The potato most expensive of the world

The exotic caviar of white rare beluga enters and trufas, in a list of more expensive foods of the world, is difficult to imagine the presence of a common food as the potato.

However, we are not saying of a potato any and yes of, There Bonnote, the potato most expensive of the world. This almost extinct potato species is cultivated only in a place of the planet, the French island of Noirmoutier, for a group of enthusiastic it saved that it of the total extinguishing, the one that was displayed during the two world-wide wars.

Fragile and cultivated only in fields fertilizados for kelps, responsible by the characteristic salty flavor levemene, the variety is planted in harvested February and manually during the ten first days of May.

With an annual harvest of approximately 100 tons, delicate and demanding the Bonnote can There reach prices of up to 700 dollars the kilo. The exotic potatoes generally are found in plates special of restaurants of luxury of France and Holland in May middle.

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