As the clean soap

To perceive as the soap functions (or sabonete), it is necessary to look at for an individual molecule of the soap, composed for carbon, hydrogen and oxigénio. It has a “head” that attractsthe water and a tail of hidrocarbono that she is hidrofóbica (has “fear” of the water) but adores the fat and oils.

The head of the soap molecule is attracted by the water, enquando that the tail is attracted by the fat of the body.

When we enter in the bath, the water does not penetrate well in the skin. This happens because the tension of surface of the water does not allow that it if penetrates in the skin.

When we use the soap, the hidrofóbica tip of the molecule of the soap tries to run away more than it can of the water, enquando that to another tip it is attracted by the water. The result is a film that breaks the tension of surface of the water, allowing that it if penetrates in the skin.

Now that the water and the soap obtain to arrive at the skin, the molecules enter in phase 2 of the cleanness process. The pores of the skin segregate oils that create a barrier that protects in them of the half exterior. This layer of fat grasps the dust, DIRT, and other substances that make in them to feel “dirty”. When the tail of the soap molecule (that it adores the fat and oils) enters in contact with the skin, it grasps it the oily layer that contains the impurities. When we pass water superficially, the head of the molecule one grasps it the water and it literally pulls the DIRT of the skin, leaving us clean.

Therefore, if pde not to say that it is the water that clean the fat, yes the soap molecules, since these are between the skin and the water.

simulator that teaches to walk of bicycle

The growth of the transit in the cities finishes bringing serious problems. Honda developed a simulator of security for bicycles, that allows pilots of all the ages learn adequate rules of transit and good ways before arriving in the road.

The simulator includes c#rsos and scenes different as “to go to the school” or “to go to the market” and a LCD screen that allows that the pilots see the transit that comes behind. The simulators will be available of the year that comes, without divulged price.

Bigger word of the world

The biggest word of the world does not exist!
It knows reason: in the German language, adjective and the complements someand to the substantives, forming an only word to assign a term.

Then, for greater that is the description of determined objecto (and consequentemente the size of the word), it still will be able to grow more, and more, and more.

According to Telles Maria, assistant of the Department of Education of the Goethe Institute, exists an anecdote, that says to be the biggest word of the world “to donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftkapitänskajütentürschlüsselanhänger” - what it would be equivalent the “chaveiro of the key of the door of the cabin of captain of the Company of Steam navegation Vapor of the Danube”.

But and if the chaveiro was blue with yellow small balls?

Dental implantation in the Eye

When Martin Jones if married has four years, it never imagined that one day would go to arrive to see the face of its wife. To the 42 years the constructor this blind person because of one industrial accident almostthe 10 years, but an implantation using one of its teeth was it made what it to enxergar again.
The procedure, carried through only 50 times that if beginning in the one in Great-Britain gave, uses the segment of the tooth as a support for a new lens enxertadas with pieces of its skin.
After the procedures, Martin came back to enxergar and there yes, it can see the face of its wife for the first time:
“It is wonderful and charming. She was incredible to see it for the first time. ”
It added: “When I discovered that I had a possibility to have my vision in return, the first person who I wanted to see age it.”
In this height already it was the eight years without its vision later that a hot white aluminum pipe blew up in its face in the work.
It had suffered burnings in 37% from its body and had its removed left eye.
The surgery was capable to save the right eye, exactly it not being able to enxergar through it.
All procedure requires the extration of an implanted tooth and in the eyelid covered for fabric. The tooth has that if to keep “living creature” so that it does not have rejection. One I break up of skin then is removed of the interior of the placed cheek and in the eye, where if it acquires its proper sanguineous suppliment gradually.

In the Moon he has light

The Solar System appeared from a Nebula (intent cloud of interstellar substance) Protosolar, that was a gas cloud and dust in slow rotation where through condensation of this cloud celestial granddaughters, moons and other bodies had appeared pla that had started to turn around the Sun.

The Moon also formed together with the planets, as well as them and as the Sun, it is approximately spherical.

The Sun has proper light as well as all the stars, the planets does not have proper light and is illuminated by the Sun, the Moon is as a planet and also it is illuminated by it. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and is therefore we see that it to shine at night.

Power tools

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We are not entirely human

Geneticistas had said in the thursday, after examining the DNA of hundreds of bacteria that inhabit the organism of the man, thatwe are not perhaps total human.

Bacteria are so important for functions as digestion and system imunológico that perhaps can be considered really simbióticos organisms - that is, that they have a relation of mutual dependence with another species -, according to article published in the edition of friday of the Science magazine.

The study of native bacteria of the human organism it can supply important tracks on illnesses, nutrition, obesidade and the functioning of medicines, in accordance with the team of the Institute of Genômica Research (TIGR, in the acronym in English), of Maryland (U.S.A.).

“We are of certain form as an amalgam, a mixture of bacteria and cells human beings. Some estimates say that 90% of the cells in our body in the truth are bacteria”, said Steven Gill, former-researcher of the TIGR and now scientist of the University of the State of New York, for telephone.

“We are total dependents of this microbiana population for our well-being. A change inside of this population, frequent taking to the absence or presence of beneficial microbes, can unchain effect in the metabolism and the development of illnesses as intestinais inflammations.”

It has much time the scientists know that at least 50% of excrements human beings they are constituted of bacteria. They start to colonize the intestine and cólon shortly after the birth, and the adults load up to 100 trillions of microbes, of more than a thousand species.

They are not alone there of hitchhiking. They help the human beings to also digest what they eat, some vitamins, sugars and staple fibres. Also they synthecize vitamins that the people by itself do not obtain to produce.

“The human beings had evolved during millions of years with these bacteria, and them they carry through essential functions”, said Gill.

The scientists sequenciaram the DNA found in excrements donated for three adults. They had discovered that great part was the genetic material of bacteria.

They had compared the genetic sequências with the ones of known bacteria and with the human genome, and had discovered that this call microbioma of cólon ¿ the addition of the genetic material of the thick intestine ¿ includes 60 a thousand genes more than, the double of the found one in the human genome.

“Of all the sequências of DNA in the material, only of 1 5% were not bacterial”, said Gill. “We are surpresos.”

They had also found a archaea number surprising, or archaebactérias, that are genetically different of the bacteria, but also are unicellular organisms, normally found in environments with extreme conditions, as thermal sources.

The givers were adult healthful, that had not taken antibiotic in the period of one year, therefore this type of medicine disturb the bacteria of the body.

Gill said that its team now intends to make a comparison with the intestinais bacteria of diverse people.

“The ideal study it would be to compare 20, 30 people of different ethnic origins, different diets, if they drink, they smoke, and so on, because I find that it will have differences notables”, affirmed Gill.

The next study, according to researcher, goes to lean over itself on the bacteria of the mouth, where it has at least 800 species.

The Six Fears

Then, these Six Fears are the ones that we have that to fight DAILY so that let us can live in peace. Nor sempre is easy to fight against them, a time that they appear more than in our lives without we let us have the guest and, in the times, catch in them of surprise.
Therefore, never she delivers the points when something in your life not to give certain or did not occur as the waited one. She does not deliver the points and, she has in mind its objectives.

These are the six fears:
POVERTY - Fear to be poor, to get worse of condition, to deprive themselves of certain things,
ILLNESS - Fear to be sick, not to recover, to depend on outrem;
OLDNESS - Fear to be old, to give to work advantages others, to be dependent of the good will of children, relatives and friends;
DEATH - This is the worse fear, therefore we are certain that it will come. The Death is the price of the Life. In the sample that we are not nothing ahead of the Universe and the Divine Law.
CRITICAL - Critical they happen to all instants, it only depends on you to know to listen to them when important or to discard them when unnecessary. Nobody is perfect.
TO LOSE the LOVE OF SOMEBODY - This, in my opinion, is cruelest of all. Cruel for involving feelings as homesickness, low auto-they esteem, feeling of impotence, sadness, LOVE and, finally, failure. Of all the fears, this is what uneasier the hearts of who LOVE somebody of TRUTH. What more than on to the mind, this fear is on directly to the heart.

Although many to say that feelings are on to our brain, I have pra me that, in the truth, who controls the feelings is our heart, mainly the feeling love. To lose somebody of the migraine or pain in the heart? The Heart beats fort, immense, printing the rhythm of the fear to each stroke. You try to doutrinar your mind so that she is not thus, but the heart does not obey, seems that it has proper life. E in my opinion, has proper life yes! The heart is really an incredible machine. While the brain accumulates the souvenirs, the heart keeps the emotions, feelings, affection, affection and the LOVE. I believe that this is the only one of the six fears cited here that are lodged in the heart, and not in our mind. Therefore, in case that you are facing this fear, I believe that you are welcome it will advance to it to try to doutrinar its head, its brain to surpass it, therefore, I have pra me that the problem is in the way it well your chest, in your HEART.

Worse student of the world

In 1969, the Indian Shiv “Pappu” Charan made a promise for its namorada: as soon as it obtained to form itself ina school for adults, them would go to be married. In the last week, to the 74 years they will solteirão, it caught its bulletin and it discovered that, for 38ª time, had taken “bomb”.

Nicknamed for the colleagues of “the worse pupil of the world”, Pappu took off note enough to be approved only in one disciplines of them of the course. The 3,4 (of a total of up to 10 points) in hindi were its better performance in recent years. It took off 1,4 in English, 1,7 in sciences, 2,5 in sânscrito and 0,5 in mathematics. “Mathematical he knocks down always me”, affirms.

Although plus one year without diploma, the Indian does not want to know to give up. “While I to live, go to continue making the tests therefore my motivation I am to marry to be able me”, I say. “It is not part of my nature to change my promises. I go to study until passing of year.”

In recent years, Pappu turned a species “tourist attraction” in its school. It is “mascote” of its group, formed in the majority for adolescents of 15 years. “When I go to make a test, the people come of some places of India to see me”, count.

But the Indian says that he would change the fame for a wife. E, of preference, young. “I do not go to marry no woman with 30 years more than”.

Why the skin wrinkles after a bath?

What a long bath - it can be of swimming pool, bathtub, sea or even though of shower - is relaxante and very pleasant everybody sabe, now why the skin of our hands and feet is wrinkled? It discovers the reason.

The epidermis - external layer of the skin - of the fingers is composed for a protein - the queratina - that forms an limited protective barrier against humidity, strange bacteria and bodies.

The contact drawn out with the water, however, makes with that the cells of the epidermis finish absorbing water and swelling. To fit the absorbed volume of water, the skin wrinkles.

“The water of the bath “makes marshy” the cells that do not obtain to absorb the volume all eliminate, then the visual effect in the epidermis is to be withering”, says the dermatologist Jaqueline Machry.

For Jaqueline, another important thing is the temperature of the water of the bath. “The more hot greater is this effect and still it goes to cause a drying in the skin, what it increases the impression of skin wrinkled and of even aged still more”, complete the dermatologist.

In accordance with Jaqueline, this “wrinkled” appearance happens in the hands and feet for being extremities, places where if they concentrate humidity still more.

Happily, after drying in them completely, the water retina in the cells of the skin if evaporates and the cells come back to the normal form and size.

Stripes of the dental cream

Because the different colors of a dental cream with stripes do not join? We go to come back to history until the moment to full the pipe, using a tooth folder consisting of a white base and four stripes, being two blue and two greens.

First, a robot places empty pipes in revolving supports. Later the creams they go down for separate tubings: green cream, blue cream and white cream. Then a sensor accuses to the presence it pipe, and prepares the peak for the wadding. The wadding peaks enter in the pipes for the deep one, until reaching the region of the cover. When going up, each peak fulls the pipe with all the colors at the same time. After full the deep one of the pipe it is pressed and warm, and the plastic melts and forms a weld species. In the sequence, lot information and date are printed matters in the welded area.

Had to the semisolid state of the cream, viscosity of the bases, lack of space for homogenization and mainly the balance of the formula, a color does not invade the space of the other.

Being thus, the closed pipe can be folded and be kneaded that the internal mass of cream will follow without the colors if mix (it does not go to try to also murder the pipe).

Lands in the Moon

American is in Portugal to vender lands in the Moon for 25 euros the hectare
Dennis Hope, an American who if nominated President of the Galactic Government, is in Portugal to vender lands in the Moon “with sight for the Land”, a business that started has 20 years more than and seems to relieve millions to it

In a luxurious hotel of Lisbon, Dennis Hope today gave of morning a press conference to inaugurate the Lunar Embassy in Portugal, a space in the Internet where any one can buy “its property with sight for the Land” for 25 euros the hectare.

The man says to be owner of the “only real estate agency legally qualified to vender lands in the space” and already he negotiated certified more than of property with 300 a thousand people.

Between its customers they are personalities politics as Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush and the stars of Hollywood Nicole Kidman, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, guarantee

From today on, also the Portuguese can acquire a property for 25 euros the hectare, receiving as guarantee a Lunar Writing, a Constitution, a Mineral map of the property, Rights and a copy of the original declaration of detention of property of the Moon.
“I do not believe that somebody thinks that it is really to acquire one hectare of the Moon”, the jurist of the Association of Defense of the Consumer said to the Lusa agency (Deco), Salvador Luis Blinks.
“In legal terms this is a situation where the people will not be able to come to invoke that burla had one, because is too much evident what it is to pass. Suspected that no court can come to give to reason” the complaining futures, the jurist alerted.
However, and in accordance with some sites in the Internet, the business already relieved six million dollar more than (4,4 million euros) and the Lunar Embassy guarantees the future customers to be impossible to vender land the same more than a person.

The embassy still supplies pertinent information to the future proprietors, as in the distance of the Land the one that will be its new land: 384.400 quilómetros.

The lunatic projecto that today Portugal arrived started in 1980, when Hope was to the land register of San Francisco (California, United States) and required the property of all the solar system, to the exception of the Land and the Sun.
The American complained the property of the Moon and other planets being based on a law of the Old North American West of century XIX, “that he grants to the vacant land property the first one to complain that”, explains them the site.

Saliva produced for a person during the day

Normally, our glands salivares, that they meet in the interior of each cheek, the inferior part of the mouth and under of the jaw (in the part frontal of the mouth), produce a average of 1 approximately the 2 liters of saliva to the day. This amount is changeable since it goes diminishing as pass the years. It is calculated that throughout our life we can arrive to produce 34 a thousand liters approximately.

You obtain to imagine what she represents this volume? Therefore then he knows that he would give to full a swimming pool of 4x4 meters for 2 meters of depth and still pra would sobraria saliva to full two boxes of agua of a thousand liters.

The daily production of saliva can vary in function of our diet, of some medicine and the ingestion, I smell or food vision - the one that familiarly we know as “to give water in the mouth”.

Farofa of ant

The insect appears in the Brazilian agricultural cardápio in certain areas southeastern. The preferred variety is içá or saúva - an ant that, says, has a taste similar to peanut. Beyond consumed in farofas, it also can be torrada with tempers or frozen to eat during the year. E makes well! As several other insects, the ants are rich in protein, have low text of fat and high text of match. Of the other side of the world, the Chinese use ants to manufacture a wine that is useful in the treatment of reumatismo and the reinforcement of the muscles and bones.

Smooth Mona

One of the biggest mysteries of the history of the art fell. Since century XVI, when Leonardo Of the Vinci carried through the painting, the Mon facethe Smooth one intrigues the researchers. While some swear to enxergar a seriousness air, others veem a shy smile. Two Spanish neurologists had arrived at the solution of the conflict: the two sides are certain. Our eyes catch the two signals - the smile and the seriousness - shuffle and them in the hour to order them for our brain.

Before the discovery of the neurologists, science already if had leaned over on the mystery. In 2005, scientists of the University of Amsterdã had developed a computer algorithm that cravou: Smooth Mona is a happy woman 83%, nauseated 9%, 6% intimidated and bothered 2%.

But of this time the researchers had been behind the perception human being on the smile, and not it of a computer. According to Luiz Martinez Otero and Diego Alonso Pablos, of the Institute of Neurociência de Alicante, in Spain, the many cells of our retina capture different categories of information, as so great, clarity, brightness and localization in our field of vision. Some times, one of the caught signals gains more force that the other and we see the smile or not.

One of the biggest earthquakes of the Land

Terramoto of 1 of November of 1755 almost caused the complete destruction of Lisbon, and also it caused damages in the coast.

The sismo was followed of one tsunami that it is found to have reached 20m and to have done 10,000 dead ones.

This earthquake was one of the biggest earthquakes of history.

The geologists esteem that the 1755 earthquake has reached magnitude 9 in the scale of Richter.