Sounds of the bats vary between regions

One equips of Australian investigators discovered that the bats have “different dialectos” consonant the regions, as happens in the language human being.

The conclusion goes to become more easy the distinction between the different species, the news the El World.

The work of equips of the Australian Center of Forest Science started when the investigators had perceived that the bats of the forests of New Wales of the South emitted the different ultrasounds of the habitual ones. Later it equips of Brad Law analyzed 4000 sounds emitted for 30 species of these mammals in the region.

The sounds had been catalogued and studied through a informático program that allows it identifies them enters itself.

The bats emit ultrasounds will orient themselves during the nocturnos flights and to hunt. These sounds - inaudíveis for the human ear - have rhythms, frequency and a different duration consonant the species.

“Still we need to improve the capacity of distinction of the different species that have type of sound the same. E we must increase the speed with we make that it”, explained Law cited for the Spanish periodical. It equips it believes that this new tool goes to help to protect these species.

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