If you to want to protect yourself against the effect of the Alzheimer, ones of the best things to make you are to learn another language. The least this indicates one recent cerebral study that sample that the brains of the people bilíngues function better and during more time, after developing the illness.

The study carried through for psychologist Ellen Biaslystok and its colleagues of the University of York in Toronto (Canada), it monitored the brains of 450 patients diagnosised with Alzheimer by means of computerized axial cat scan. The patient half of this age bilíngue, and to another half alone said a language.

All the patients had a similar cultural level and the researchers had discovered that the average of age in which if bilíngues diagnosised the evil to the people was four years superior to the one of monolíngues. This finding was published in 18 of February during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advance of Science.

Curiously, the axial cat scans computerized had shown that in patients who seemed to cross degree of the illness the same, bilíngues showed a bigger mental deterioration that the ones that only said a language. Not obstante, this difference was not apparent since the point of view of the behavior of the patient or in its abilities to operate. The people bilíngues acted equal to the patients monolíngues whose illness was less advanced.

What it seems the explanation to this protective effect could have to see with certain cerebral net call system of executive control that seems to be the base for our ability to think about complex forms and that it controls the attention and everything what becomes only the human thought.

According to this theory, the people bilíngues have that to exercise this cerebral system constantly to prevent that one of the two languages that they dominate intervenes with the other. Its brains must make searches through some options (in both the languages) to choose each word, what it confers its brains a cognitivo benefit.

Such and as the scientists comment, is not that the bilinguismo prevents the illness, senão that makes with that a patient deals with it more efficient form.

This not only functions with people who live in areas bilíngues as Quebec, senão that also is useful for that I eat, learns a foreign language being young.

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