Italian makes the capuccino greater of the world
Italian Ettore Diana prepared in one xícara giant the capuccino greater of the world. 1,5 a thousand liters of coffee with milk had been boiling, that it guaranteed a world-wide record to it and the entrance in the Guiness book of the Records. The giant capuccino was prepared in the coffee of Ettore Diana, the city of Bologna, and took one day entire to be ready. They had been about 500 liters of coffee and a thousand of frothy milk, placed in one xícara of 2,25 meters of height. The record mobilized 160 pesoas and sets of ten of express coffee makers. The money collected with the event, according to owner of the establishment, will be donated the children with syndrome of Down. The record surpassed the mark of a capuccino of 1,1 a thousand liters, that belonged the two owners of canteen in Indiana, in the United States.

Sounds of the Ghosts

It enters the explanations that the parapsicologia has found forthe existence of the calls “assombrações', one of most recent is of the “sonorous waves”.

The sensation to be being observed without obtaining to detect the presence of somebody in the neighborhoods; the sensation of discomfort and, to the times, of cold and depression is frequently associates what if costuma to call assombração.

Some scientists understand that the assombrações differ from the appearances for not presenting any type of visual manifestation, and an explanation starts to be delineated for these cases: sonorous waves of low frequency, or infrasonic.

Despite the idea in itself is not new, it only started to be proven scientifically through the recent personal experiences of a specialist in computers of the Coventry University, Vic Tandy. As if it notified, Tandy found if in the Laboratory of a considered building haunted when it started to feel the discomfort sensations generally associates to the assombrações. The technician in computer science arrived to have the impression of that a form appeared in the limit of its field of peripheral vision, moving if accurately as a person. As he is sufficiently common in these cases, it he felt themselves frightened and he ran away from the environment. In the following day, as it practises brandishhes, Tandy arrested its sword in a lathe to carry through an modification and perceived that the blade was vibrating of strange form. The cause could be the existence of sounds of low frequency in the place.

Without losing time, Tandy and the Dr. Tony Lawrence they had carried through tests that had proven the existence of these sounds circulating in the environment, that they exactly reached its bigger intensity in the place where if it found the table of work of the technician. In this in case that specific, the waves were provoked by a fan recently installed, that made air to vibrate in the accurate measure. When the fan was modified, the sound left to exist and the “assombração” disappeared. The results of the experience had been published in the Journal of The Society will be Psychical Research.

Vic Tandy and Tony Lawrence had obtained to determine that the sonorous waves in question vibrated in 19 cycles for second. In its experiences, NASA already had noticed that frequencies of 18 cycles for as could cause a series of physiological reactions, since fidget and fear until cloudy vision. Simpler examples of this can be tried with the serious frequencies of a device of common sound. Despite they are not infrasonic, them they cause visible effect in the behavior of the people.

When the experience of Vic Tandy and Tony Lawrence was published, many researchers had understood that the cause of the assombrações had been discovered, and that these nothing had of supernatural. The thing, however, is not so simple as it seems. In first place, it is good for remembering mainly that this type of explanation does not apply to the calls “appearances”, in the cases where photos or films had been gotten disclosing the existence of the phenomenon.

It is common the parapsicólogos to use a series of devices for ambient measurement that are not affected by infra the sounds. Of this form, the registered alterations must have to see with another type of phenomenon, total distinct of the detected one in the Coventry University.

CrazyPC Hover Mouse

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Giant squid is the invertebrate animal greater

The invertebrate animal greater of the world is the giant squid of the Architeuthis sort dux, that it can arrive to measure 18 meters and to weigh 900kilos. These mysterious beings live in the deep of the ocean, between 200 and 1000 m of depth, and they had been never seen with life, reason for which is known very little on its habits. Owners of the biggest eyes of the nature (they can arrive 30cm of diameter), already had left marks of its ticket in the tempering regions of all the oceans. The specimens studied until had been today found deceased, floating for there, or in the stomach of some whale. The giant squid was famous in the world all through the workmanship of Julio Verne Twenty A thousand Léguas Submarine.

Laboring bee

The laboring bees are disciplined, methodical and ordeiras. They appear of an egg deposited for the bee queen in one of the hexagonais pipes that form a beehive, and from it is initiated therehistory of life of a teeny one, however extraordinary laborer.

· three days later a teeny larva is born

· in the three following days the larva receives as food the real jelly grows and is developed

· in the others five days following it also receives honey and pollen as food and continues its development

· in the eighth day the larva already all occupies the internal space of the pipe (its growth if of the one with some exchanges of the skin changes) and starts to weave a cocoon in the interior of which the larva changeds itself into pupa (at this moment the pipe is closed with a wax cover) that after that it is decided in an adult insect.

· into 20º or 21º day of the phase of pupa, this is changedded into a new laboring bee and its first task is to clean the pipe where it was born and if it developed. The first function of a laboring bee is to keep the cleanness and to give the correct final destination of the joined residues (remaining portions of changes of skin, honey, grains of pollen and wax) in the beehive. This hard phase one three days

· in the fifth day of adult life, the bee starts to secretar real jelly for its mouth that is placed in the pipes that contain larvae (if a larva receives this real jelly per six days, it changeds itself into queen - this task is defined by the necessity of the community to have a new queen).

· the adult laborers with nine days of life stop to produce the jelly real and assume a new function - of constructor of the beehive. The honey that ingested until then is transformed into wax that is used to form the mass ofs cells (joint of hexagonais pipes). A secretion appears amongst the plates of its abdome. It is removed by the previous legs and led for the mouth where she transforms it to the jaws into wax that is used in the construction of the mass of cells.

· with sixteen days of life the bees assume new function - to receive in its mouth the nectar brought for other laborers and to deposit them in the empty pipes. Into the interior of these pipes, days later, the material is changedded into honey (honeycombs). The pollen brought by other bees is stored separately in other compact pipes for the activity of the laborers.

· twenty days of life - the laboring bee passes the function of guard of the beehive. It is the ranks in the accesses of the beehive, intent the approach of other insects (ants, cupins) and until animals as bears. The communication of the danger is made with the dispersion of a set free odor for a located gland next to the sting. The perception of this signal promotes the exit of populations of laborers who go to attack the intruders decidedly.

· in the twenty third day of life the bee assumes the activity most laborious - to leave for the fields to collect nectar and pollen. More, the elements that identify to sources of nectar and pollen communicate the other bees, by means of movements (species of dance) the localization of the related sources. The imprisoned odor to the informing bee communicates details on the type of located plant. The laborer plays about 30 days the activity of collection of materials to supply the beehive.

· After about 50-55 days of life as laboring bee, feeling to appear the weakness and the oldness, the small worker moves away itself spontaneously from its community to die without promoting the discontinuity of the work of its dedicated colleagues.

10 ways to be more intelligent

10. It eats fish
Oily fish are rich in DHA, acid greasy responsibleOmega for 40% of the formation of the cellular membranes and can improve the neurotransmissão. The DHA is necessary for the development of the brain of the embryo and some studies had bound diets with sufficient fish to the reduction of the mental decline with the advanced age. But before you bite isca it knows that these studies if had based on what the people remembered to surplus its diets, a task that full the fish. Tests with Omega in rats had not shown improvement in the cognitivas abilities.

9. It drinks tea
The caffeine of the green and black tea makes the body to catch locks in it and sharpens the mind. It is not good for drinking coffee and energy. For an excellent cerebral profit it makes regular pauses to drink tea. Small doses during the day are better of what taking an only great dose.

8. Without panic
While a light nervousness can improve the cognitivo performance, periods of estresse intense transform in them into neandertais. It tries to control its breath.

7. More to devagar
The phenomenon announced for call of “dynamic reading” does not exist there. The least if its concept of “reading” mean to understand the text. Studies show that the fast readers go very worse when questioned on the text. The motor reply of the retina, and the time that the image leads to go of stains for the thalamus and after that to the visual cortex for processing, limits the eyes for about 500 words per minute, in maximum efficiency. The common university student reaches, about the half of this.

6. He remains myself sharp
Italian researchers had discovered that people who have 65 9 years more than that they walk about km per week in moderate step have 27% little possibility to develop dementia of what adult sedentary. The researchers think that exercises can improve the sanguineous flow in the brain.

5. He practises
He practises the types of questions that appear in the intelligence tests. To if preparing for problems verbal, numerical and space, typical of the psicrométricos examinations, you he can improve its props up.

4. Zzzzzz
To take off one soneca fast in the office can leave its irritated head? It informs it that you, in the truth, in accordance with deserve a promotion the last results of the studies on sleep. A brief nap can improve its memory, exactly that it lasts only six minutes.

3. Videogame plays
Everybody that begged now for a videogame goes to know optimum argument to obtain one: “You do not want that I have a visual coordination and motor inferior, he wants” Now you can speak that to some they become it games more intelligent as well as the Brain Age, of Nintendo. After careful efforts the players “they feel its brains to rejuvenescerem”.

2. Exercises
Studies show that students who practise regular aeróbicos exercises help to construct gray and white substance in the brains of older adults. In children the high point was to take the best performances in cognitivos examinations.

1. It discovers
To learn new things can strengthen the brain, especially if you believe that she can learn new things. It is a vicious circle: When you think that she is becoming more intelligent, you you study more, creating more connections between the neurons.


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Antimatter propulsion

For example, positively it loaded antiparticle of the proton is negative loaded antiproton, and negative it loadedantiparticle of the electron is positively loaded proton.

The Antimatter is substance (the name is something disoriented as antimatter is substance still, only a different type) this is composed of antiparticles. The Antimatter has the interesting property that when shocks with the regular substance, them is come to ruin to produce electromagnetic radiation, mainly in the form of x-rays and rays of gamma.

The Substance-Antimatter reactions completely convert substance into energy, and are, therefore, half the well efficient one to produce energy. This tremendous amount of energy could be converted the electricity that can set in motion another system of propulsion, or could be converted to heat.

The thermal energy can heat a gas the very high temperatures, that could be used as a booster.

The same energy could be converted to light that, when focused in a direction, really can impel a ship ahead.

Unhappyly, the antimatter use has two important disadvantages.

First, because it destroys all substance in enters contact with, it has not half known to contain it.

As, and what it is more important, Antimatter is extremely rare.

By the way, the only one places can be found is in laboratories.

It was only produced in extremely small amounts e requires more energy that produces.

The cost to create antimatter is astronomical -- one calculated 62,5 trillions dollar for gram! While it improves the technology, even so, the price is waited to knock down to some dollars of billion for gram.

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Many mysterious phenomena can perfectly be explained through the hallucination. The hallucination is defined as the apparent percepção of some thing that is not materially present, or in the jargon technician of the American Psychiatric Association, hallucination is “a sensorial perception without the external stimulaton of the corresponding sensorial agency”.

Everything what can be perceived by the 5 felt can also be alucinado, but the auditory and visual hallucinations are most frequent. The pathological hallucinations are provoked by injuries and cerebral infections, psychotic riots of the schizophrenia, epilepsy and psiconeuroses. However - and this is the reason of this article - transitory hallucinations happen the normal, healthy people, that they do not suffer from no mental riot and they are much more frequent of what we costumamos to think. A study carried through in 1957 for famous English psychologist Peter McKellar it disclosed that 25% of the interviewed ones had had at least a hallucinatory experience. In 1988 the norteamericano Ronald K. Siegel published still more given impressive: 79% of the participants had told to have suffered hallucinations, and one terço of them so was lived that they tomararam as real events.

In our mind, the conscience area continued receives flows from external signals (proceeding from the 5 felt) and interns (proceeding from the memory and other neural circuits). The main task of the conscience is to all construct to the time a model of the world that makes sensible. The hallucinations happen when an internal element goes off an activity standard equivalent what normally it is generated when agencies of the directions answer to a public observável event. In the truth a certain competition exists enters these flows of internal and external signals, and when for some reason the flow of external signals weakens or if it spoils the internal flow if it overlaps to the external one. This explains because the hallucinations are gone off for sensorial privation, sensorial overload (especially repetitive intense stimulatons), drawn out sleeplessness, jejum drawn out, dehydration, fatigue, high fever, delirium, privation of oxygen, hyperventilation, social isolation, hipnagógicos and hipnopômpicos states, ingestion of psicodélicas drugs, hypnosis, etc.

About 4% of the people in a normal population they very possess an intense imagination and more difficulty in judging the differences between real and imaginary events. They fantasiam vividamente during a great part of its waked up lives. Despite they alucinem most of the time, this is enough controlable and it does not intervene with its security, job or familiar life. Wilson and Barker had called these people of “PPF - Inclined Personalities to the Fancy” (Fantasy-Prone-Personalities). They can alucinar of open or closed eyes and can evoke complete scenes or add to devices the real scenes. Some typical examples of PPF: great visionaries of the past compelled by voices or hallucinatory visões, such as Sócrates, Joana D' Arc, Saint Terezinha and Swedenborg; the ones that tell to multiple abduções in foreign ships; e “médiuns visual” that they see espíritos in profusion, for all the side.

The hallucinations always use to advantage filed material already previously in the memory of the individual and that it is interpreted in accordance with its system of beliefs and values. This explains as the nocturnal vision of light flashings provokes visões of complete space vehicles; a curtain balancing to the wind in the window of one dark room is seen as a threatening ghost; or the lying Xuxa in the bed in its small farm sees one duende that the sheet pulls it. This happened because flying records, ghosts and duendes already were important part of particular the cultural universe of these people.

Deepened inquiries of stories of meeting with extraterrestrial had led to the conclusion of that the great majority of these cases results of the hallucination in hipnagógico or hipnopômpico state (little before falling soon in sleep or before the wakening). These states of transistion of the vigil for sleep, and vice versa, also are responsible for the common hallucinations in infancy, known as “nocturnal terrors”. To the times, images seen during a nightmare can persist later that the child woke up.

Pilots of airplane have presented visual, auditory and kinaesthetic hallucinations due to monotony or setting of the attention for long periods. A pilot can, for example, to feel that its airplane entered in screw, is diving or upside-down, exactly that in fact the airplane perfectly is leveled. A kinaesthetic hallucination of this type can so be lived the point to take the pilot to make “a corrective” maneuver, with potentially tragic results.

The místico tries hallucinations by means of manipulation of its proper dissociativos mechanisms through auto-hypnosis and intense mental concentration. These hallucinations can be of the type where the person perceives “interior I” abandoning the body and travelling for distant places. Or to take the form of visões of místico content or sensations of union with God or the universe.

In the experimental hypnosis well the power of the hipnóticas suggestions is known and after-hipnóticas in the production of hallucinations. A hipnotizado individual can be induced if to deviate from an inexistent chair or to dance to the sound of an imaginary music. Also it is easy to perceive how much of the typical experiences of regression the last lives if must to the induced hallucination for suggestion or hypnosis.


Colostro is yellow and thicker than mature milk and is segregated only in small amounts. But such is enough for a normal child and is accurately that it needs for the first days. It contains white antibodies and more globules (prohibited) that mature milk. The first immunization or natural defense confers the child that protects it against most of the bacteria and virus.


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One of the most known prophet and astrólogo was Nostradamus, that was born with the name of Michel de Nostradamus in Provença(France), in the afternoon of day 14 of December of 1503, a thursday. It learned astrology and astronomy (that in the height they were only one same one disciplines) with the maternal grandfather and received trainings medical.

Its dons of the prophecy had become evidentes close to the thirty years. Nostradamus developed them and started to registar its forecasts in a workmanship where it worked during four years. Published in 1555, its prophecies had attracted the attentions immediately; according to its biógrafo, Chavigny “had become the subject of colloquy of the Europe Occidental person”. The forecasts are enigmatic, full of trocadilhos and anagrams and do not meet for chronological order, jumping in the time and the subjects. But Nostradamus gave the dates of some prophecies.

It foresaw, for example, the great plague of London (1664-65) as “the great plague of the maritime city”; the great fire of London (1666); the battle of Waterloo and the exile of Napoleão for the island of Helena Saint (1815); e World War II (1939-45).

Nostradamus really augured war in air and seems to have had clear visões of air combats, with pilots in similar cabins in certain way the pigs and using contact it saw radio, as we can read in squares 64 of century 1.

They will find that turn the sun during the night,

When the half-man,

half-pig will be seen,

They will occur barulhos, cânticos, battles in the sky

E to hear it to the voice of animalescas crossbows.

Futuristas still today in its description of what it can perfectly be a series of nuclear attacks, in the height of a new to be able of the Antichrist, as can be seen in first three verses of squares 41 of Century 2.

The great star will shine during seven days,

E a cloud will make to appear two suns,

The great dog will uivará during all the night…

Eleonor Thorton, the symbol of the Rolls Royce

The image of the “placed flying woman” on the hoods of the Rolls Royceis today its registered mark. First of these estatuetas, known as Spirit of Ecstasy (ecstasy spirit), was ordered by lord of Montagu, as soon as received its car done the hand, in 1911. The model was its secretary, Eleonor Thorton, for who the nobleman had explicit admiration. The sculptor Charles Sykes was who received the task from the lord to make a sculpture that represented the loved one feeling the wind and the “music” of the engine of its new machine. Akyes yielded the rights of copy to the Rolls Royce, on condition that it was the only one to produce the parts. In 1939 the workmanship only turned equipment standard the manufacturer.
The birth of the Tony tiger
The famous Tony tiger, boy-propaganda of the Kellogg´s cereals, was created in 1952. To choose the representative of its sugar cornflake cereal, the Company launched a competition who had as competing: Katy, the kangaroo; Helmet, the elephant; Newt, gnu and the winner, Tony, that gained the American fame and tables in 1953. Since then, the tiger of the Kellogg´s, that adores a malhação, already appeared in the boxes of Sucrilhos with a tiger youngling, Tony Jr; its mother, suck Tiger; the wife, Mrs. Tony and with the son, Antoinette, born in 1974, Chinese year of the tiger. More information on the personages can be found in the site of the Kellogg´s
Dividing the day

The sun clock, the oldest used object for the man to measure the time, functions observing it change of position and length of the projected shades for the Sun in the different periods of the day. Located in Egypt, the first clocks, that date approximately of 3500 B.C., were composites only for a pillar, called gnomon, and could show the two halves of the day (the noon was the moment of the lesser shade). Later, scales of measures had been added in return of the column so that the days could be divided in shorter periods. The first evidence of division of the time in equal parts date of 1500 B.C.

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Talk Of The Teamses

rês months later, in the end of June of 1950, more appeared another notice, qualified for officers of the American Air Forceco me a unhaired of all those on flying records. The small Talk weekly of the Teamses published two photographs as test of the existence of flying records. One said that they had been taken in Arizona. The first one showed an enormous flying record very inclined. The legend of the photo said:

“Reached for bombs rocket, the record blew up producing a rain of sparks and around of 20 silver-plated capsules they had fallen in the land of its interior”.

To another photograph it was most interesting and impactante. It approximately showed to a small being with a meter of stature and brilliants clothes. The “Martian” was supported for two men of over all that without a doubt they had the appearance of agents of the government. Detrás of these personages if could see two young that seemed perplexas and filled with earth. The second legend said:

“When breaching itself one of the capsules, the first Martian was captured. The eyewitness McKennerich, of the Phoenix, private policeman, informs the following one: `The importance of had haunted me to the moment. It saw a being of another world for the first time. At the same time it surprised me the desperation of the “aluminum man”. Its body was covered by one shining leaf of this metal'. The Astroroof of Phoenix esteem that this fabric metallic can serve of protection against the cosmic rays”.

Soon the journalists had treated to locate to the such McKennerich, with unfruitful results, whereas in the Astroroof of Phoenix they had informed not to know nothing of the subject.

History smelled the fraud and not even it was original. It was plagiarized history of the capsules of the magazines and quadrinhos of Superman. None of the ufólogos of that time, including major Donald and Keyhoe, believed history.

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