Smooth Mona

One of the biggest mysteries of the history of the art fell. Since century XVI, when Leonardo Of the Vinci carried through the painting, the Mon facethe Smooth one intrigues the researchers. While some swear to enxergar a seriousness air, others veem a shy smile. Two Spanish neurologists had arrived at the solution of the conflict: the two sides are certain. Our eyes catch the two signals - the smile and the seriousness - shuffle and them in the hour to order them for our brain.

Before the discovery of the neurologists, science already if had leaned over on the mystery. In 2005, scientists of the University of Amsterdã had developed a computer algorithm that cravou: Smooth Mona is a happy woman 83%, nauseated 9%, 6% intimidated and bothered 2%.

But of this time the researchers had been behind the perception human being on the smile, and not it of a computer. According to Luiz Martinez Otero and Diego Alonso Pablos, of the Institute of Neurociência de Alicante, in Spain, the many cells of our retina capture different categories of information, as so great, clarity, brightness and localization in our field of vision. Some times, one of the caught signals gains more force that the other and we see the smile or not.

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