How much salt we can consume to the day?

Currently the specialists recommend not to more than consume 2,3 grams of salt to the day for healthful people, and in the maximum 1,5 grams daily if we suffer renal illness, diabetes or hipertensão. To make the calculation it does not have that to have in account only the salt with which we temper our meals, senão also the present salt in processed and packed foods.

Rachel Wagner, nutritionist of the University of Cincinnati (U.S.A.) assures that the majority of the people is unaware of “the occult” sources associates, as the saladas gravies of tomatoe, temperos for, the cheese, the cereals and certain condiments as the soy gravy. A spoonful of the soy gravy only can contain 1,8 gram of salt.

To eat cool fished meat and, and to prove that the packed or congealed vegetables do not have added salt, are two advice given for Wagner to prevent to consume more salt of what it is considered healthful.

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