In longínqua time of the dinossauros, has one 140 million years, the crocodiles had arrived to measure 30 meters of length. , Currently even so smaller, they are the biggest existing reptiles in the nature. Its main representative is crodilo of estuary, that lives in tranquilas waters of the estuary of the rivers. Its size arrives to exceed the eight meters of length and lives until the 80 years.
The crocodiles swim with the aid of its powerful tail, moving themselves in the water to a superior speed to the one of a canoe. In land, and although to have short legs, they can also be moved surprising fast. Property, seem floating trunks, what it too much late deceives many of the victims of these reptiles until being.

The hunters pursue the crocodiles for its skin, much appreciated for shoes and luggages. As much in Africa as in India these great reptiles had been declared protecting species and its number already is to increase.

Technique can “disconnect” estresse in the brain

Recent research indicates that it is possible to modify the cerebral structure of form to reduce the impacts estresse of it from meditation techniques.

It attends the video on the notice here.

To verify this, the BBC invited the British Todd German, employee of a thematic park of sea life in England, to participate of a course on the state of “full attention”, reached by means of the meditation.

Todd German affirmed that it would like to try the meditation because it faces sleep difficulties. People who meditam would be capable “disconnect” the negative concerns or thoughts.

After one week of tests, German affirmed not to have total if presumptuous, but it admits that the technique allows disconnect a little, to clean the head and also to feel the calm if to transfer to the body.

Looked for the BBC, the researcher Elena Antanova, specialist in studies on the brain of the London university King's College, she affirmed to be possible to change the configuration of the agency voluntarily by means of the meditation, moving away the harmful effect estresse from it.


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It is truth that alone we use 30% of our cerebral capacity?

Not! This does not pass of a myth. According to Jackson Cioni Bittencourt, neuroanatomista of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences of the University of São Paulo, the deceit appeared from experiments carried through between 1930 and 1950, during neurocirurgias. He was when researchers had used to advantage operations without general anesthesia necessity, where the patient remained conscientious, to stimulate with certain electrodes areas of the brain. “These stimulatons made the people to move parts of the body, to feel cheiros and to see things”, says Jackson. “There, the specific functions had started to associate certain areas of the brain.”

The error was in finding that these areas acted alone, when, in the truth, the brain functions in set. “The difference is that, during certain activities, some regions consume more glucose and oxygen, giving the impression to be working alone”, affirms Vanderlei Cerqueira de Lima, neurosurgeon of the Hospital Albert Einstein. “Today, we know the brain human and we can better say that, even though when we sleep, it functions entirely, in such a way biological - taking care of of the homeostasia, that is the balance of the body - how much cognitivamente; that is: dreaming”.

What it is priapismo?

One is about a drawn out erection, that can last of six the eight hours, provoked for the alteration in the sanguine flow of the penis. “With one it will detail: it is not folloied of sexual desire and yes of a violent pain”, affirms the doctor Clearly Joaquin de Almeida, of the Department of Urologia of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). The name of the riot comes of Príapo, god of the fertility in mythology Greek, always represented with one speaks gigantic. Two basic types of priapismo exist: of low flow and of high flow. This last costuma to be caused by traumas in the region of the períneo. Of low flow it is more serious and it appears when, for some reason, the blood becomes thicker. The causes most common are leukemia, anemia falsiforma, traumas in the column and vasoativos medicines, injected in the penis to provoke erection. “Priapismo is emergency case. It must be run for the hospital”, says the urologista Pablo Enrique Egydio, of the Hospital of the Clinics, in São Paulo. “It is not easy to detect the cause: it costuma to be only discovered in 40% of the cases. Everything what modifies the sanguine circulation must be analyzed.” The danger is that if the blood is much restrained time in the penis, all its oxygen is consumed by the cells, having provoked fibrose e, with it, impotence.


If you to want to protect yourself against the effect of the Alzheimer, ones of the best things to make you are to learn another language. The least this indicates one recent cerebral study that sample that the brains of the people bilíngues function better and during more time, after developing the illness.

The study carried through for psychologist Ellen Biaslystok and its colleagues of the University of York in Toronto (Canada), it monitored the brains of 450 patients diagnosised with Alzheimer by means of computerized axial cat scan. The patient half of this age bilíngue, and to another half alone said a language.

All the patients had a similar cultural level and the researchers had discovered that the average of age in which if bilíngues diagnosised the evil to the people was four years superior to the one of monolíngues. This finding was published in 18 of February during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advance of Science.

Curiously, the axial cat scans computerized had shown that in patients who seemed to cross degree of the illness the same, bilíngues showed a bigger mental deterioration that the ones that only said a language. Not obstante, this difference was not apparent since the point of view of the behavior of the patient or in its abilities to operate. The people bilíngues acted equal to the patients monolíngues whose illness was less advanced.

What it seems the explanation to this protective effect could have to see with certain cerebral net call system of executive control that seems to be the base for our ability to think about complex forms and that it controls the attention and everything what becomes only the human thought.

According to this theory, the people bilíngues have that to exercise this cerebral system constantly to prevent that one of the two languages that they dominate intervenes with the other. Its brains must make searches through some options (in both the languages) to choose each word, what it confers its brains a cognitivo benefit.

Such and as the scientists comment, is not that the bilinguismo prevents the illness, senão that makes with that a patient deals with it more efficient form.

This not only functions with people who live in areas bilíngues as Quebec, senão that also is useful for that I eat, learns a foreign language being young.

How a broken bone if regenerates?

When a bone if breaks, the sanguineous vases in its interior if they breach, causing bleed and the one formation coágulo. The place inflames, but, in 24 hours, the extremities of the breached vases are forbidden, stanching almost completely the hemorrhage. The region of the breaking is full of small pieces of the broken bone and died fabrics, that are removed by the action of called cells osteoclastos. They fagocitam (“they eat” and “they digest”) these fragmentos. The process can last weeks, depending on the size of the injury. Since the first hours after the bruise, also enters in action the responsible angioblastos, cells for the formation of the sanguineous vases. They will give to origin the new vases inside of the bone and will go to repair others that if had breached with the breaking. At the same time, the óssea marrow starts if to regenerate. Composed basically of blood and fat, it is inside of the canal to medular of the bone, that goes being filled for new cells. The óssea reconstitution in itself if of the one from two membranes sufficiently vascularizadas: the periósteo and the endósteo. While the periósteo involves the bones completely, the endósteo is a layer finer it coats than them internally. As much the periósteo how much the endósteo has capacity to produce the cells called osteoblastos, that will give origin to the fabric ósseo. One or two days after the breaking, the osteoblastos already start to invade the interior and the surface of coágulo. The deposition of osteoblastos in the place of the breaking leads to the formation of the ósseo callus, that appears in such a way external how much internally. Meanwhile, coágulo goes diminishing, therefore the cells form that it continue being “devoradas” for the osteoclastos. In up to two weeks, the callus, also formed for fabric fibroso and cartilaginoso, obtains to join the extremities of the breaking with the unbroken part of the bone. In six weeks, the fiction disappears. The following phase, that can last months, is of the consolidation, when the calcificação of the bone occurs. The calcium, that confers resistance to the bones and arrives at the place for the sanguineous chain, helps to repair of ruins it to time. Longer the final stage and of óssea regeneration - it can lead up to ten years - is the remodelagem. The osteoclastos attack of new, “sandpapering” the surface of the bone to reduce the callus. To the end, the area of the breaking, that until then remained more susceptible the breakings, comes back to have the resistance of before.

The bone is one of the few capable agencies of if regenerating on account proper. But, clearly, it does not make magician. He is therefore that, most of the time, one is necessary ajudinha doctor so that they glue in the correct position. It is when they enter in action good and old plaster and, in more serious cases, the metal bolts.

Much people who already suffered some breaking complain of pains in the place when the time cools. This occurs because, in general, the elasticity of the area that it broke and of the remaining portion of the bone is different. In the temperature changes it finishes rolling one estresse in this region, what cause pain.

Strange world

How much time for the ones of the body leads to grow?

Between the human beings, the three months delay for them of two to reach its maximum length, while the hair if develop during two the six years. The wires that compose our cabeleira pass for three stages of growth. The first one is the anágena, phase that almost all represents the useful life of the one for, that it is formed in the layers most internal of the skin and follows growing for it are of the body to a rhythm of about 1 centimeter for month. After that, it comes the catágena, period where the wire is in rest and this hard phase does not grow -, in the maximum, one month. Finally, it comes the telógena, that lasts only some months. It is when “it dies for it” and it falls, of course. The final length of each wire directly is related opportunely of life, therefore the hair grow more than what for the ones of the sovaco and other regions of the body.

It discovers why the human body has as many different types, colors and formats of for

Where parts of the body are not born for?
Lips, palm of the hands and sole of the feet are regions of the body where fiozinho does not have the minimum possibility of being born one at least. E the reason is very simple: while our organism is in formation, still during the life inside of the uterus, these parts does not develop, under the skin, the necessary structures for the formation of for

Why the wires have different colors?
The melanina is the substance that colors wires. However, what it defines the tone of the cabeleira is the rocking between the two pigments that compose this natural dye. When it has more concentration of eumelanina, the hair is darker. In clear or ruivos hair it rolls a feomelanina predominance, colored pigment more. Aged Albino and, with total or partial absence of melanina, have white wires

Which the types of for the one of the human body?
Our hair mass if divides in two categories: for the velos and for the terminals. First engloba those short and fine wires, that rest discrete in places as the forehead and, in the case of the women, col, face and abdomen. Already for the terminals they are encorpados, that coat our legs, arms, virilhas and armpits. For the ones of the head also they are fit in this category

Why some for only grow in men?
Beyond having more for that the women, the men cultivate wires in regions that are lisinhas in the body of them. That is, if you already saw woman with for the ones in the chest and in the ears or with beard in the face, she distrusts! The guilt is of the androgênicos hormones, as the testosterone, that are produced in more amount in the hairy ones of what in the bare ones

What it makes for smooth or crespos them to be?
The format of folículo piloso, for where the wire leaves the body, defines the anatomy of the one for. If the canal is cylindrical, the wire leaves smooth. If it will be flattened, for it is rolled up. What it determines if folículo is rounded off is the position of it in relation to the skin. The more inclined, more fechadinha is the exit