How the industries determine the accurate day where a food go to be successful

He does not have a standardization: each company develops a proper calculation to point the date of validity of a product, but later necessary approving it with the agencies of fiscalization of the government. “She is clearly that, exactly thus, she does not have as many differences between the calculations. Great companies adopt a method and many times lesser manufacturers copy. But, as these use less efficient techniques and equipment, it can have differences in the stated period of validity presented for its products”, says the federal inspector farming Nelmon de Oliveira, director of the Department of Inspection of Products of Animal Origin of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the case of the sausage, for example, the method most common is to place it num surrounding with controlled temperature and humidity and to carry through, the small intervals of time, chemical analyses that point if it started if to ruin. The fiscalization of the government is carried through to know if the used methods for the companies are enough to determine a safe stated period. If to verify that the product is not good for the consumption, the inspectors can fine the manufacturer or until the establishment where the product is vendido - case it has not followed the measures recommended for stockage and exposition.


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Which the difference between eatable, poisonous and alucinógeno mushroom?

As many species of mushrooms exist - is said in 1,5 million - and no physical characteristic denounce the alucinógenas presence of poison or substances, he is very difficult (and dangerous) to differentiate them in “olhômetro”. To make matters worse, they is esteem that nor 5% of the species are classified in biological literature. This means that nor a micologista (specialist in fungos) very experienced can thread in the mouth a mushroom found in the way of the forest. Exactly that it if seems very an eatable species, it is good for distrusting, after all one same sort can have species that kill, leave doidão or, simply, fulls the belly (it sees the example of the sort below Amanita in the photos). In laboratory, it has two forms of if identifying a mushroom: morphologic analysis and biochemist. The first nothing more it is of what comparing the characteristics of the species found with the ones of already identified and catalogued in scientific books. For this, one takes in account the format, the measures and the coloration of the mushroom. Exactly that it if seems some known species, for precaution is analyzed by a trained biochemist to identify to the presence of toxins (as the alpha-amanitina, found in the Amanita phalloides) and alucinógenas substances (as the psicilobina, of the Psilocibe cubensis).

Which is the temperature necessary to fry an egg in the street?

The respect does not exist no serious research, but the scientists have some palpites. “To fry an egg, the surface where it goes to occur the fritura must be to ones 60 ºC. I find that in a city as Rio De Janeiro, of the one to reach this temperature when the ambient temperature is about 40 ºC”, affirms Jivaldo chemistry of the Matos Rosary, of the University of São Paulo. So that the fritura occurs, it is better that the egg is in asphalt - it is black, he does not reflect no specter of solar light and slowly goes absorbing the heat. Second, the humidity of necessary air to be low, so that the heat emitted for asphalt is not reduced by the vapor of agua in the atmosphere. In days when the thermometers mark around 40 ºC, with the sun the bolt, is well possible that the temperature of asphalt pass of the 60 ºC. The egg receives this transference from heat and starts to fry. This rolls because the proteins that exist mainly in the clear one pass for a regrouping: they move of a half weak union, that of a gosmenta consistency of the raw egg, for a stronger union, generating the consistency most solid of the egg I fry. Then, already she knows: in the lack of a frying-pan, she waits one day hot and dry pra to make a beautiful omelette!