Sounds of the Ghosts

It enters the explanations that the parapsicologia has found forthe existence of the calls “assombrações', one of most recent is of the “sonorous waves”.

The sensation to be being observed without obtaining to detect the presence of somebody in the neighborhoods; the sensation of discomfort and, to the times, of cold and depression is frequently associates what if costuma to call assombração.

Some scientists understand that the assombrações differ from the appearances for not presenting any type of visual manifestation, and an explanation starts to be delineated for these cases: sonorous waves of low frequency, or infrasonic.

Despite the idea in itself is not new, it only started to be proven scientifically through the recent personal experiences of a specialist in computers of the Coventry University, Vic Tandy. As if it notified, Tandy found if in the Laboratory of a considered building haunted when it started to feel the discomfort sensations generally associates to the assombrações. The technician in computer science arrived to have the impression of that a form appeared in the limit of its field of peripheral vision, moving if accurately as a person. As he is sufficiently common in these cases, it he felt themselves frightened and he ran away from the environment. In the following day, as it practises brandishhes, Tandy arrested its sword in a lathe to carry through an modification and perceived that the blade was vibrating of strange form. The cause could be the existence of sounds of low frequency in the place.

Without losing time, Tandy and the Dr. Tony Lawrence they had carried through tests that had proven the existence of these sounds circulating in the environment, that they exactly reached its bigger intensity in the place where if it found the table of work of the technician. In this in case that specific, the waves were provoked by a fan recently installed, that made air to vibrate in the accurate measure. When the fan was modified, the sound left to exist and the “assombração” disappeared. The results of the experience had been published in the Journal of The Society will be Psychical Research.

Vic Tandy and Tony Lawrence had obtained to determine that the sonorous waves in question vibrated in 19 cycles for second. In its experiences, NASA already had noticed that frequencies of 18 cycles for as could cause a series of physiological reactions, since fidget and fear until cloudy vision. Simpler examples of this can be tried with the serious frequencies of a device of common sound. Despite they are not infrasonic, them they cause visible effect in the behavior of the people.

When the experience of Vic Tandy and Tony Lawrence was published, many researchers had understood that the cause of the assombrações had been discovered, and that these nothing had of supernatural. The thing, however, is not so simple as it seems. In first place, it is good for remembering mainly that this type of explanation does not apply to the calls “appearances”, in the cases where photos or films had been gotten disclosing the existence of the phenomenon.

It is common the parapsicólogos to use a series of devices for ambient measurement that are not affected by infra the sounds. Of this form, the registered alterations must have to see with another type of phenomenon, total distinct of the detected one in the Coventry University.

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