E if the bees disappeared?

Portugal is of the reached countries less, but of 2004 the 2007 had died 3,5 a thousand million bees in the Country. Varroose is the culprit. The Spaniard already had arranged solution: to manufacture “superbees”

The bees are to disappear. In recent years, a little for the whole world, millions of beehives have been decimated. The scene is apocalyptic for flyers, but also for the humanity. As Albert Einstein said: “When the bees to disappear of the face of the Land, the man have only four years of life.” But because they are the bees to disappear? “The cause is still unknown, what the investigators know are that has some factors that can have caused this situation”, it explains the university professor and specialist in this substance Miguel Good Villages.

Although the bees to have an enemy without face, have an illness that the specialists had believed to be responsible for some deaths: varroose. Considered “been of the bees”, this virus is provoked by a mite - varroa - that “weakens the bees and becomes them susceptíveis other illnesses”.
In the year passed in Spain nine a thousand million bees had only disappeared. To fight this flight for the extinguishing, one equips of colleges student of Córdoba decided to create that the one who had called “superbees” (to see infografia). In this process the queens are inseminated and the bees are born fortified, resistant the mites.

In Portugal the population of bees also has come to diminish, but Good Villages believe that “it did not have none I occasion deadly as in the other countries”. Such is confirmed by Casaca João, of the National Federacy of Apicultores (FNAP). “In all the Country, foiz us communicated only one situation of a beekeeper who saw its beehives completely decimated.”

But varroose also worries the national beekeepers. Having in account the bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture, between 2004 and 2007 it only had a 3 in addition, 5 a thousand million bees. The number makes an impression, but it is brightened up by specialists who guarantee that the number of beekeepers also reduced significantly. However, “little beekeepers, little bees”.

Still thus, varroose is present in Portugal. E the beekeepers have notion of the danger, therefore it is the illness that destroys more beehives in the Country. , By the way conscientious of this situation, the Ministry of Agriculture arrived to distribute gratuitously products afflicts to stop it. Now, already they are not donated, but they continue to be comparticipados. It is perhaps therefore, that the combat to varroose in Portugal if centers in an only method. “The use of acaricidas”, clarifies Casaca João, who guarantees that for here superbees” as in Spain do not create themselves “. Such is also not foreseen in a next future. This because, as it explains Good Villages “nobody is to use the insemination, the only program that exists is of selecção of the queens. Nothing more.”

In Portugal, the numbers also are not so catastrophic. “It is a process that has costs, but is controlled”, explains Good Villages. Moreover, the Country has the “blessing” to have one of the few regions of the world where varroose does not exist, as it is the case of some islands of the Açores.

Apocalypse the black color and yellow

The extinguishing danger them bees is real. In U.S.A., the second power of the beekeeping to follow to China, 60% of the populations of bees had more than disappeared in 24 states. The crisis is such that the Congress had to approve an emergency plan, as it makes in time of war or económica crisis. By the way, under the economic excuse, the secretary of North American Agriculture remembered that “without bees she leaves to exist Coca-Cola”. As who says: gentlemen of the capital move themselves, that the thing is serious.

The numbers in the Europe are not more entertainers. According to daily El Spaniard World, in Italy, Belgium and Germany half of the bees had disappeared. Varroose will not be the only problem and Good Villages believe exactly that “when to discover the real cause, it goes to vary of country for country”. Casaca João remembers some of the potential causes in different countries: “In Germany he has to see with the culture of seeds, about France the pesticide use is thought that it is in the cultures and in Spain it will be the overproduction. He has beekeepers more.”

Certain he is that these polinizadores continue to disappear. E as it would be the world without bees. “Age a catastrophe”, alert Miguel Good Villages. “All the ecosystem would be modified and Einstein, probably, would have reason. It would be a very worse crisis that the económica because we [humanity] would be without food.” It is for this scene that many specialists arrive to evoke the hymn of the United kingdom. God Save the Queen. In Portuguese, God Saves the Queen. The queen of the bees, understands itself.

Singularidades extraordinary of usual animals: cupim

All already had spoken, one and another time, on cupins, but few already turn one with its proper eyes. However, they see that incredible, the 2,600 species of cupins that they exist in the world constitute 10% of the total biomass of the planet. After the ruminants, cupins are the creatures contaminantes: its rich diet in fiber is the responsible one per 11% of the global methane emissions.

Therefore speaking in methane, the one stomach cupim if also seems to the one of the cows: it counts on diverse compartments to decompose the cellulose and its intestine lodges 200 types of microbes to transform it into energy.

It is therefore that the industry of the biocombustível is financing the accomplishment of research and studies of these miniature organisms in search of the evidence if they have the secret of the ecologically correct fuel extration from the maize.

Where if cupim bases one to eat one or another wood? In the produced vibrations when it starts to gnaw it. They prefer, therefore, the furniture to the trees. The staple fibres wooden breach it biting them and send impulses to the body that disclose to the type and size of the part.

The blind laborers are the ones that gnaw the wood to directly feed the remain of the colony of its mouth or its anus.

But cupins also can excavate through the concrete. In U.S.A. they are responsible for more damages that the fires and agreed floodings.

Cupins has great familiar values, and ademais are monogamous, although to live in colonies of millions of individuals. The queen seems to the mother of Alien: she can increase up to 300 times its original size because its ovários if expand. The queen of the Odontotermes species obesus, for example, puts an egg for second, more than 80,000 to the day.

In 2007, a research on the DNA disclosed that in reality they are cheap. Its old Isoptera order was stops backwards and now they are Blattodea (blatta in Greek means cockroach). The theory is that the cheap ones had evolved from ancestral similars when they had developed the capacity to eat wood.

Cupins is one of the more popular culinários insects: the proteins contain 75% more than that one filé of cattle. In the Nigéria they vendem broth of cupins in cubinhos.

Why the bear panda does not eat meat?

Although to have equal the digestive system to the one of carnivorous animals, the giant panda, differently of other bears, it has a vegetarian diet. In its habitat, the Chinese forests, it if feed of sprouts of 30 species of bamboos. As this plant is not a very nutritional food, the necessary panda to eat up to 40 kilos of the vegetable per day.

But 1% of its feeding can come of eggs, insects and small rodents. According to researchers of the University of Michigan, the giant panda can have “lost the taste” for the meat in the past. The animals have an inactive version of the responsible gene for receivers of the flavor umami, You 1r1.

Umami, “delicious or flavorful” Japanese word for is the fifth basic taste - the others are candy, sour, salty bitter taste and. Umami is present in the meats, seaweed and in used temperos in the eastern culinária.

The scientists had discovered that the gene that decodes the flavor umami stopped to function in the pandas has 4,2 million years. Research with fósseis indicates that the bears had left to eat meat and had passed if to feed behind of bamboo between seven and two million years.

They suspect that the animals had passed for ambient changes that finished with the availability of canine tooth, compelled that them to move of diet to survive. When she had the change, the obsolete genes You 1r1 had been e, without it, the pandas had not wanted more to eat same meat later that it becomes available of new.

But the researchers still do not know to explain accurately what it happened first: if the meat left the diet of the pandas or the taste for it is disappeared.

“Terrible hairy fly” is reencontrada in the Kenya

Scientists in the Kenya had located one of the flies rarest and of appearance more stranger in the world, after a long search for the insect nicknamed “terrible hairy fly”, had announced specialists in this Wednesday .
Incapable to fly, the fly if reproduces in excrements of bats
Scientists toparam with the fly of for yellows for the first time in 1933, and then again in 1948. Since then, at least half dozen of scientific expeditions they had visited a place enters the cities of Thika and Garissa in the attempt to find the fly again.
With about one centimeter of length, and found so far only on an only rock of 20 meters of height, the Mormotomyia fly hirsuta has more similar appearance to a spider that to a fly, which had its hairy legs, had said scientists.

Incapable to fly, the fly if it reproduces in excrements of bats, and gives credit that alive only a humid crack, repleta of bats, in an isolated rock in the Ukazi Mounts. It has very small eyes and not functional wings that remember belt handles.
The researcher. Robert Copeland, of the International Center of Physiology and Ecology of Insects, headquartered in Nairóbi, said that the physical appearance of the fly left the perplexos scientists how much to the place that it occupies in the order of the Dipteras, or “true flies”.

“We collect specimens new to submit them it molecular analysis, to see where accurately the “terrible hairy fly” if incases in the evolutivo process”, Copeland to Reuters for the telephone said.
“It does not present obvious adaptations to grasp it other animals, to dislocate itself from a place to another one. Perhaps with its long legs, a bat obtains to grasp itself to catch hitchhiking. It never was found in none another place.”
The M. hirsuta is the only member of its biological family, and some specialists in flies find that it will finish proving to be the only entirely restricted family of flies to Africa.

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Scorpion shines in the dark one to detect moonlight

The scorpions use the mysterious green brightness that emit under ultraviolet light as a rudimentary instrument to decide if the light emitted for the moon is very strong so that the animal skirt of its burrow with security.

As the scorpions they are hunting nocturnal, seems stranger who they present the fluorescence instead of being camouflaged. The researcher Carl Kloock, of California State University, says that the animals produce an amount limited of fluorescent pigments, that if degrades as shines.

Kloock placed 15 scorpions displayed to the ultraviolet light until its pigment had been all used and later it compared the nocturnal behavior with others 15 scorpions that had not had depleted fluorescent pigments. The fluorescent ones had been restricted to a small area, while the others became vacant to perhaps.

crucial point, says Kloock, inhabits in what the animals obtain to see. If, as it seems probable, them they cannot see the component ultraviolet of the light of the stars and moonlight, them they do not know if the night is clear the sufficient to allow that the predators can see them.

Doug Gaffin, of the University of Oklahoma, says that the scorpions can hide themselves in the nocturnal shade under of leves, suggesting that they are very sensible to the light. It adds that the fluorescence can have other functions, such as to inform predators on the poison of the scorpion.

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Dog is born with green color and turns attraction

One of the younglings of a labrador hatch turned attraction in Mairinque, the 65 km of São Paulo. A adestrador if frightened with the birth of one of the cachorrinhos, that were born with the one for the esverdeado one. The labrador female gave creates in last day 30, and cãozinho, nicknamed Hulk, was the only one whose for it did not have the yellow color of the group.

The pelagem differentiated, according to veterinarians, is rare to happen. This pigmentação happens for the exposition, during the gestation, of a called substance biliverdina, that is part of the placenta. The news article of the TV Has evidenced in this thursday (9) that the youngling already had lost the green coloration and that the small dog now was with the white pelagem.

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How is made the ritual of encantamento of serpents?

1 - Common in India, other eastern countries and even in the North of Africa, the encantamento of serpents rolls in the way of the street. The charmer chooses a moving place and sits down ahead of a hamper that keeps snake - one generally naja, that she is showier

2- With the covered hamper, but ventilated well, the snake is in rest in escurinho. When the charmer opens the hamper, it if he raises to check what he is happening. When seeing the flute, assumes its natural position of defense, being with up to one terço of the body in the vertical line

3- Later that naja goes up, starts the carnival. The flute is touched alone to deceive the auditorium, since the serpent, surdinha, follow the movements, in order to defend itself. To guarantee the show, some charmers pass piss of rat in the tip of the flute, stimulating the olfato of the snake

4- If the snake of the one small boat - what it is rare to happen -, the flute turns shield and the animal if it hurts when biting it. As this if repeats in the adestramento phase, the snake stops to advance

5- With naja “duly magic”, it is hour of bold maneuvers, as to kiss the head of the animal. The secret is superficially to arrive, since it only of the o small boat for low

6- To collect the animal, it is enough to diminish the movements of the flute - to tame the snake - and the volume of the sound - to deceive the pedestrians and to unglue ones changed…

Another measure of security is to keep a distance that surpasses one terço of the length of the snake

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