How is made the ritual of encantamento of serpents?

1 - Common in India, other eastern countries and even in the North of Africa, the encantamento of serpents rolls in the way of the street. The charmer chooses a moving place and sits down ahead of a hamper that keeps snake - one generally naja, that she is showier

2- With the covered hamper, but ventilated well, the snake is in rest in escurinho. When the charmer opens the hamper, it if he raises to check what he is happening. When seeing the flute, assumes its natural position of defense, being with up to one terço of the body in the vertical line

3- Later that naja goes up, starts the carnival. The flute is touched alone to deceive the auditorium, since the serpent, surdinha, follow the movements, in order to defend itself. To guarantee the show, some charmers pass piss of rat in the tip of the flute, stimulating the olfato of the snake

4- If the snake of the one small boat - what it is rare to happen -, the flute turns shield and the animal if it hurts when biting it. As this if repeats in the adestramento phase, the snake stops to advance

5- With naja “duly magic”, it is hour of bold maneuvers, as to kiss the head of the animal. The secret is superficially to arrive, since it only of the o small boat for low

6- To collect the animal, it is enough to diminish the movements of the flute - to tame the snake - and the volume of the sound - to deceive the pedestrians and to unglue ones changed…

Another measure of security is to keep a distance that surpasses one terço of the length of the snake

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