Italian makes the capuccino greater of the world
Italian Ettore Diana prepared in one xícara giant the capuccino greater of the world. 1,5 a thousand liters of coffee with milk had been boiling, that it guaranteed a world-wide record to it and the entrance in the Guiness book of the Records. The giant capuccino was prepared in the coffee of Ettore Diana, the city of Bologna, and took one day entire to be ready. They had been about 500 liters of coffee and a thousand of frothy milk, placed in one xícara of 2,25 meters of height. The record mobilized 160 pesoas and sets of ten of express coffee makers. The money collected with the event, according to owner of the establishment, will be donated the children with syndrome of Down. The record surpassed the mark of a capuccino of 1,1 a thousand liters, that belonged the two owners of canteen in Indiana, in the United States.

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