History of the Pantries of the World

The competition is disputed since 1930, of four in four years, for elections of some countries Brazil is the only country to have participatedto all the times of the championship, and to have conquered it five times

1- The biggest artilleryman of the History of the Pantries is the German Gerd Müller, who made 14 gols in the Pantries of 1970 and 1974-

2- The biggest artilleryman in an only Pantry is the naturalized Algerian French Just Fontaine, who marked 13 times in 1958-

3- The only country to conquer a Pantry is of its continent was Brazil, in 1958, when earning in Sweden

4- Of the 16 Pantries disputed up to 1998, 12 they had had the presence of Brazil or Germany in the end and most incredible it is that the two elections had been never faced in a Pantry of the World Will be that the confrontation happens in 2002?

5- Of 1970 up to 1994, it has a symmetry between the champions: Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil

6- Many consider that the three bigger elections of all the times had not obtained to conquer the Pantry: the Hungria de Puskas (1954), Holland de Cruijff (1974/1978) and Brazil de Zico & Cia- (1982) - However, have a consensus between the specialists, who considearm the World-wide Champion Brazilian Election of 1970, with Skin, Rivellino, Gérson, Tostão, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho and others, is best of all the times

7- Until today only one end she was determined in the pênaltis: in 1994, Brazil × Italy had persisted 120 minutes in the 0 × 0 - the departure was determined in the pênaltis, with placar of 3 × 2 for Brazil

8- The players who had more played Pantries are the Mexican goleiro Carbajal and I liberate it German Lothar Matthäus, with 5 participation each one

9- The Yugoslavian technician (Serbian) Bora Milutinovic is a case to the part in the History of the Pantries Counting on 2002, it was the 5 Pantries with 5 different elections: 1986 (Nigéria), 1990 (Costa Rica), 1994 (United States), 1998 (Mexico) and 2002 (China) -

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Sand storm

The sand storms are common in regions very droughts and that they present the ground unprovided of vegetation, as for andxemplo, the deserts, the region north of China and the region of Great Plains in U.S.A.

The intensity of the winds can vary in accordance with the region very, causing since what we can call dust survey until sand storms properly said with the 100 winds that can pass of km/h.

Invariably the storms or survey of dust intervene with the visibility in greater or minor degree. When the visibility if reduces for 1,5 km the 10 km says that it has dust formation, and when this is reduced to less than 1,5 km says that it has formation of dense dust or storm.

When the moistness of air reaches a low platform very in regions that already possess dry climate e, therefore has the ground covered by an arenaceous layer, occurs the particle suspension of the ground that can be carried the kilometers from distance for the winds. When it has only fall of the relative moistness of air, but it exists stability, the dust tends to remain close to the ground.

But, when great instability exists raises occurs it of the dust mass being able to occur of two forms: without the presence of significant horizontal winds: thus, the dust simply goes up and is spread, forming a layer similar to mist and that it can hide the sun total; or, strong winds can occur that load the dust causing the storms. When this occurs, the dust, or sand, forms a species of wall that goes advancing led for the winds.

After occurring the storm or it raises of dust, this is deposited. If to occur some precipitation form (snow, hail or rain), the dust particles can be loaded for these causing a precipitation muddy or colored by the particles that before were suspended. But, the precipitation of the which had dust can also occur, simply, when ceasing the wind. When it happens in such a way, the dust simply falls depositing tons of dust, or sand.

Sleeve with Milk

“Sleeve with milk makes badly, boy”. Who never heard the phraselguma time in the life? If you already tried to mix these ingredients, excellent, already she knows the truth. Already for that still they believe the belief, an important message: everything is lie.

This popular crendice is very old, and directly is related to the slavery in Brazil. As it is known, one of the used ingredients more in the feeding of the enslaved ones was milk. Already the sleeves, originary fruits of India, were considered noble, being only destined to the elite of the time.

There that it is the explanation of everything. _ forbid the slave to eat the sleeve be something almost impossible, have see the abundance of the fruit. Thus, of device they had started to say that the mixture of the sleeve with milk would take the individual to the death, enslaved them to you only not to eat of the fruit.

Rugas and marks of expression

Rugas e is beautiful ademais useful. At least it is what it affirms a recent British study affirming that the people who have many rugas are less inclined to suffer skin cancer. The doctorshad observed that the majority of the patients intervined for such reason had the skin with little or none ruga.

In the study carried through with 239 septuagenários volunteers, they had established a classification of one eight for abundance and depth of rugas and marks of expression. They had also taken in account other factors as the age, the sex and the habit to smoke. E effectively, had proven that the people with equal or bigger an index of rugas that the five risk to contract skin cancer was inferior in up to 90%, compared with the other people. The causes completely had been not yet clarified, but the scholars consider a hypothesis:

“The solar irradiation destroys the colágeno of the skin, that is the responsible protein for the elasticity and viço, whose deficit is necessarily the cause of rugas. In the people with smooth skin, by the visa, the colágeno is substituted by a factor of called growth TOP-Beta, whose growth harms the imunológico system, perhaps what basalioma would explain the biggest propensity of the people without ruga to the call, that is the form of cancer of more frequent skin.”

What the land would happen if stopped

The subject already was subject of films on catastrophes, but still thus cause uncertainties in the scientific community on its realconsequences. For the biologist Wellinton Delitti, of the Department of Ecology of the Institute of Biociência of the USP, if one day the Land to stop to turn, the most likely one is the total extinguishing of life in the planet.

Delitti believes that the phenomenon would start paralyzing the climatic system initially, the sea circulation and the life of the human beings. For it, “an area of the planet would be capsized for the Sun, being able to be displayed the high temperatures, as well as another part would be total dark, with the possibility of baixíssimas temperatures”.

In reason of this, the possibility of some alive being to survive would be sufficiently remote. “Perhaps the organisms had some possibility that live in the deep one of the sea, next the abysses that expel heat of the deepenings of the Land, since they have the life based on quimiossíntese (that she does not depend on the solar light).”

Although this, the biologist detached that the most likely one would be “an unimaginable catastrophe that would destroy the ecosystem all terrestrial”.

Already professor Marcelo Knobel, of the Institute of Physics of the Unicamp, detaches that the circumstances of the end of the movement of rotation of the Land would be determinative.

“The Land would approximately leave a speed of 900 km/h (in latitude of 45°) for zero, having caused one braked fort, but this speed can vary, depending on the latitude.”

According to it, probably the building and houses of the entire world would fall and a species of earthquake would devastate the terrestrial surface. Already the gravity would not move absolutely in nothing and few things would be modified in relation to this.

Knobel added despite the concept of day and night would suffer serious changes, that is, the day in the planet would not have plus a period 24-hour, and yes, the duration of one year. “This variation depends absolutely on the terrestrial rotation”, completed.

8% of the genetic material human drift of a virus

Around of one 8% of the human genetic material it happens of a virus and not of our ancestral ones, in accordance with Japaneseand American researchers. The study, and an attached article for the professor of biology of the University of the Texas in Arlington, Cédric Feschotte, had been published recently in the reviewed celebrity Nature.

The inquiry demonstrated that the genomes of the human beings and other mammals contain DNA derived from the insertion of bornavírus (bornaviridae), a virus whose responses and transcriptions happen in the ARN of the cellular nucleus. Feschotte, that worked jointly in a recent research directed by professor Keizo Tomonaga in the University of Osaka in Japan, said that this transmitted DNA viralmente can be a psychiatric cause of genetic mutations and upheavals as the schizophrenia and upheavals of the psychic state. In its article, Feschotte speculates on the paper of such insertions capsizes in the genetic mutations that could have evolutivas and medical consequências.

The assimilation of the sequências you capsize in the genome of the guest is a known process as endogenização. This occurs when the viral DNA if integrates in one cromossoma of the reproductive cells and later it passes of parents the children. So far, retrovírus was the only virus known in generating these endogenous copies in the vertebrates. But Feschotte said that the scientists had discovered that a called virus bornavírus comes repetidamente being endogenizado in the mammals through the evolution.

Bornavírus (BDV) must its name to the city of Borna, Germany, where a viral epidemic in 1885 finished with the cavalry of the city. The BDV can infectar a great variety of birds and mammals, including human beings. He is only, since it only attacks the neurons, establishing a persistent infection in the brain of its host, and its cycle of life has place in the nucleus of the infectadas cells. Feschotte said that this close association of the BDV with the nucleus of the cell lead the scientists to search if bornavírus can have previously left registers of infections in the human beings and other mammals in form of endogenous elements.

The researchers had studied the 234 genomes eucariotas known (the genomes that total had been sequenciados) to see if they found similar sequências to the ones of the BDV.

- “The researchers had exhumed a great amount of similar endogenous elements to the ones of the BVD in many and diverse mammals”, said Feschotte. The scientists had also been capable to recoup spontaneous insertions of BDV in cromossomas of cells human beings cultivated with persistent infection for BDV. Based in these data, Feschotte considers that the BDV insertions could be a source of mutations in the cells of the brain in the infectadas people.

- “These data had allowed the formularization of a comprovável hypothesis, despite controversa: the causal association of the infection for BDV with the schizophrenia and upheavals of the spirit state”, said Feschotte. High level of research in laboratory of Feschotte, that to a large extent if centers in the study of transposition elements - those genetic elements that are capable of if moving and if inside talking back of the genomes of practically all the living organisms, is representative of the level of research in general taken the handle in the University of the Texas in the city of Arlington, and is in saw of to be recognized the national level, as one of the more important institutions of research of U.S.A.

Saliva Quanta a person produces to the day

Normally, our glands salivares, that they meet in the interior of each cheek, the inferior part of the mouth and under of the jaw (in the part frontal of the mouth), producea average of 1 approximately the 2 liters of saliva to the day. This amount is changeable since it goes diminishing as pass the years. It is calculated that throughout our life we can arrive to produce 34 a thousand liters approximately.

You obtain to imagine what she represents this volume? Therefore then he knows that he would give to full a swimming pool of 4x4 meters for 2 meters of depth and still pra would sobraria saliva to full two boxes of agua of a thousand liters.

The daily production of saliva can vary in function of our diet, of some medicine and the ingestion, I smell or food vision - the one that familiarly we know as “to give water in the mouth”.


Flyer that produces the honey and the wax.
The bees have the body covered of for, six legs and four wing, a dart or sting, much sharpened, in the extremity of abdómen; they are of a tawny color and its mouth is found armed of a whirlwind, that serves to them to suck the juice of the flowers, essential for the production of the wax, of that they make its cells or alveoli, and of the honey, that in them deposit.
Each group or swarm lives in a tenement house or beehive, underneath of the authority of a queen. The swarms are constituted by three species of individuals: the mothers, bees masters or queens, the drones or males and the laborers or workers (that the totality of the existing population is who constitue almost).
Since the birth (that rank for the queen starts in an egg), until being formed, the bee passes for diverse transformations (egg, larva, pupa or nymph and perfect flyer), that they are assigned for metamorphoses.
The laborers or workers are all the other female bees of the beehive. They are female of incomplete development that, as the name indicates, all makes the work of the beehive. E the duties move with the age:

1 the 3 days To clean and to polish the cells
1 the 3 days Alimentary the larvae oldest
the 6 8 days Alimentary the larvae new
the 8 12 days Alimentary and to take care of of the queen
the 12 15 days Cleanness of the house
the 15 18 days Segregation of the wax and construction of the mass ofs cells
the 18 20 days Guard of the beehive
21 days in ahead Search of pollen, nectar, water and própolis

In the summer the life of a worker is very short, about six weeks. The necessary activity for the production of the honey can be said that they die for work excess, therefore is prodigious. A colónia of average dimension (40,000 bees in the summer) can collect and consume 45 kg of 180 pollen and produce kg of honey, consuming between 135 and 157 kg of this honey.
Beekeeping to the creation is called bees for commercial ends, being assigned exerts who it for beekeeper.
Although the bite of the bee is not extraordinary dangerous, it agrees to attenuate its painful and incomodativos effect. E for this, despite if any remedy of absolute effectiveness is unaware of, mainly because when it is arrived to intervine already the poison it entered in the circulatória chain, advises the following one: to pull out the sting immediately and to rub the perforated point with parsley or a cut onion. In the case of diverse bites, it must apply on the attacked region salty cold water compresses or lightly turned to vinegar. Picaduras of bee in the treatment of the crónico reumatismo are applied.
The laboring bees are disciplined, methodical and ordeiras. They appear of an egg deposited for the bee queen in one of the hexagonais pipes that form a beehive, and from it is initiated there history of life of a teeny one, however extraordinary laborer.

· three days later a teeny larva is born
· in the three following days the larva receives as food the real jelly grows and is developed
· in the others five days following it also receives honey and pollen as food and continues its development
· in the eighth day the larva already all occupies the internal space of the pipe (its growth if of the one with some exchanges of the skin changes) and starts to weave a cocoon in the interior of which the larva changeds itself into pupa (at this moment the pipe is closed with a wax cover) that after that it is decided in an adult insect.
· into 20o or 21o day of the phase of pupa, this is changedded into a new laboring bee and its first task is to clean the pipe where it was born and if it developed. The first function of a laboring bee is to keep the cleanness and to give the correct final destination of the joined residues (remaining portions of changes of skin, honey, grains of pollen and wax) in the beehive. This hard phase one three days
· in the fifth day of adult life, the bee starts to secretar real jelly for its mouth that is placed in the pipes that contain larvae (if a larva receives this real jelly per six days, it changeds itself into queen - this task is defined by the necessity of the community to have a new queen).
· the adult laborers with nine days of life stop to produce the jelly real and assume a new function - of constructor of the beehive. The honey that ingested until then is transformed into wax that is used to form the mass ofs cells (joint of hexagonais pipes). A secretion appears amongst the plates of its abdome. It is removed by the previous legs and led for the mouth where she transforms it to the jaws into wax that is used in the construction of the mass of cells.
· with sixteen days of life the bees assume new function - to receive in its mouth the nectar brought for other laborers and to deposit them in the empty pipes. Into the interior of these pipes, days later, the material is changedded into honey (honeycombs). The pollen brought by other bees is stored separately in other compact pipes for the activity of the laborers.
· twenty days of life - the laboring bee passes the function of guard of the beehive. It is the ranks in the accesses of the beehive, intent the approach of other insects (ants, cupins) and until animals as bears. The communication of the danger is made with the dispersion of a set free odor for a located gland next to the sting. The perception of this signal promotes the exit of populations of laborers who go to attack the intruders decidedly.
· in the twenty third day of life the bee assumes the activity most laborious - to leave for the fields to collect nectar and pollen. More, the elements that identify to sources of nectar and pollen communicate the other bees, by means of movements (species of dance) the localization of the related sources. The imprisoned odor to the informing bee communicates details on the type of located plant. The laborer plays about 30 days the activity of collection of materials to supply the beehive.
· After about 50-55 days of life as laboring bee, feeling to appear the weakness and the oldness, the small worker moves away itself spontaneously from its community to die without promoting the discontinuity of the work of its dedicated colleagues.