Temperature lower of the universe in the “Great Colisor”

Reduction of the temperature up to 271 negative degrees made of this the place most cold.

The Great Colisor de Hadrões all changedded this week into the place most cold of the universe, where the temperature went down to the 271 negative centigrade degrees.

In the gigantic particle accelerator, situated in the border between Switzerland and France, the scientists had used liquid helium to lower the temperature, being obtained to thus reach a slightly superior value to the “absolute zero” (- 273,15°C), lowest possible. This temperature was reached in the eight sectors of the tunnel of 27 quilómetros that shelters the great colisor.

This complex and gigantic scientific device it is destined to projectar particles of protões ones against the others, allowing to generate similar energy to produced after Big Bang.

The Colisor entered in functioning in September of the last year.

Baby is born of frozen embryo has 20 years almost

North American scientists had obtained that a woman of 42 years had a healthful son from an embryo that remained frozen almost per 20 years.

The technique was applied in the Institute Jones de Reproductive Medicina, of the School of Medicine of Eastern Virginia, in Norfolk, Virginia.

The woman who received the embryos had registered low a ovariana reserve, that is, low supply of available óvulos, and made treatment of fertilização had ten years.

The doctors had defrosted five embryos that had been donated anonymously for a couple that before carries through the treatment of fertilização in the clinic 20 years.

Of the defrosted embryos, two had survived and had been transferred to the uterus of the patient. To the end of an only pregnancy, the woman gave to the light a boy who was born healthful.

The case was told in a scientific article in the specialized publication Fertility and Sterility, of the American Society for the Reproductive Medicine.

The team, led for the researcher Sergio Oehninger, said that it does not know none pregnancy case where a human embryo has remained as much frozen time - 19 years and seven months.

“To congeal embryos it is one practical one that it only started to be frequent in years 1990, then this certainly was between that they had been congealed soon at the beginning of this process”, explained to the BBC Brazil the scientific director and honorary professor of the Center of Reproductive Medicine of the University of Glasgow, Richard Fleming.

“This is without the shadow of a doubt the case oldest of that already I heard to speak, and shows as an embryo of good quality can perfectly be developed independently to have been generated in 1990 or 2010.”

Time in suspended
The freezing biological suspends the aging of the cells, and the scientists defend that an embryo can remain in this state per decades.

So far, the biggest time that an embryo remained frozen before being transferred to the uterus and being generated a baby was 13 years, in a case in Spain.

In Brazil, the record is of a woman of the interior of São Paulo that gave to the light a born baby of an embryo that is frozen per eight years.

It still has cases of patients who congeal its reproductive cells with therapeutical ends, before treatments that can leave them barren.

In 2004, a couple had a son from sperm that had remained congealed per 21 years.
In this in case that, the father had congealed spermatozoa to the 17 years of age, before starting to deal with a cancer testicule with x-ray and chemotherapy, had left that it without reproductive capacity.

Photograph without camera

Many of vocês desire if to deliver to the art of the photograph, but that they do not possess a camera, they will find, in this page, the solution of its problem. They will obtain, to execute interesting photographs without serving itself of the necessary device.

Our material will be the following one: a glass plate of 10 x 12 cm, a cardboard piece of the same dimensions, a small basin, two in such a way wide rubber bands one, a autovirante sheet of paper and a little of hipossulfito. If they do not scare, we will not need to go to a laboratory of nuclear experiences to obtain the two last elements: it will be enough to acquire them, for some cents, in any establishment of the sort. We will ask for to a package of autovirante paper (will be enough a cinquenta, for small photos) and some hundreds of gram of hipossulfito, substance very similar to the kitchen salt. To be knowing something on the special property acquired paper, let us cut one to it one soon quadradinho e, holding it firm between two fingers, esponhamos it, of the shining side, to the alive solar light. We will see, then that it becomes gloomy to the few, until becoming black, but moving away the fingers, we perceive that, where was supported these, the paper remained clearly. We understand, thus, that interposing an object any between the light and the autovirante paper, this will photograph the object. to this point, an intelligent youngster will soon object that, a removed time of the paper the photographed object, the light will cancel to it, time, all the parts of the leves that had been blank. Certain: but this would happen if we soon did not move away from the alive light our photo and we did not dive it in one baciazinha of water and hipossulfito, “will fix that it lastingly”, becoming it insensitive any another exposition to the light.

Let us try, therefore, to photograph a leaf any, exactly kneaded. We support it knot piece of autovirante paper and, so that it adheres well, not leaving to filter the light, let us close it enters the cardboard and the glass and let us press the all with two rubber bands (to see engraving). Later, let us display it the light, until let us notice a total blackening of the paper. Removing, then, our model, it will appear in them reproducing in all its ramifications and will be able to immerge, then, the photo in the small basin where already we dissolve, two colherinhas of hipossulfito.

In this point, we can go to rest, because the hipossulfito works alone; but the curiosity will withhold in them, to observe what it happens in the basin, and this will be valid the penalty: our photograph will move slowly of color, becoming red e, later, again black. Transcorridos the ten minutes, we retiraemos it of the hipossulfito bath we will dive and it in another basin, underneath of the opened tap, way that the water, draining, if renews there agitates continuously it, in perfect way, the photograph, so that any vestige of hipossulfito disappears.

This operation of laudering must last some hours, to guarantee the good and durable success of our work. Later, let us not admire in them if we will have in the hands crumpled up a colante and half photograph; we enxugaemos it, conserving hung it to a wire, for one I sing, by means of a cramp to arrest clothes. Finally, we will cut to eaves according to our taste, eliminating the clear signals, left for the rubber bands.

Let us examine, now, together, friends cybernautas, the infinite possibilities that this process offers in them. Photographing all the leves that we have in our power and writing next to each one the name, we make a gorgeous and uncommon herbário, that will have the advantage of never if spoiling and this without any special care of our part. We will pass, later photographing butterflies of all the species and largenesses; we will content irmãzinha or irmãozinho, that they will desire to the photo of its mãozinha opened e, finally, we will dedicate in them to the photograph and illustration reproduction real. In this last field, I guarantee to them, I can vary very and satisfy our desire with shining pleasure.

We will serve ourselves of illustrations and until drawings in colors, after to have in the assured one of that they do not bring, in the verse, characters of the press or other engravings, and this for the evident reason of that also these would be reproduced, setting it the figures that we desire to photograph. The normal photographs, on the contrary, to be reproduced, do not have to be already “mounted” for the photographer on cardboard, or will have to be free of this, putting them in the clean water. By the way of photographs, the habitual intelligent youngster will have, still, something to object. We know already, we want to say it us that, in its photograph, the papa will leave with all the white hair and the dark face. Really, photographing photographs of people, we will have that to make two “poses”, because, with the first one, we will only get a “negative” (that is, them he will appear black what he is white) e, with the second exposition, for which we will execute process the same, we will get, on the contrary, a” positive ", that is, the most natural photograph. We can serve us of two expositions, to photograph any subject, since that let us prefer to reproduce the clear-dark ones faithful, that, of another side, if kept in negative, they can create original, decorative effect. I know a youngster who glue in its album positive photographs to the side of its negatives and, collating them well of close, nor always the first ones seemed preferable to second. In any way, after a certain time, the experience will suggest to them when one second exposition will be necessary.

E now, expensive friends cybernautas, before launching in them to the work, let us consider plus an interesting possibility: of appositive, with its friends, who will reveal certainly skeptical, on our ability of photographers without camera and to gain the appositive one, of course.

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Researchers German create car directed for the look

a vehicle directed only with the look is possible, according to an archetype developed for a German university, baptism of “Spirit of Berlin”, that it made tests of direction in this friday, in the track of the airport of Tempelhof, in the south of the German capital.

One is solely about a small bus of the Dodge mark adapted for the Free University of Berlin (FU, of the acronym in German) to be directed with the look, without the hands have to touch the projection.

The archetype gave returns in the track of the disactivated German airport. “This type of vehicle is forbidden in the normal ways of circulation”, said Raul Rojas, of Mexican origin, specialist in computer science and director of the department of “artificial intelligence” that develops this technology.

Its colleague, who occupied the place of the driver, used a helmet endowed with a camera that foca the eyes. The minimum movement is transmitted the computer transforms that it into impulse sent to the direction of the vehicle.

Full of receivers, handles and processors, the vehicle is also capable to pardon an eventual lack of attention of the driver, since if it will not have no curve in the place for which the sight was deviated, the automobile annuls the order to turn.

Baptism of “Spirit of Berlin”, this small technological jewel, with cost around 150.000 euros, is “a step route to the car without driver”, explains Rojas, that arrived Berlin has 27 years.

The department of “artificial intelligence” of the FU of Berlin is, as well as the American universities of Stanford and of Carnegie Mellon, in the leadership of the research in this sector, it explains.

But the production in mass of this vehicle still is far from occurring. For this, the 30 years will be necessary of 20 so that the technology ripens and so that the vehicles are authorized for the legislation, conclude Rojas.

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Nocturnal cramps

Main point: the cramps in the legs are common anddiscomforted, but harmless. Hot compresses, massages and changes in the feeding can help.

Why I am having cramps in the legs at night?

When you make to cooper, practise some sport as the tennis or are in foot the entire day, its muscles you are so tired that the cramps can appear. The same he happens with the pregnancy. The extra weight that you are loading probably is the responsible one for the nocturnal cramps, that can wake up it when you already are in the fifth sleep. The cramps happen with more frequency in as and the third trimester.

Among others possible causes of the cramps of the pregnancy are the excess of match (present in cooling colds, salgadinhos and) and the mineral scarcity as calcium, magnesium and the potassium in circulation in the blood. The scientists had not yet defined to the certainty. Another possibility is the pressure of the uterus on the nerves that go until the legs.

How I can alliviate pain?


Happily, the cramps are one of those problems of the pregnancy where it has something that you can make to brighten up pain.

When the cramp to happen:

• It makes allonges. It starts straining the leg -- with the feet bent in its direction, as the football players who pull the tip of the foot for itself when are with cramp. Hardly you will obtain to reach its fingers of the foot, but she can go moving to devagar the ankle and the fingers. In the start he goes to ache, but later pain he must improve.

• Massageie the muscle affected for the cramp.

• It takes a bath hot or it places a hot water stock market in the affected region (to also sleep of stocking aid).

• It walks. To walk per some minutes costuma to alliviate them.

It has something that I can make to prevent the cramps?

• It is prolongated before sleeping. If you to prolongate the muscles of panturrilha (the potato of the leg) some times before going for the bed, can until hindering completely that the cramps happen.

• He prevents to pass much time of seated foot or with the crossed legs, and tries not to use jump.

• Whenever he is seated, he puts into motion the ankle and the fingers of the foot -- either in the work, one supper or attending the TV.

• It eats rich foods in calcium. If the cramps will be confusing its life, talk with the doctor, therefore it can prescribe a calcium supplement (but he prevents supplements that have dolomita or flour of bone, because of the possibility of them to contain lead; the lead is a metal heavy that crosses the placenta and can harm the baby). You also can try supplements with magnesium (always prescribed for obstetra).

• He eats bananas and he takes orange juice, rich in potassium. The athletes are fans of this therapy to prevent cramps, even so many consider that the effectiveness of these fruits in the combat to the cramp not pass of a myth. As banana and orange alone they make well in other aspects, cost not to try.

• It prevents cooling, that they contain match sufficiently.

E if pain not to improve?

If pain will be a constant, and not 0ccasional cramp, or if you to perceive swell or sensitivity, speak with the doctor. You can be with trombose, one coágulo sanguineous, that it is a problem (a case to each 2,000 gestations) but rare serious, that she needs immediate medical attendance.

Vaccine without needle. Literally the end of the bite!

Vaccine without needle. Literally the end of the bite!

To take vaccine is a trauma for some people, who consider the bite of the needle are one
“terror”. But and if it was possible to take same vaccines without the bite of the needle? It seems trick, but it is not.

It is literally “the end of the bite”.

In accordance with the research of the Georgia Tech and the Emory University, one I apply a plaster that it includes hundreds of microscopical needles that if they dissolve in the skin, can be the definitive solution for vaccines and some types of injection. With it, any one, exactly lay one, could manage a vaccine with easiness and without pain.

“In this study, us we show I apply a plaster that it with microscopical needles can vacinar at least against Influenza with the same probably better eficência and of what the traditional hipodermica needle”
It said Mark Prausnitz, professor of Engineering Química and Biomolecular of the Georgia Tech School.

It will be the end of the bite? We go to wait the next months, when the vaccine must start to be more used in the United States. The idea is good hein…?

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Two possible ends for the universe

Two possibilities for the possible end of the universe exist.

The first one is the “Big Crunch”.
The Big Crunch is a theory according to which the universe will start in the future to contract itself, due to gravitational attraction, until entering exactly in collapse on itself.

Some questions of the cosmologists are: E later? It will be that the universe really goes to finish? Or it will be that it will continue to become enlarged itself forever until cooling itself total and if to become a Universe of blackout? Or it will be that still it would continue in a perpetual cycle of Big Bangs and Big Crunchs?

The beginning of the gravitational elasticity.
Up to 1998 one thought that the speed with which the galaxies if move away would have to diminish with the time due to gravitational atracção between them. To this principle some astrophysical ones call “universal elastic memory”.

More recent research (1998), based in new comments of extremely distant, had proven that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is positive, what means that the speed with which the galaxies if move away ones from the others is increasing, and not diminishing as it would be of if waiting for the gravitational attraction. This means that the Universe is if expanding each time more quickly, speeding up, and the cosmologists do not see as this situation could be reverted. To explain this fact, new gravitational theories are being formulated, implying slight knowledge as black substance and black energy. The evidence of the acceleration of the expansion of the universe is considered as conclusive by the majority of the cosmologists since 2002, and with this discovery the hypothesis of the Big Crunch suffered great revés.

The second possibility is big-freeze.
In this second hypothesis the universe would continue if to expand forever. Everything would go to disappear and the temperature of the universe would fall for the absolute zero. (0 K, -273,15°C, -459,688 °F). This would be inverse the situation of big crunch. The universe would not have substance enough to contain the expansion speed.

A geometry lesson.
The future of the universe lately depends on its global geometry: Plan, spherical or hyperbolic. (It does not interpret in literal way the examples that if follows). The three examples if follow below:

The geometry of the universe is determined by everything what the mass function exists in it -.

A magical number called critical density represented by PC exists, that determines which destination the universe will have.

Big crunch will happen if the universe to possess a " spherical geometry ". Spherical geometry is not an abstract idea: Not truth, says respect to the fact of that we would see the universe thus if we could observe it “of it are.”

In this in case that, the universe contains mass sufficiently - and it would be above of the critical density - that the expansion would stop. A time stopping the expansion, would start if to contract. It would start to devagar, and later it would go fast, and each faster time. The universe would go to contract itself and the next galaxies would be each time. Eventually, everything will go to merge itself, and the universe already will not be greater the sufficient to separate to galaxies or stars. Everything will follow if shrinking and the universe it will be heated to an immense temperature. Then, everything will be compact in a black hole. Finally the universe will come back to be as it started. - infinitely small, infinitely dense and an infinitely hot microscopical point. Nobody knows to the certainty what it can happen after this.

An easy way of if thinking about this, are playing a ball. Launch you it in air, and its acceleration is as the big-bang. After the launching, it diminishes its ascenção, because the land has gravity enough to delay its ascent and to pull it in return. This is as the mass of the universe to be enough to stop its expansion. When the ball reaches its maximum height, it so that it is the same that the universe goes to make to reach its critical density. Then, very slowly the ball will start to fall, increasing its speed each time more during the fall, until it reaches the soil again. This is the same that it occurs in the end of the universe with the “Big Crunch”.

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30 mutations in the genes for each father

Genetics a father, a mother and two children - a youngster and one rapariga. The sequenciação of the genome of four people of the same family was made for the first time, with some revelations. One of them isa surprise. The investigators had discovered that the parents transmit two times little genetic mutations to the children of what so far he was assumed. The study it is published today in the Science magazine.

Beyond disclosing the tax of mutations that the parents pass to the children, the work carried through for investigators of some centers and North American universities, and co-ordinated for the Institute it will be Systems Biology, in Seatle (U.S.A.), also allowed to locate with precision the small farms in cromossomas where these mutations happen.

Comparing the sequências of ADN (genetic information) of the parents with the ones of the children, the investigators had calculated with one high degree of certainty that each one of the two ancestors transmits 30 mutations each one. That is, 60 in the total.

So far, one thought that each ancestor bequeathed to the children 75 genetic mutations.

“This sample the possibilities that if open if to look at for the set of the genome”, commented one of the authors of the study, Lynn Jorde, of the university of the Utah.

Most of the mutations transmitted for the parents does not have any consequência for the health of the children, in accordance with the actuais medical knowledge, underlines the investigators.

The inquiry still allowed to confirm the responsible genetic mutation for the syndrome of Miller, a rare illness that it produces malformations face and of the members.

Global heating

Much heard recently on the melting of glaciers in the Groelândia throughout the last decades and that the thawing level comes very if speeding up since 1930. Whilethe world if alarms with the global heating, entrepreneurs of the North Pole invoice - and high - with the thawing. Some entrepreneurs finish to launch a mark of beer produced from the water of calotas polar. “The only beer of the world produced with the melted ice of the Groelândia”, guarantees in its advertising. The microbrewery The Greenland Brewhouse, located only the six hundred kilometers of the Artic Circle, is in fact the first one to invoice with derretimo of calotas polar.
The founders Salik Hard and Steen Outzen if are valid the frozen ice of icebergs that if they had unfastened of the layer who cover the region of the Groelândia. Local fishing are in charge selecting which icebergs will be used in the production of the beer. The ice, as it has between two a thousand and one hundred and eighty a thousand years, does not present any pollutant. The water is total limpid. The brewery announces that it produces the product with “the water cleanest of the world”. The owners of the brewery, conscientious that the initiative is controversial and can generate protests of abientalistas groups, support that only they use themselves the ice that already was freed of glaciers in melting.

“We are absolutely conscientious of the global heating and is very important that inside let us not destroy the ice only of the Groelândia, but only let us use the ice that already was freed”, it says the page of the company in the Internet.
Here it is an only product to collect them of beer. The beer of the global heating.

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Goats if almost risk and scale thick wall of 50 meters in Italy

The English periodical “The Sun” divulged in this friday (15) photos and video that almost show to goats scaling a thick wall of 50 meters in Cingino, in the north of Italy. In accordance with the periodic one, the animals if risk to lick the rocks on account of them leave minerals.

The animals are of the species íbex, a wild goat that lives in the European Alps and searchs shelter in raised heights to protect itself of the predators. Asssista to the video in the periodical “The Sun”.

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Photographer catches images in high egg resolution of insects

A photographer registered impressive egg images of insects that are deposited on different surfaces.

The Swiss photographer Martin Oeggerli used a known equipment as electron microscope of sweepings (WITHOUT), that he produces images in high resolution of surfaces.

The images are generated in white black color and, but Oeggerli colored the photos using the original images of each surface.

The photos had been produced in set with the institute Prüftechnik Uri and the school of applied sciences FHNW, both in Switzerland.

The images had been subject of news article of the edition of September of the magazine National Geographic, that brings eight photos in high definition of eggs of butterflies and chinch-bugs.

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Tracks of human thought are found in worm brain

In the human beings, the cerebral cortex, the layer most exterior of the brain, is had as one of main the responsible ones for the creative and analytical thought. However, always it was a mystery of that way this part of the brain evolved.

Now, researchers tell that something similar to a cerebral cortex exists in a marine worm of the Nereididae family, a small creature with old roots who did not suffer alterations in hundreds from millions of years. The discovery appears in the magazine “Cell”.

“It can be said that the topography is so similar that the human being and the worm must come of ancestral a common one”, says Detlev Arendt, researcher of the European Laboratory of Molecular Biology and one of the authors of the study.

To lead its research, Arendt and its colleagues had used one technique called cellular definition profile to determine which genes had been activated and disactivated in the cells of the brain of the worm. This type of profile definition provides a molecular footprint for each cell.

Curiously, the molecular footprint in certain parts of the brain of the worm, known as corpora pedunculata, was very similar to the cerebral cortex.

The corpora pedunculata supposedly controls the olfativos directions of the worm, and can have helped ancestral common between worms and the human beings to find food while it was crawled for the deep one of the sea.

“Now that we open the way to study the corpora pedunculata, we can try to understand what this cerebral structure is making, what it is capable to make, and if it was important in the hunting of female prisoners”, affirms Arendt.

Finding in the Gronelândia explains death of mammoths

Layer of nanodiamantes in the ice of the island strengthens hypothesis of comet impact in the North America, has 12 900 years, theory that has been attacked due to tests

The discovery of a layer of nanodiamantes in the ice in the Gronelândia strengthens the theory of that a comet struck in the North America has 12 900 years. This cataclysm led to the extinguishing of the mammoths that in the height inhabited in the northern zones and provoked the culture destruction human being known for Clóvis.

The theory of the extraterrestrial impact appeared has three years and has been reason of great quarrels in the scientific community, over all in the United States, with some of the tests to be discredited during the controversy. In case that if it confirms this discovery in the Gronelândia, the hypothesis will be able to gain an advance decisive.

The problem is to try to explain the extinguishing of animals of great dimensions, including mammoths and tiger-tooth-of-sabre, that they had disappeared of sudden form has about 13 a thousand years, in the North America. The idea of the impact also could clarify the sudden disappearance of the Clóvis culture, beyond allowing to understand the fire layers that had occurred for the same height. The climate of the hemisphere North cooled suddenly, a called event recent Dryas, that also could be explained by the impact of the comet.

As a crater does not exist, it is speculated on that the comet would have fallen in the ice layer that then covered the North of Canada, melting it partially. Parts of this objecto had tumbled in other points, creating megaincêndios. This will have been a cataclysm capable to provoke global climatic alterations. It has, for example, indications of climate changes the regional level in the Average East, that had provoked population migrations until today little understandable.

Everything that is consistent with the discovery now made in the Gronelândia. The work, published in the specialized magazine Journal of Glaciology, was signed by two sets of ten of scientists of some American universities, including of Maine, Oregon and California, Saint Bárbara.

It equips it was led by the archaeologist of Oregon Douglas Kenneth, one of the initial proponents of the hypothesis of the impact, but whose discovered they have been ece of fishes in cause for adversaries of the theory. Kenneth affirms that the layer of nanodiamantes in the ice has an age to go up to around the 13 a thousand years.

The scientists also affirm that the discovery made in the Gronelândia corresponds to the first layer of nanodiamantes never found in ice glacier in the whole world. The particles are so small that they only can be observed by sophisticated microscopes. Each nanodiamante has the dimension of a small virus.

The name is, by the way, something deceptive, therefore the material of very small dimensions is much more similar to the graphite that if finds in the pencils of what properly the diamonds. To any form, one is about carbon whose formation if of only the great temperatures, for example, in one has shocked high speed. The concentrations of nanodiamantes found in the ice are 5 million superior times to the normal one. The scientists had been exactly surprised with the high amounts that had found.

Angel of the sea… when the appearances are deceptive

Clione limacina (more known as angel of the sea) is a precious transparent, devoid clam of carapaça, that nothing for frozen waters of the sea of gracious form, moving appendices that remember the small wing of angel. But this lesma sea, although the innocent aspect, hides a demon in its interior.

When hungry clione crosses with its relative with shell, the butterfly of the sea (helicina Limacina), quickly extracts the six tentáculos in form of hook of its head, grasping its canine tooth and succionando the entire body of its victim until it only remains carapaça.

The cockroach says that it has… superantibiotic

The cockroachs are white of a mixing feeling of mourning and disdain for the humanity. On the other hand, we associate them it the garbage and nastiness and for another one is extreme-resistant. But they are these characteristics that justify the molecule production capable to kill dangerous bacteria, and that they can give origin to the new antibiotic generation.

“Many times the flyers live in not sanitary and higiénicos environments and find different types of bacteria. It is therefore logical that they have developed forms to fight”, explained to the BBC News Simon Lee, investigator in the University of Nottingham.

The brains of the cockroachs and the lobsters contain nine molecules that are toxic to the lineages of the resistant bacteria to antibiotics. Using these substances in laboratory, the investigator obtained a superior mortality the 90 percent in dangerous bacteria as certain lineages of the aureus Escherichia coli or the Staphylococcus resitente to the meticilina.

“A mortality of 90 percent is very great, and I diluted this substance very so that the concentration was small. The conventional antibiotics reduce the number of bacteria and leave our imunitário system to make the remaining portion. Therefore, to have something that produces a mortality so high and that it is so powerful with a small dose is very promising”, defended the investigator.

It equips it goes to make tests with other bacteria. Much more years of inquiry go to be necessary so that these substances can be used as antibiotic.

Fluorescent fish has modified genes

Taiwanesa company will go to start to commercialize species of fish genetically modified to shine alone.

The Jy Lin Company is the exporting greater of ornamental fish of that country and produced the first animals fluorescent of the Pterophyllum species scalare and Cichlasoma nigrofasciatus.

The animals are native Brazil and, this way, they receive the name from Acará flag and Acará zebra - but in its habitat, in the Amazonian basin, them they do not costumam to shine in the green color. The effect, that happens under the blue light, if of the one thanks to the transference of genes.

In partnership with the Sínica Academy and the Advice of Agriculture and Agency of It fishes, the company searched a way to become more attractive these ornamental fish.

The first step was to find animal inside with of course weakker colors of the group. These individuals had been crossed between itself, resulting in one second generation of clear colors. These younglings had been selected e, those with still more clear tones, had been separate and Cruzados. Thus, through consecutive crossings, the researchers had gotten fish with almost transparent skin.

After that, a method was used that transplanta a fluorescent protein in the ovários of the females. In 2008, the first younglings had been born after-modification - 96, in the total. After about 20 a thousand births, the researchers had obtained transgênicos fish that show a steady characteristic if they are capable to pass the traces for future generations. Two authentications prove that the transference of the genes functioned.

These are the first fluorescent fish of the Cichlidae family in the world; according to information of Reuters, after the certification for the sales, each individual will cost US$ 30.