Sounds of the bats vary between regions

One equips of Australian investigators discovered that the bats have “different dialectos” consonant the regions, as happens in the language human being.

The conclusion goes to become more easy the distinction between the different species, the news the El World.

The work of equips of the Australian Center of Forest Science started when the investigators had perceived that the bats of the forests of New Wales of the South emitted the different ultrasounds of the habitual ones. Later it equips of Brad Law analyzed 4000 sounds emitted for 30 species of these mammals in the region.

The sounds had been catalogued and studied through a informático program that allows it identifies them enters itself.

The bats emit ultrasounds will orient themselves during the nocturnos flights and to hunt. These sounds - inaudíveis for the human ear - have rhythms, frequency and a different duration consonant the species.

“Still we need to improve the capacity of distinction of the different species that have type of sound the same. E we must increase the speed with we make that it”, explained Law cited for the Spanish periodical. It equips it believes that this new tool goes to help to protect these species.

Uglier fish of the world runs extinguishing risk

The face not aid very, nor the gelatinous aspect. The fish bubble (Psychrolutes marcidus) lives the 900 m of depth in the Australian coast east. Nobody sees right to it coitado. It measures up to 30 cm. The animal nor hunting - it is floating, to the food wait. Good life. But the fish ugliest of the world runs danger, denounces Australian ambientalistas.

It fishes it wild of crabs and lobsters it provokes a general disequilibrium in the alimentary chain that can make with that the fish utmost bubble of the map. Lack food pra it. It consumes plantinhas and well lesser fish that it.

He is rolling in below-signed Australia until so that the gelatinous animal, with this appearance of human orphan, remains alive. It is the mico lion of the Pacific.

The flying fish glide as well as the birds

These typical swimming adventurers of the tropical and subtropical oceans have the honor to have been the first creatures to fly in our planet. Recently, researchers had captured one of these fish in its environment they had stuffed and it of foam before placing it in a wind tunnel. When studying its aerodynamics, had discovered that its barbatanas obtained one better rise and a lesser resistance that the wings of many insects.

Although known as flying fish, in the truth plain senão does not fly that in air. According to study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, its income in the aerodynamics tests was so good how much of so representative birds of the acrobatic flight as the hawks. This could explain why the fish are capable to glide on waters the so impressive distances as 200 meters. Obviously, nor the butterflies nor the hawks have necessity of being great gliders, since they can move its wing the will.

Of ticket I leave an excellent video of the BBC on the flight of these fascinating aquatic creatures.

E in the following video of péssima quality, recorded for a team of the Japanese television channel NHK is possible to see a fish-flyer gliding in air during 45 seconds, in that it can be the recorded flight longest already of this species.

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Frank Lentini

It does not go to think badnesses, Frank Lentini had 3 legs literally. It was born in 1889 in Siracusa (Sicily) in a family with eleven children. He was led by its aunt, still baby, for an orphanage of invalids, later que its parents had opposed to recognize it as son.
Lentini was born with three genital legs, two agencies and a foot in the knee of the third leg. Thus, in the total, it had three legs, four feet, sixteen fingers of the feet, and two functional genital agencies that were everything what it remained of a twin parasite.

The doctors had decided for the removal of the agencies therefore could not result in paralysis and until the death. When he had nine years of Frank age he left the orphanage of invalid children in which certain period lived and was led for U.S.A. to be shown in circuses of aberrations.
The Football player of Three Legs worked in the Ringling Brothers Circus making a spectacle of great success called “”. What more it attracts the public one was the disjointed way of Frank to if moving with the ball, due to difference of length between its three legs.

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Of where it comes the English of England

When we speak in traditional English is common to think about the British English. But the English language comes of very before andsuffered diverse modifications, after all, no matter how hard Romeu and Julieta know, is not said more the same English than Sheakespeare spoke. The languages if in accordance with transform and vary the culture of each place, therefore many times we have dialects, that they are great variations of one same language that, in the end of the accounts, finishes seeming a new.

However, the English who we know today was born under influences of some languages, many that today do not say more. Considering the English as a child, we can say that its parents had been three: the Anglo-Saxons (germanic), the Scandinavians and the Românicos. You are finding these names quaint? They see who are:

Anglo-Saxons: Peoples who had invaded Great-Britain and there had established themselves after the exit of the Romans.
Scandinavians: Peoples of the north of the Europe.
Românicos: Come peoples of the region of the Italic Peninsula.

Many words characteristic of the English, therefore well different of ours, are of germanic origin anglian-saxônica and. These peoples had established in Great-Britain since century V. Many people say that when knows to say English, have more easiness of if learning the German. E that is truth, since the origin of these two languages is the same one, both had come of the Anglo-Saxons and the Germanics.

But why, exactly having the same root, these languages have many differences? This happens due to the too much influences that these languages had received. The Celtas had influenced in the formation of the English, but not very, therefore the great marks of the céltica language had remained in the Scot and the Irishan (but if it does not forget that in Ireland and the Escócia the said language more is the English with characteristic its sotaques).

The Roman Empire continued keeping contact with England, therefore we can see some marks left for the Latin (language said for the Romans). This language is one of the great bases of the Portuguese language, being thus the words in English proceeding from the Latin is frequently familiar for us. Former: liberty (freedom), martyr (to mártir), angel (angel), disciple (disciple) etc.

The following more important influence was of the Danish and the Scandinavians who had invaded Great-Britain in centuries IX and X. These two peoples had been called, in a generalized manner, of Vikings. The influence of them was greater that of celtas and the words as call (to call/to telephone), take (to lead), leg (leg), sufficiently used until today, is fruit of these last ones.

For 1066 return, the English throne passed to the hands of Normans who said Frenchman and was catholics. Therefore, the return of a great influence of the românicas languages is seen in England (basically the Frenchman, the Italian, the Spaniard, the Portuguese and the Rumanian) that they possess as base the Latin, as already was mentioned. The Latin words were generally regarding law and government (executes - justice tax- tax) and of abstract concepts as charity (charity) and conflict (conflict).

Since then it had many gone and comings of the influences of some languages on the English, after all the language varies in accordance with the customs and the culture of each people. If many languages influence the English, this influence the Portuguese considerably. It is very important that it has cultural and linguistic exchanges between the peoples, however also is necessary that if it preserves the language and the expressions of a people. We can use English words in the Portuguese, but we do not have forgetting in them that our language is very rich and many times are unnecessary to catch words loaned of others, since we obtain expressing in them well and creative with our proper language.


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Water of the sanita cleaner than ice

Jasmine Roberts, of 12 years of age, won the first prémio of science of its school, when obtaining to prove that the water of the sanitas of the restaurants of fast food is cleaner than the ice that the samerestaurants serve in drinks.

According to Tampa Bay periodical ¿ s 10 News, of New Cover in the Flowery one, the girl made experiences in five local restaurants of fast food.

In its theory for the work of the school it affirmed that “he was most likely to find bacteria in the ice of drinks of these restaurants that in the water of the sanitas”.

In all the restaurants, Jasmine Roberts, pulled the autoclismo and removed, using gloves, samples of water for small containers. After that it asked for ice, in a cup, the same establishments. In house, in its small laboratory, it made all the tests.

“I concluded”, affirmed Jasmine to the periodical, “that in 70 percent of the cases had more bacteria in the ice that in the water of the sanita”.

Its projecto won the prémio maximum of the school that frequenta and now goes to concur for the Regional Fair of Science (with more schools).

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Nuts help to preserve the heart

Two nuts per day are enough to help to deal with the cholesterol. Nuts and pistachio nuts are foods with capacity to reduce the levels of triglicerídeos, responsible elements for the formation of plates of fat, and the LDL, the bad call cholesterol.

The good notice is that beyond preventing the great enemies of the good cardiac health, these foods increase the HDL, considered the positive cholesterol.

These conclusions are resulted of a research lead for the School of Public Health of the Universida de Loma Rasp, in California and had been divulged by the small farm in the Internet of the periodical the Globe. The published work already evaluated 25 studies with developed clinical tests in seven North American cities.

The involved doctors in this projecto had analyzed clinical research of 583 men and women, with ages understood between the 19 and 86 years, in the period between 1992 and 2007. During the research, the participants had increased the consumption of nuts of zero for a average of 67 grams per day.

The results had demonstrated that the individuals that had consumed 67 grams of nuts turn its taxes triglicerídeos reduced in 10,2%. The LDL lowered a average of 5,1 7.4%, in the people with raised levels more. The participants with higher cholesterol levels had also tried a reduction positive of the total cholesterol (of 7,45 9.6%).

The benefited greaters had been the individuals that had consumed 20% of its daily calories in nuts, what it is equivalent, in a diet of two a thousand calories, the 400 calories of nuts.

“The nuts are rich in fats not saturated, the main ingredient to lower the cholesterol”, explain Joan Sabaté, responsible for projecto. “The nuts also are the protein sources most powerful between the plants, beyond containing staple fibres and fitoesteróides, that they help the cholesterol to be absorbed, concludes the investigator.

Córneas artificial allows to restore vision

Córneas biossintéticas implanted surgically had allowed to partially restore the vision of some sick people, according to a small clinical assay carried through inSweden the ten patients.

The inquiry, in charge of a pair of Swedish and Canadian scientists and published yesterday in the medical magazine Science Translational Medicine, discloses that the córneas created in laboratory can stir up to the nerves and ocular fabrics damaged to be rehabilitated, restoring the vision in the human eye in the same way with that they make it the córneas of donors.

Córnea can be combined in the eye

“This clinical study it is important because, for the first time, sample that a córnea manufactured artificially can be combined in the human eye and stimulate the regeneration of fabrics”, it affirmed its main author, May Griffith, of the Institute of Inquiry of the Hospital of Otava, in Canada.

After the inquiry, the tax of complete success of the procedure between 112 voluntary sick people went up to around 76.6%.

For the scientists, the made biossintéticas córneas with colagénio (protein human being) are a hope for the sick people who need córnea transplants but that they do not have donors. Its implantation prevents some disadvantages associates to the fabric human regular, as the possible transmission of an illness on the part of the donor and the rejection.

The vision human being depends on the córnea, a transparent fabric film that has covered the surface of the eyes and that it refracts the light to focar the images in the retina. The film is fragile and can be become damaged easily due to a infeção or an unfastening.
It did not have rejection cases

The doctor May Griffith collaborated with the Swedish surgeon Per Fagerholm, of the University of Linköping, where if they had carried through the surgical interventions. Fagerholm and its colleagues had removed the fabric affected of the córneas of one of the eyes of ten sick people and had substituted them for biossintéticos implantations. The doctors had followed the evolution of the patients during two years the surgery and had after observed that the nine cells and nerves of ten sick people had come back to grow and to involve the eye completely.
In general, the vision improved in six of ten operated patients e, after having to them been placed contact lenses, all had had a vision equivalent to the conventional transplant of human córnea with fabric. The sick people had not rejected the implantation.

The loss of the vision due the illness or injury in the córnea more than reaches ten million people in the world. The lack of córnea donors has been one of the great concerns of the doctors.

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