Black tea helps to fight stress, says British study

Black tea helps to fight stress, says British study

The typically British tradition to take a chávena of tea of regular form helps to fight stress daily. The conclusion is of a study of University College London (UCL) published in the specialized magazine Psychopharmacology.
The presence of the cortisone, hormona responsible for stress, in the sanguineous circulation is reduced in about 47% through the ingestion of black tea.

“We proved that the components of the tea, as the catequinas, polifenóis, flavonóides and amino acids help to reduce stress, sending signals to the brain”, explained Andrew professor Steptoe.

The scientist directed the experiences carried through with 75 volunteers who had taken tea of regular form and had been examined during six weeks, disclosing that other drinks do not have relaxante effect the same.

The British study he confirmed thus the idea of that to take tea “traditionally is associated with the act to pass a good bit without stress of the quotidiano and many believe that this drink helps of fact to relax”, added.

How much salt we can consume to the day?

Currently the specialists recommend not to more than consume 2,3 grams of salt to the day for healthful people, and in the maximum 1,5 grams daily if we suffer renal illness, diabetes or hipertensão. To make the calculation it does not have that to have in account only the salt with which we temper our meals, senão also the present salt in processed and packed foods.

Rachel Wagner, nutritionist of the University of Cincinnati (U.S.A.) assures that the majority of the people is unaware of “the occult” sources associates, as the saladas gravies of tomatoe, temperos for, the cheese, the cereals and certain condiments as the soy gravy. A spoonful of the soy gravy only can contain 1,8 gram of salt.

To eat cool fished meat and, and to prove that the packed or congealed vegetables do not have added salt, are two advice given for Wagner to prevent to consume more salt of what it is considered healthful.

The potato most expensive of the world

The exotic caviar of white rare beluga enters and trufas, in a list of more expensive foods of the world, is difficult to imagine the presence of a common food as the potato.

However, we are not saying of a potato any and yes of, There Bonnote, the potato most expensive of the world. This almost extinct potato species is cultivated only in a place of the planet, the French island of Noirmoutier, for a group of enthusiastic it saved that it of the total extinguishing, the one that was displayed during the two world-wide wars.

Fragile and cultivated only in fields fertilizados for kelps, responsible by the characteristic salty flavor levemene, the variety is planted in harvested February and manually during the ten first days of May.

With an annual harvest of approximately 100 tons, delicate and demanding the Bonnote can There reach prices of up to 700 dollars the kilo. The exotic potatoes generally are found in plates special of restaurants of luxury of France and Holland in May middle.

To drink coffee really diminishes the drunkeness?

It diminishes. The alcohol is a depressive substance of the central nervous system, because it reduces its activity when making it difficult the ticket of messages between the neurons of the brain. It is not known accurately why this happens, but gives credit that the alcohol modifies the composition of the membrane of the neurons, making it difficult the transmission of the nervous impulses. This makes with that the person is sleepy, unbalanced and without motor coordination.

Already the present caffeine in the coffee has the opposing effect accurately. “It intensifies the ticket of these neuronais messages, brightening up the effect provoked for the alcoholic beverage ingestion”, affirms the pharmaceutical biochemist Robert De Lucia, of the University of São Paulo. To reduce the effect of the drunkness, the coffee must be ingested without sugar, therefore this substance makes it difficult the absorption of the caffeine for the organism, harming its action.

It makes banana-passes in the microwaves

The banana is one of the fruits more consumed and possibly one of most wasted. When surplus fatally ruins and goes for the garbage. To prevent this you can use its oven microwaves caretaker.

A technology studied for researchers of the University of Campinas (Unicamp - São Paulo) and that it uses the microwaves to carry through the drying of the banana, getting banana-passes as resulted, it can more bring benefits in the exploitation of one of the consumed fruits in the Country.

Engineer Pink Nádia the food Pear tree, author of the research, explained that the processing of the food in the microwaves occurs of faster form of what the conventional method, reaching comparable quality or until superior of the commercial products.

According to it, the new technology keeps the structural and nutricionais properties of the banana when compared with the traditional method. This happens because the fruit is little time in baking, diminishing the degradation possibility.

“In other studies, the research had shown that the dry banana from the new technology presented one better sensorial acceptance of what the commercial products”, informed.

Color and Aroma

Nádia said that, beyond the possibility to characterize the nutrients of the food, the microwaves also can generate an improvement in the color and the aroma of the product. The drying consists of the reduction of the water of the banana until arriving at a level considered ideal for its conservation.

In the conventional method, the process is carried through by convection with hot air of artisan form, what it results in the loss of nutrients of the food in one in reason of the warm up time.

The engineer remembered that the process carried through in the microwaves is very new, and the study still needs more to be deepened. Only thus, according to Nádia, it would be possible to take the product gotten from the technique to the market, what it would increase the consumption.

Coffee against the skin cancer

To take coffee and also to apply it directly on the skin can result efficient to prevent the cancer of skin provoked for the extreme exposition to the sun. According to a study of the University of Rutgers (U.S.A.), the caffeine acts the molecular level inhibiting a protein in called skin ATR that, to the neutralized being, leads to the destruction of the cells that had suffered some type of damage for the ultraviolet rays.

The researchers had modified rats genetically to reduce in its skin the function of protein ATR, primordial in the multiplication of cells of the skin injured by the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

After 19 weeks of exposition to the ultraviolet light, the modified rats had developed 69% of tumors less and had developed four times little invasive tumors. However, the protective effect had not been permanent. After 34 weeks of exposition to the ultraviolet rays, all the rats had developed tumors, as it published magazine PNAS today.

- “The caffeine could be become into one efficient weapon in the prevention of the cancer because it inhibits the ATR and it acts as protective solar absorbing the ultraviolet light”, it assures Allan Conney, coautor of the study, that has forecast to test now, through new experiments, the effectiveness of the topical use of this substance in human beings.

Wine tinto against the sedentary life

The exercise can be served in a bottle… of wine. A present antirust substance in high amounts in the grapes and the wine tinto, resveratrol, prevents the negative effect of a sedentary life in the organism, according to a United States research published by magazine FASEB Journal.

The scientists had carried through the studies having submitted a group of rats to a sedentary environment, that limited the movement. To a group they had supplied resveratrol. The rodents, in natural way, had started to suffer to reduction from mass and muscular force and had generated resistance to the insulina. Also they had presented low of minerals and an atony in the bones. However, the rodents that had taken resveratrol, although the little physical movement, had not developed negative consequências.

- “They exist given and information of as the necessary human body of physical activity, but, for some of us, to have this activity is not so simple thus”, explains Gerald Weissmann, publisher head of the magazine, making the obliged reference to the submitted astronauts the gravity lack, or sick people also not to move in the bed during its convalescence and the workers who more pass many seated hours that the recommended one in the office.

- “Resveratrol is not a substitute of the exercise, but it can diminish the deterioration process until the individual can come back if put into motion”, it adds Weissmann.

Oil of fish during the pregnancy increases the immunity of the child.

A new study it increases the evidence of that oil supplements of fish in the diet of pregnant women can strengthen the imunológico system of the babies.

In this study, the babies had surpassed the cooled ones more quickly when its mothers had ingested 400 milligrams of supplements contend acid docosa-hexaenóico (DHA) during the pregnancy.

The DHA is important for the just-born embryo and babies, and the pregnant women must certify themselves to ingest the necessary amount, preferential from fish, and in case that she is not possible, from supplements.

The study she was part of an ample lead controlled clinical assay in Mexico. The last results are based on the data of 800 women, half of which daily ingested DHA supplements during the pregnancy.

The children of the study had been examined with 1, 3 and 6 months of age, and its mothers had been questioned if in the two previous weeks the babies had presented symptoms as congestion, muco, vomit and cutaneous eruptions, as well as on how much time these symptoms had lasted.

Although the two groups have presented similar number of illnesses, the children whose mothers had ingested DHA had had many reduced symptoms.

DHA is one of the three acid greasy of the type Omega-3, found in the fish and oils of fish. Although the DHA if has shown beneficial for the cognitivo development, the imunológico development and in the prevention of cardiac illnesses, it does not integrate the diet of most of the Americans. Gestantes also must be worried about the consumption of fish because of the mercury text.

But an increasing number of research is showing that the DHA can supply a series of benefits the babies.

The DHA is vital for the development of the infantile brain and the vision. It also can be important for the development of the systems cardiac, vascular and imunológico.

The researchers continue to investigate the benefits in the long run of the DHA and will go to study until the 5 years of the pertaining to school performance, among others results, of the children.

The inquiry also goes to allow the researchers to examine some of the results less encouraging of the study and to see if they must become areas of bigger concern. While the duration of the cooled symptoms of had been lesser in children ingesting DHA, these children had had cutaneous eruptions and vomit crises during more time.

A small number of illnesses can have guided the study, considering that cooled they were a very bigger concern of what vomits, since 200 constipations had more than occurred, but only 30 vomit episodes.

As it happens with many nutrients, the DHA benefits can vary with the taken dose. For example, while vitamin C can provide benefits in the defense against cooled, the superdosage of vitamin does not seem to offer a bigger benefit, also being able to be harmful in some cases.

In the same way, the great benefits of the DHA in diverse studies can be resulted of people who were having deficiency of this nutrient. Doses you add of DHA can not benefit people who already get the nutrient of its diet.

Box keeps heart beating, is of the body

Researchers of the hospital of the University of California (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center), in U.S.A., had constructed a machine capable to outside keep the heart beating of the human body. Thus, the agency can be still more active time to the wait of the cardiac transplant.

Until the moment, the agencies livings creature were carried from the givers to the patients embedded in the ice in coolants to keep them cool. However, this method alone functions for about six hours, reason for which helicopters, airplanes and ambulances are used to speed up the transport for the country.

Now, a transparent plastic box makes the service. The Organ Care System (OCS) - developed by the TransMedics company - aconchega the heart in the ideal temperature and all supplies it blood, oxygen and nutrients to it necessary to continue beating with security. A connected monitor sample still as the agency is functioning during the transport.

Man who will live 1000 years will be born in less than twenty years, affirms scientist

If the forecasts of Aubrey de Grey will be certain, the first person to commemorate its anniversary of 150 years already were born. E the first person to live until a thousand years can delay less than 20 years to be born.

Biomedical gerontologista and scientist-head of a dedicated foundation the research of the longevity, Of Grey calculates that, still during its life, the doctors will be able to have by hand all the tools necessary “to cure” the aging - extirpando the decurrent illnesses of the age and drawing out the life indefinitely.

“I would say that we have a 50% possibility to place the aging under what I would call decisive level of medical control of more or less 25 years inside”, he said Of Grey in an interview before pronouncing a lecture in the Britain's Royal Institution, a British academy of sciences.

“And for `decisivo' I want to say type of medical control the same that we have today on the majority of the infectious illnesses”, it added.

Of Grey it foresees a time where the people will go to the doctor for a “maintenance” to regulate, what she would include therapies genetic, therapies with cell-trunk, imunológica stimulation and several others advanced techniques.

It describes the aging as the accumulation of some molecular and cellular damages in the organism. “The idea is to adopt what if it could call preventive geriatria, where you regularly go to repair the damages molecular and cellular before it arrives at the abundance level that is pathogenic”, the scientist explained, cofundador of the Sens Foundation (acronym of “Strategies for the Programmed Senilitude Worthless”), with headquarters in California.

He does not know yourself accurately as the life expectancy goes to behave in the future, but the trend is clear. Currently, it grows three months per year approximately, and specialists preveem that she will have a million of centennial people in the world up to 2030.

In Japan already she only has more than 44 a thousand centenarians, and the person more longeva already registered in the world was until the 122 years.

But some researchers argue that the obesidade epidemic, spreading itself now of the countries developed for the world in development, will be able to affect the longevity trend.

The ideas of Of Grey can excessively seem ambitious, but in 2005 the MIT (Institute of Technology of Massachusetts) offered a prize of 20 a thousand dollars for any molecular biologist whom it proved that the theories of the Sens Foundation “are so missed that nor they are worthy of a well informed debate”. Nobody took the haul.

The prize was instituted later that a group of nine influential scientists attacked the theories of Grey, characterizing them of “pseudoscience”. The juries had concluded that the label was not just, and had argued that the Sens “exists in a half term of ideas not yet tested that some people can consider intriguers, but of which others is free to doubt.”

It will be that a quick neutrino can contradict Einstein?

Wrong Einstein? Impossible!
This was the reaction of physicists in the whole world last week when they had heard that the experiences in Switzerland indicate that the theory of the relativity of Einstein can be wrong. Since 1905, when Einstein declared that nothing in the universe more can be moved fast than the light, the theory has been the pillar of the modern physics. By the way, the majority of our electronic of high technology depends on it.
Eccentric people have years denounce the theory of the relativity of Einstein, are clearly. As many physicists, I have full boxes of amateur monographs had been sent that me by people alleging that Einstein was missed. In years 30, the Nazista Party criticized the theory of Einstein, publishing a called book “One hundred Authorities Denounces Relativity”. Einstein would play later that it is not necessary to have one hundred famous intellectuals to knock down its theory. Everything what is necessary is a simple fact.
Good, this simple fact can be in the form of the experiments most recent of the accelerating greaters of particles of the world, that are in the CERN, in the outskirts of Geneva. The physicists had gone off a beam of neutrinos (exotic particles, seemed with ghosts, that obtain to penetrate even though in densest of the materials) of Switzerland until Italy, in a distance of 730 kilometers. For its great astonishment, after analyzing 15,000 neutrinos, they had discovered that they had travelled faster than the speed of the light - 60 we bilionésimos of according to quicker, to be necessary. In 1 bilionésimo of second, a light beam travels about 30 centimeters. Thus, a difference of 18 meters was well surprising.
To breach the barrier of the light violates the nucleus of the theory of Einstein. In accordance with relativity, to the measure that you come close yourself to the speed of the light, the time decelerates, you become heavier and are plainer (everything this already was measured in laboratory). But if you travel faster than the light, the impossible one happens. The time walks stops backwards. You are lighter of what nothing, and are with negative thickness. As this is ridicule, of the one not to travel faster than the light, Einstein said.
The revelation of the CERN was eletrizante. Some physicists had been radiant of joy, because this means that the door is if opening for a new physics (and more winner of the Prize Nobel). New and bold theories need to be proposals to explain the result. Others had started to sweat cold, to if to give account of that all the bedding of the modern physics perhaps needs to be I coat. All the pertaining to school books need to be rewritten, all the recalibrados experiments.
Cosmology, or the proper way as we think the space, would be modified forever. In the distance until the astros and galaxies and the age of the universe (13,7 billion years) they would be placed in doubt. Even though the black theory of the expansion of the universe, theory of bigue-bangue and holes would have that to be reexamined.
In addition, everything what we think that we understand on nuclear physics would need to be reexamined. All child in pertaining to school age knows the famous equation of Einstein, E=MC2, where a small amount of mass M obtains to create a vast amount of energy and, because the speed of light C to the square is a so enormous number. But if C is removed, this means that all the necessary nuclear physics to be recalibrada. Nuclear weapons, nuclear medicine, radioactive dating, all would be affected because all the nuclear reactions are based on the relation of Einstein between substance and energy.
If everything this already was not sufficiently, the change would mean that the basic principles of the physics are incorrect. The modern physics is based on two theories, of relativity and the quantum theory, then the half of the modern physics would have that to be substituted by a new theory. My proper field, the theory of the ropes, is not an exception. Personally, I would have that to revise all my theories because relativity is inlaid in the theory of the ropes since comecinho.
How he will be that this fascinating discovery goes to uncurl itself? As Carl Sagan said one day, affirmations notables demand tests notables. Laboratories in the whole world, as the Fermilab in the outskirts of Chicago, will go to remake the experiments of the CERN and to try to prove or to deny its results.
My instinctive reaction, however, is that this is a false alarm. In elapsing of the decades, it had innumerable challenges to the theory of relativity, and demonstrated that they were all making a mistake. In years 60, for example, the physicists were measuring the very small effect of the gravity on a light beam. In a study, the physicists had discovered that the speed of the light seemed together with to oscillate the hour of the day. Surprising, the speed of the light went up during the day, and fell at night. Later, one uncovered that, as the apparatus was used to the outdoors, the sensors was affected by the temperature of the light of the day.
Reputations can grow or diminish. But, to the end, this is a victory for science. No theory is cut in rock. Science is implacable when times are treated to test all the repeated theories, to any time, in any place. Differently of the religion and the politics, science is determined in the end for the experiments, repeated facts times and in some ways. It does not have sacred cows. In science, one hundred authorities are not valid nothing. The experiment valley everything.

Scottish scientists you give to create inorgânica life.

Scottish researchers are carrying through a pioneering inquiry to create life from inorgânicos chemistries.
All the life in the Land is based on organic biology (carbon composites), and the inorgânico world is considered inanimate.
Now, one has equipped of the University of Glasgow has demonstrated a new form to make inorgânicas chemical cells.
The objective is to create autorreplicantes inorgânicas cells that could be used in the medicine and chemistry.
To create alive inorgânicas cells (inorgânica biology), the team goes to create internal membranes that control the ticket of materials and energy through them, that is, some chemical processes who could inside be isolated of the same cell, as in biological cells.
The researchers say that the cells, that also can store electricity, can be potentially used in all the types of applications in the medicine, as sensory or to confine chemical reactions.
The research is part of a project to demonstrate that inorgânicos chemical composites are capable of autorreplicação and evolution, as well as the organic ones, to the carbon base.
The scientists believe that the creation of inorgânica life is total viable. The main goal is the construction of complex chemical cells with properties that can helping in them to understand as the life appeared, and also to define a new technology based on the evolution of the material world, a species of technology of the inorgânica life.
The bacteria are, essentially, done microorganisms of an only cell of organic chemical products. Then because not to create microorganisms of inorgânicos chemical products and to allow them evolution it?
If the research will be successful, would give to science some incredible ideas on the evolution and would show that it is not only one biological process. Also it would mean the test of that the life without being to the carbon base can exist, redefining total our concepts.