, as cuts or burnings. The illness is caused by a mutation in gene IKBKAP of chromosome 9 and was described for the first time for the doctors Milton Riley and Richard Lawrence Day. Without the acknowledgment of danger that pain provides to the common people, the majority of the sick people with the syndrome of Riley-Day tends to die young, before the 30 years, because of wounds.

Also known as koro, this mental riot leaves the person vain of whom its genital ones are disappearing. The majority of the cases until today was told in countries of Asia or Africa, and in many of them the syndrome seems to have been contagious! One of the most strange episodes occurred in Cingapura, in 1967, when the local service of health registered hundreds of cases of men who believed that its penis was disappearing. An only case of the syndrome of the genital reduction was registered until today in Brazil, in the Institute of Psychiatry of the USP. Convinced that its penis was disappearing, the sick person tried to commit suicide with two machete blows in the abdomen!

The blind expression “of emotion” exists in the practical one, and can happen with any normal person. The problem was discovered recently by researchers of the University of Yale, in the United States. After looking at for some strong image, mainly with ponographic content, the majority of the people loses the sight for a short space of time - we décimos of second in the truth. So far, no specialist obtained to explain the reason of this reaction. The discovery of the emotional blindness gave origin to a movement in the American Congress so that all is banished the advertising with appeals erótico in great highways the country.
Order of girl of 11 years took Abraham Lincoln to leave to grow its beard

Abraham Lincoln, the North American president whose beard if became classic in the pictures perpetuate that it as figure history, walked the life all of scraped face, without at least using a modest mustache. It was the order of a girl of 11 years, to the eves of if choosing for the first mandate, made that it to leave to grow the beard.

The Origin of the Sauna

Sauna appeared for return of century III before Christ.

In mountains of the region of the Finlândia, a group of woodcutters looked shelter for the cold.

Observing it washes that she was expelled for volcanos, them had constructed a hut of closed rock in oven form.

They had stoked fire to the firewood, and after a period of 8 hours, them they had left smoke to escape and they had entered in the hut.

After warm, the diving in the water of refreshed them to the lakes and caused a thermal shock.


The Mayan people has uncertain origin, but old Holy Writs can bind it the platonic people to it atlânte. The Mayans if had installed where today Mexico is southd, Guatemala and Honduras for return of 1000 year B.C. the succession of archaeological discoveries, from the passed century, more indicates the development of one of the notables civilizations of the New World, with architecture, sculpture and ceramics sufficiently elaborated. Without a doubt none, this civilization if exactly based on the knowledge of the archaic, previous cultures to century X B.C. But, it was the decipher of the ideogramas of the Mayan writing that allowed to partially reconstitute the history of this magnificent people. The history of the Mayans can be divided in three periods: the daily pay-classic (1,000 B.C. the 317 d.C.); the classic or Old Empire (up to 889 d.C.); e after classic or the New Empire (also known as “Mayan renaissance” up to 1697). Of the daily pay-classic age little if it knows, but it can affirm that, in this period, already it existed a social and religious structure as a sacerdotal classroom specialized in mathematics and astronomy. Probably, it was at this time that was created the Mayan calendar. The end of the daily pay-classic age and the start of the classic age had been established on the basis of the first dates that could have been deciphered in monuments.

The Ruins of Copán, the west of Honduras, had been discovered in 1570 by Diego Garci'a de Placio. One of the places most important of the Mayan civilization, these Ruins had not been excavated until century XIX. Its ortalezas and imponent public squares characterize its three main phases of development, before the city was abandoned at the beginning of century X.

The advanced knowledge that the Mayans possuíam on astronomy, as solar eclipses and movements of the planets, and on mathematics, had allowed them to create a cyclical calendar of notable precision. In the reality they are two overlapping calendars: tzolkin, of 260 days, and haab of 365 days. Haab was divided in eighteen months of twenty days, more five days free. To date the events they used the “short account”, of 256 years, or then the “long account”, that it began at the beginning of the Mayan age. They had determined with incredible exactness the lunar year, the trajectory of Venus and the solar year (365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45 seconds). They had invented a system of numeration with base 20 and had notion of number zero, which had attributed a symbol.

The Mayans used a hieroglífica writing that not yet total was deciphered. The scientists, studious of the Mayan civilization, had proven that the old ones had made many comments of the Sun, during its ticket for the zenith, in the ceremonial square of Copán. This discovery reaffirms that the Mayans had been great astronomers and that they had lived its period of esplendor enters the 900 years 250 d.C. During the solstícios and the equinoxes, the position of the Sun generates alignments special between some monuments, altars and other structures of the main square of the Mayan archaeological small farm of Copán.

Today, the valley of Copán, as other archaeological small farms, is declared Patrimony of the Humanity, protecting the center of the ceremonials of the Mayan civilization, that floreceu in Central America in the first millenium of the Christian Age.

Acariciar dog can help sick people of the heart

To pass some minutes acariciando a dog can diminish the anxiety of a sick person of the heart and even though to help inthe recovery of it during a hospital internment, researchers of U.S.A. in this tuesday had said.

The beneficial effect of the contact with the animal had been bigger of what when the sick people with cardiac insufficience had received the visit from a volunteer or when they had been left alone, had affirmed the scientists during a meeting of the American Association of the Heart.

“This therapy justifies that let us analyze with seriousness this option as a therapy auxiliary for the case of people with cardiac insufficience. The dogs represent a great comfort”, said Kathie Cole, nurse of the University of the Medical Center of California (U.S.A.), that it commanded the study.

“They leave the people happyest, calmer. They make with that the people feel themselves loved more. This is something very important when the person is if feeling rightened and badly.”

It estresse it can get worse the picture of a cardiac sick person, but It glue said that nobody had so far evaluated with depth if measured simple of relief estresse of it, as to acariciar an animal, could help in such a way that it could be measured.

The team of Glue discovered that one visits of 12 minutes of a dog helps the functions cardiac and respiratory, diminishing the pulmonary pressure, reducing the harmful hormone production and fighting the anxiety.

The scientists had evaluated 76 people with cardiac insufficience interned in a hospital. From this group, some had received the visit of a dog per 12 minutes, others had received the visit from a trained volunteer and others had been alone.

The anxiety indices had fallen 24 percent for the sick people visited for a dog, 10 had fallen percent for that had received the visit from a person and had remained unchanged for whom they had not received no visit.

Aegean civilization

Aegean civilization, used term to mention the Age to itof Bronze that if developed (3000-1200 B.C.) to the edges of the Aegean sea, in the island of Crete, the Cíclades islands and the center of Greece. Its main cultures had been the minóica, that blossomed in Crete and reached its apogee in middle of the Age of Bronze (c. 2000-1450 B.C.), especially, in Cnossos and Festos; e the micênica, that if developed in the end of the Age of Bronze (c. 1450-1100 B.C.) in Micenas, Tirinto and Pilos.

The writers of old Greece counted to histories of remote `age of heróis' but nothing of concrete was not known, on the Aegean civilization, until ends of century XIX, when the archaeological hollowings in the small farms of the legendary cities of Troy, Micenas had started, Cnossos, and other centers of the Age of Bronze. To also see Minotauro; Minos; War of Troy; Agamenon; Art and architecture of the Cíclades; Arthur Evans

The mask of Agamenon
The call mask of Agamenon was found in a micênica tomb for Heinrich Schliemann in 1876. Although this believed to have discovered the tombs of the heroes of the War of Troy, the tombs and the mask really belong to a previous phase of the micênica culture that, together with the minóica culture, is part of the civilization of the Aegean one.
To the side the mask of Agamenon

The Door of the Lions
The Door of the Lions, situated in the exterior wall that encircles the palace of Micenas (constructed for return of 1300 B.C.), was constructed in limestone. On great dintel, some blocks of rock form a triangle, in which lions in relief meet, cut of both the sides of a minóica sacred column. The heads of feras, that they had not been conserved, were made independent parts of metal or rock.


The use of number zero in you vary cultures is a rarity. It only appears in a numerical writing of particular type, of position, where the numbers are registered cm numbers whose order indicates the amounts the one that it mentions itself - for example, the units, the sets of ten the hundreds… Until today, archaeologists and historians had discovered four written numerations of position with zero: in the Mesopotâmia, in the Mesoamérica, India and China.

The oldest numerations of position were born in the Mesopotâmia, on to the necessities of accountthey gem and measure of the first civilizations. Age of current use in 1900 B.C., but unprovided of zero. The scribes if contented in leaving a blank space between the numbers. As the space he was not measured, a successive series of number could form different numbers, but the ambiguity did not bother the scribes.

The first known zero appeared delayed, in Babilônia, some centuries before Christ, under the form of a used graphical mark to indicate a separation. Its use remained limited and it did not eliminate all the ambiguities: its absence in the final position is equivalent not to confer precision to the unit in use. The job of this first zero, however, did not have continuity.

The zero that we use today came of India, where a diversion was to nominate great numbers and to calculate, for example, possible verse combinations according to one given poetical or grammatical structure. The zero was then indispensable, and of the used word to assign it, sunya (“empty”), had come our terms “ciphers” and “zero”. Later it the Europe for intermediary of the Arabs earned, but by much time this numeration decimal was had as devilish in the Ocidente.

The Mayans, specialists in the numerical analysis, are the only ones to have distinguished the cardinal zero (indicating of amounts) to count duration of the ordinal zero (position mark), used for the dates.

Why we feel sleep after the lunch?

After the meals the organism suffers some alterations that in the ones of a sensação of false hibernação. This sensation occurs when the food arrives at the stomach, therefore at this moment it concentrates greater amount of the corporeal sanguineous flow in this region with the purpose to facilitate its process.

The concentration of the sanguineous flow in the region of the stomach (that it is extended until the intestine) makes with that the brain is less oxigenado and the irrigated nervous system less. Also the interruption of the alert state of cerebral happens. This interruption happens because of the present sugar in the foods that make with that the nervous cells, that leave in them alert, stop to liberate the necessary signals for such state. Of this form, the sugar makes with that the nervous cells send to the brain the saciedade state that promotes the cycle described above and consequently sleep.

Because of the effect promoted for the sugar it is that one sends regards to diminish the rich food ingestion in glucose in the meals, mainly in the lunch when still something is had to make, so that the signals of alert of the nervous cells are not interrupted.

Apollo 11

The memorable flight of Apolo XI for the Moon happened hasone decade more than -- time sufficient this to have been entronado in our mythologies and books of history. It marked first landing of the man in another world in the space. He symbolized the capacities of the American technology and administration of century 20.

For the world of investigators, enthusiastic and opponent OVNI, the flight of Apolo XI also it was important. The center of a vast body of stories of foreign meeting in this epic space trip became. Throughout the years, dozens of histories had been literally written on avistamentos presumptions and made photographs of OVNIs during that particular mission in July of 1969.

Most prestigious of histories of Reality is the note in Edge in which Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the “dean of the UFOlogia”, passes the story of that “This was the mission in which as stories a OVNI pursued espaçonave”. A colleague said the Hynek that “during Apolo 11, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins had said that they had observed a OVNI”. Hynek agreed, and elaborated: “Some of the pictures of the films of NASA that I examined were very interesting -- particularly those taken in the flight of Apolo 11, one of the few for which NASA did not consider some type of explanation”.

In Science Digest, respected periodic scientific monthly, the astronomer-author James Mullaney (collaborating former-publisher for the magazine of Astronomy) wrote in July of 1977 that “the crew of Apolo 11, during the first lunar landing, told that the capsule was folloied for what it seemed to be a mass of intelligent energy…. NASA recently liberated some impressive not-identified photos truily for the Gemini, Apollo and Skylab”.

The press OVNI reported widely such histories, as much in books as in films and magazines.

Perhaps UFOs Past, Present and Future (written for Robert Emenegger, searched for Alan Frank Sandler) told “the most spectacular of all avistamentos” that occurred in Apolo 11. In the way for the Moon, the astronauts had attended an object that seemed to move of form when they changed the magnificações of its telescope. “Really strange Age”, Collins is cited saying.

The Fate magazine, in the column of the publisher You tan Fuller “I See By The papers” [“I I see for documents”] (November 1970), it examined histories and it concluded: “Buzz Aldrin Seems to very have good evidence of that, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins turns something that was not become widely known -- something told of varied form, going of mysterious lights the formations of espaçonaves”

The authenticity of the avistamentos of Apolo 11 was certified by certification attributed to the anchor of the net of the news CBS, Walter Cronkite. In an interview for National Enquirer, lead for the reporter Robin Leach, Cronkite of this story: “In the route for the first landing in the Moon of the world, Armstrong and the crew they had transmitted an information fantastic, and I was there for ouviz it”.

Cronkite continued: “Armstrong affirmed to have seen an enormous object cylindrical that was turning or falling between the ship and the moon. He is registered officially in the archives of register of the NASA that Armstrong indicated that it was to take off photographs, but the object disappeared so fast how much it had seen it first. Neil Armstrong is not a given man the fantastic imagination and he was not only one of the crew who saw this -- all they capsize, and you have that to respect these men”.

This also was good the sufficient one for Acredite For being wanted of Ripley. In ends of 1978 they had published a series of quadrinhos distributed for periodicals dealing with OVNIs; a panel contained the drawing of astronauts and the legend, “the astronaut Neil Armstrong… saw OVNIs during the space mission. But NASA -- in accordance with the reporter Walter Cronkite -- it is keeping the evidence in secrecy”.

But the secrecy leaked a little, in accordance with the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company. In 1979 they had published a book of David C. Knight, intitled UFOs: The pictorial History. A space photograph occupying all page 171 possesss this legend: “Perhaps the most spectacular of all avistamentos of OVNI in the space have occurred in day 19 of July of 1969 in the flight of the Apolo-XI…. The crew saw a strange object between its ship and the moon…. The object still remains not identified”. (The puristas could have noticed that the object shown in the page was between the ship and the Land, but who thus wants to be detalhista when dealing with fantastic histories).

An idea of what these secrets could involve can be gotten of a summary of the estórias of Apolo 11 published by Mike Harris in a bulletin OVNI New$zealander in 1974:

Of the launching of Apolo 11 in day 16 of July of 1969 until espaçonave to pass the medium point between the Land and the Moon in the following day, the three astronauts had observed a U.F.O following them. Two days later, in the 19 of July approximately 1800 hours, U.F.O.s had made another appearance and had been registered in film. The details of this extensive film were: in the day before the Aldrin moon landing if it transferred to the lunar module “Eagle” and started the final checagens of instrument. While it conferred the photographic machine of close-up, the U.F.O.s had entered in the picture. Still under comment, the objects had been seen emitting what it seemed some type of liquid. The two objects were in next formation and if they would join and separate some time after and they had been in its proper way. The objects intelligently seemed to be controlled, the astronauts had said. The third avistamento during this epic flight happened in day 21 of July, 00,26 hours. For return of one hour and stocking before, Neil Armstrong and Aldrin had stepped on in the moon. While they were busy collecting rocks, Collins in the Module of Command “Columbia” was busy speaking for Houston.


Since that the first man, in the face of the land, had conscience of its proper existence - I I AM - it searchs reasons that explain andjustify its performance and permanence in this planet… “Of where I came? …” “For where I go? …”

In the attempt to understand because of its life, it studies what of bigger enchantment it was drunk a toast to it, the SUN…

The Sun, with its mystery of light, energy and heat, always fascinated and intrigued the man since the dawn of the reason. Source of life, also will be its purificador and its devorador.

It will have to collect, in itself, all the planets with the had experiences in contained them.

Ox Tatá

It is a Monster with fire eyes, enormous, of day he is almost blind, at night it sees everything. It says the legend that the Boitatá was a species of snake andwas the only survivor of a great dilúvio that covered the land. To escape it entered in a hole and there he was in the dark one, thus, its eyes had grown.
Since then it walks for the fields in search of remaining portions of animals. Some times, assume the form of a snake with the flaming eyes of the size of its head and pursue the nocturnal travellers. To the times it is seen as fire a sparkling torch running of a side for another one of the bush. North-eastern Brazil he is called “Cumadre Fulôzinha”. For the indians it is “Mbaê-Tata”, or Fire Thing, and deferred payment in the deep one of the rivers.

They say despite it is the spirit of bad people or punished souls, and for where passes, it goes touching fire in the fields. Others say that it protects the bushes against fires.
Science says that a called phenomenon Fire exists, that is the inflammable gases that emanate of the quagmires, sepultures and carcasses of great died animals, and that seen of far they seem great torches in movement.

Common names: In the South; Baitatá, Potato, Bitatá (São Paulo). North-eastern; Batatão and Biatatá (Bahia). Between the indians; Mbaê-Tata.
Probable origin: It is of Aboriginal origin. In 1560, the Anchieta Priest already told the presence of this myth. He said that he enters the indians was the most frightful assombração. Already the African blacks, had also brought the myth of a being that inhabited deep waters, and that it left the night to hunt, its name was Biatatá.

It is a myth that suffers to great modifications in agreement the region. In some regions for example, it is a species of protective genius of the forests against the forest fires. Already in others, it is .causing of fires in the bush. The version of the dilúvio had origin in the Rio Grande the South.
A version counts that its eyes had grown for better if adapting to the blackout of the cave where the dilúvio was imprisoned after, another version, counts that it, looks remaining portions of dead animals and eats only its eyes, absorbing the light and the volume of the same ones, reason for which has the so great and incandescent eyes.