History of the Pantries of the World

The competition is disputed since 1930, of four in four years, for elections of some countries Brazil is the only country to have participatedto all the times of the championship, and to have conquered it five times

1- The biggest artilleryman of the History of the Pantries is the German Gerd Müller, who made 14 gols in the Pantries of 1970 and 1974-

2- The biggest artilleryman in an only Pantry is the naturalized Algerian French Just Fontaine, who marked 13 times in 1958-

3- The only country to conquer a Pantry is of its continent was Brazil, in 1958, when earning in Sweden

4- Of the 16 Pantries disputed up to 1998, 12 they had had the presence of Brazil or Germany in the end and most incredible it is that the two elections had been never faced in a Pantry of the World Will be that the confrontation happens in 2002?

5- Of 1970 up to 1994, it has a symmetry between the champions: Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil

6- Many consider that the three bigger elections of all the times had not obtained to conquer the Pantry: the Hungria de Puskas (1954), Holland de Cruijff (1974/1978) and Brazil de Zico & Cia- (1982) - However, have a consensus between the specialists, who considearm the World-wide Champion Brazilian Election of 1970, with Skin, Rivellino, Gérson, Tostão, Carlos Alberto, Jairzinho and others, is best of all the times

7- Until today only one end she was determined in the pênaltis: in 1994, Brazil × Italy had persisted 120 minutes in the 0 × 0 - the departure was determined in the pênaltis, with placar of 3 × 2 for Brazil

8- The players who had more played Pantries are the Mexican goleiro Carbajal and I liberate it German Lothar Matthäus, with 5 participation each one

9- The Yugoslavian technician (Serbian) Bora Milutinovic is a case to the part in the History of the Pantries Counting on 2002, it was the 5 Pantries with 5 different elections: 1986 (Nigéria), 1990 (Costa Rica), 1994 (United States), 1998 (Mexico) and 2002 (China) -

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