Uglier fish of the world runs extinguishing risk

The face not aid very, nor the gelatinous aspect. The fish bubble (Psychrolutes marcidus) lives the 900 m of depth in the Australian coast east. Nobody sees right to it coitado. It measures up to 30 cm. The animal nor hunting - it is floating, to the food wait. Good life. But the fish ugliest of the world runs danger, denounces Australian ambientalistas.

It fishes it wild of crabs and lobsters it provokes a general disequilibrium in the alimentary chain that can make with that the fish utmost bubble of the map. Lack food pra it. It consumes plantinhas and well lesser fish that it.

He is rolling in below-signed Australia until so that the gelatinous animal, with this appearance of human orphan, remains alive. It is the mico lion of the Pacific.

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