Henrietta Lacks, the woman who after follows immortal 60 years its death.

Henrietta Lacks was called, but for the scientists it was become simply into HeLa. Our protagonist was an agricultural diligent poor person of the tobacco farmings of the south of the United States, that worked hard in same lands where its ancestor cultivated the plantation using fetters. He died in 1951 because of a col cancer, and exactly thus he reached immortality.

Its family not wise person until then, but when Henrietta fought against the tumor that it would arrebataria the life, the doctors had practised a biopsia to extract part of its tumorais cells. The doctors had decided to conserve them without informing to nobody, habitual custom at that time. Those cells had finished for becoming themselves into one of the tools most important on which the medicine counts because of an incredible characteristic: they are remained alive and they grow vigorously. Immortal” human being is about the first cellular line “that the great scale can be cultivated.

She results ironic that she has left of its uterus follows living creature, each time with bigger volume, although that in October of this year she will make 60 years of the death of its giver. To finish with the HeLa cells she has that to submit them it the radiation, to deprive them of nutrients or water, or to place them in contact with other cells that fagocitem them. But if the conditions are remained steady, the tumorais cells, in contrast of sãs, simply do not age. If we could pile up in a scale all the cultivated HeLa cells until the date, its weight would surpass the 50 tons.

Thanks to them, it was possible to develop the vaccine against the pólio, to discover certain secrets of the cancer and some viruses and also to evaluate the effect of the atomic bomb. Also in served to conquer important advances in fertilização vitro, clonagem and genetic sequenciamento.

In a classic example of the total lack of ethics, the family of Henrietta did not inquire itself about “immortality” up to the 20 years after that biopsia, when the scientists had entered in contact with its husband and son to continue the research. Henrietta died poor, but thousands of millions of its tumorais cells had been vendidas the laboratories of everybody, generating a multimillionaire business of which its family never saw a cent.

In fact, one of the children of Henrietta, Deborah call, is asked with frequency if they did not clonaram its mother and it does not obtain to understand and to accept because its another sister, Elsie, died in an institution for deficient mental with 15 years without counting on no plan of medical assistance. All one contrassenso leading in account that Henrietta Lacks can have been the woman most important in all the history of the medicine.

One in each five people believes ET's

20% of the world-wide population believe that the extraterrestrial ones walk between disfarçados us of normal people.

The inquiry made for Reuters the 23 a thousand adults in more than 22 countries disclosed that 1 in each 5 people believes the existence of ET's, that is, 20% of the world-wide population. This means that 80% of the world do not believe `aliens'.

More than 40% of the inquired ones of India and China believe that the extraterrestrial ones live between disfarçados us of human beings, whereas Belgian, Swedish and dutch they are less believing, with only 8% to believe the existence of ET's. “The explanation can be in the fact of in the small countries if knowing the neighbors well”, affirmed John Wright, of the Ipsos firm.

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To sleep consolidates the learning

Scientists of the School of Medicine of the University of Harvard, in the United States, designate that she has a bond enters the content of sleep and the acquisition of the susceptível knowledge of being applied in the ráticap, that is, to take off one soneca after to study would help to reaffirm the information.

The research showed that the acquisition of knowledge improves in the people who soon sleep after to study. On the other hand, those that do not sleep show more difficulties to carry through tasks previously proposals.

The study, that was published in the magazine of scientific spreading Current Biology, it showed that they had considered to a group of volunteers some possibilities to escape of one definitive digital labyrinth that later had been separate in two sub-groups. The first ones had been motivated to take off one soneca, however the others had followed with its quotidianas activities.

After some hours, those that had slept had shown to be well capable to escape of the labyrinth of that those that had not rested. Specifically, the volunteers who had revealed to have dreams related with the exits of the labyrinth had been the ones that had had greater success to find in the practical one.

- “The dreams can be a pointer of that the brain is working in the same problem to many levels”, it assured the doctor Robert Stickgold, who led this research. In turn, Erin Wamsley, co-author of the study, suggested that the unconscious brain works in the things that consider more important.

According to specialists, this phenomenon could be used to improve the learning and the memory. For example, when studying before lying down to sleep, or to take off one soneca after to have studied per the afternoon would develop the possibilities to consolidate the learning so that it was placed in practical successfully a little later.

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Germans create hair folículos from cells trunk

Scientists German of the University Hospital Charité had obtained to develop hair folículos from cells trunk. This, for joy of men traumatizados for as many gozações that they call its beautiful calvície of mosquito airport, sufficiently approaches in them to so waited “cure” for the bald. It is necessary to remember that the cells used in the experiments had been of laboratory animals, but if functioned with quadrupeds… why does not go to also function in bípedes that they use bath towel to dry the face, due to the prolongation of the forehead?

In fact, the researchers are so hopeful that they wait to obtain pilosos folículos from cells trunk human beings in less of one year. As they know the pluripotentes cells trunk have the ability of if transforming into any type of specialized cell: epidérmica, óssea, sanguineous, etc. Despite the great hope of the future medicine is considered, until the moment the advances are most slow.

However professor Roland Lauster, of the German institution, finds that this work could assume a hope in the treatment of 80% of the people who suffer from calvície in everybody.

He arrives to obstruct itself of hormones that can prevent the calvície, but they leave that you with the face of the Elza Soares. It arrives of bathes of hen or of pig, dust of bunda of tanajura fries, sweat of horse lame and things of the sort. Despite in the treatment it does not go to get rid itself of the needles. Probably it will have that to implant the folículos in the head one by one, as becomes now with the cultivos of the proper giver, but happily already it will not have that to yield part of the nape of the neck for hollowing of the roots.

If everything to run well, in 5 years the thing could start to function. Despite it is always well coming a good dose of skepticism since 1950 until our days, the cosmetic tests in animals for the growth of had been multiplied for them for 500, in way that how much before to find the solution, happyer will be the animal coitados ones of laboratory.

But as before it warned, better to read the notice with reasonable and had reserves. It is enough to remember that in 2004 a team of the University of the Pensilvânia also showed evidences of that the research with cells trunk could prevent the calvície, and since then so far, all remain luzindo the same bald spot.

Three forms to travel in the time

The British physicist Stephen Hawking, in an article, showed one, but three not only forms to travel in the time that it considers possible.
The fourth dimension:
First you need to accept that the time is a dimension, as well as the length, the depth and the height. The used example for Hawking is an car passage. If you go for front you you move yourself in a dimension. If you turn for the left or right, you if she moves in another one. Third he is if you go up or go down some relief. E fourth is the time that you lead to make this.
In the films normally we see an enormous machine that creates a breach in the fourth dimension and it allows in them to travel for the future or the past. Although the question of the machine is ficcional, the concept can be until “practicable”.
The laws of the physics allow the notion of trips in the time, through what we know as “earthworm holes”. For Hawking, the earthworm holes are to our redor, only that they are very small to be seen. According to it nothing that we know he is smooth and completely solid - everything has small holes and rugas and this want to say that the time, as the fourth dimension, also would have imperfections that they could be used to advantage for trips in the time. This if we obtained to find them.

Quantum vapor and small holes of earthworm:
In very small scales - lesser still of what the atomic scale - the substance “capsizes” what it is called by the quantum vapor physicists. It is there that the earthworm holes of that we speak before exist. Small tunnels that if open and if close of random form that can take the two different places in the time.
Although to be a very small structure, Hawking believes that it is possible to catch an earthworm hole and to strain it, leaving great the sufficient so that a person pass for it. Theoretically they could taking in them for other places in the time. However, as he has strange paradoxes, involving trips to the past (for example, if you travel to the past and hinder that its parents if know, as you would be born for impediz them of if knowing in some place in the future), scientists find that only the trip to the future would be possible.

The time as a current river:
Hawking finds that, perhaps, the radiation could make unusable earthworm holes that scientists strained so that the people travelled in the time. However, it has another solution: to sail the river of the 0 variable of the time.
For it, the time flows as a river and us we are loaded for the chain. But, as a river, has places where the rapids is faster or slower - and this would be the key for trips to the future.
Albert Einstein behind considered this idea one hundred years e, according to Hawking, it was absolutely certain. The test can be found in satellites that possess internal clocks. When they leave the Land are certain, but the scientists perceive that they are advanced in the space because the time is of the planet would be faster.
Einstein believes that the substance makes with that the time if drags, therefore, in the planet, the time running more slowly.

Scientists study luminosity produced for marine snail

Scientists of the Institute of Oceanografia of the University of California, in San Diego (U.S.A.), had recently disclosed details of the lights produced for the species of marine snail brasiliana Hinea, that generally is grouped in the rocky coasts.
The researchers had discovered that these animals, instead of producing a focus of light, use its shells to spread a green light bioluminescente in all the directions.
The light seems to be a form of defense, probably used to move away to predators when giving the illusion of that the snail has a bigger size that its real dimensions, explain the scientists Dimitri Deheyn and Nerida Wilson in the version online of the periodic “Proceedings of the Royal Society B” (Biological Sciences).
In experiments, Deheyn perceived that the light functions as a “alarm”: it lights when the snail if comes across with some possible predator, as a crab or shrimp.
The animals, collected in the coast of Australia, had surprised the researchers, since its cloudy shell gave the impression of that it would contain the light transmission. Instead of this, when the snail produces the green luminosity in its body, the shell it acts as a mechanism to exhaust this color specifically, according to institute.
For Deheyn, the power of diffusion of light of the brasiliana Hinea is bonanza, in comparison with other materials, and can awake the interest of the industries optics and bioengineering. “Our next focus is to try to understand what it makes with that its shell has this capacity and what can be useful to construct better material with a ótico performance”, said the scientist.


NASA, American space agency, presented in this sunday for the first time images of the solar surface and its atmosphere, that will give a vision of astro and will help to improve the climatológicos prognostics.

This work is the result of the comments carried through for the two solar sounding leads of the Astroroof of Solar Relations - Terrestrial (Stereo, for its sigle in English), that NASA sent in 2006.

The sounding leads had been sent the diametrical opposing points of the Sun to study as it affects the flow of energy and solar substance to the Land.

Its instruments had provided a new vision of the solar system and in 2007 they had generated first three-dimensional photographs of the Sun.

“The new images will help to improve the planning of future missions of robotic spaceships or with crew for the solar system”, it affirmed NASA in official notice. EFE

After all, the source of youth always was inside of us

One equips of scientists led by the luso-American Ronald dePinho obtained for the first time to invert the process of aging through the genetic manipulation, opening the way for a species of “source of youth” in the cells human beings

In interview to the Lusa, the luso-American, professor in the school of medicine of Harvard and in Dana Farber Institute Cancer, explained that its equips of investigators artificially obtained “to bind and disconnect” the responsible gene for the repairing of the ADN of laboratory rats.

The guineapigs had been first citizens the premature aging, that caused the exterior loss of cognitivas capacities and signals, and when the gene “came back to be on” expected a “abrandamento of the process of aging or stabilization”.

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Medicine” of France was born first “bebé

First “bebé medicine” of France, that will be able to save one of its brothers who suffer from a serious illness, was born in a hospital of the region of Paris

The boy was born in day 26 of January, with 3,650 kilos, and meets of good health, indicated to agency AFP the doctor René Frydman.

The parents, of Turkish origin, had decided to give to it to the name of Umut Cut (that he means “Our Hope”).

The brothers of Umut Cut suffer from the genetic illness of blood, talassemia, a heriditária illness that provokes incapacity, anemia and requires constant transfusions of blood.

“Bebé medicine” was born of a fecundação in vitro, after a previous analysis that guaranteed that the boy did not have the illness and, at the same time, that it would be compatible with the brothers.

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Snail is green and fluorescent to frighten predators.

A small marine snail has the capacity to emit a fluorescent green light to frighten its predators, according to a study of the University of California, in the United States.

The animal, that takes the scientific name of brasiliana Hinea, seems to use its bioluminescência as defense mechanism. In accordance with the research, it is green when it perceives the threat of a crab or shrimp in the neighborhoods. The researchers suspect that the tactics aim at to create the illusion of a bigger animal.

According to Nerida scientist Wilson, “is rare to see any snail that lives in deep of the sea producing the bioluminescência. Therefore, he is still more surprising to see that this caramujo has a shell that it maximizes the blinking in efficient way”.

Brasiliana the Hinea species is found normally in the coast of Australia and the north of the New Zelândia. The research was published in December in the scientific magazine Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Sea life…

Dolphins or Dolphin

Dolphin, common name that receives any from some species of cetáceos of the family of the Delphinidae. Also called dolphin. They are animal of round head great e, with the robust front, the dorsal wing bending and developed and the general coloration of the dark body. They can dive sufficient the depth and if they feed over all of squids. They are animals that can identify ones to the others in individual way. As other cetáceos, they use the ecolocalização to investigate the outskirts and to dislocate themselves in its environment.

Scientific classification: Globicephala sort, family of the Delphinidae, subordem of the Odontocetos, order of the Cetáceos.

Orca is member of so great greater of the family of the dolphins or dolphins and, possibly, the cetáceo who present ampler world-wide distribution. It has a great, situated dorsal wing in average position throughout the back. Its feeding consists of fish, sea squids, birds, pinípedes and other cetáceos. These animals tend to cooperate between itself in the hunting, in special when if they feed of animals of hot blood, as penguins. They use a ecolocalização system that consists of the emission of similar sounds the small dry blows high-frequency, that they strike in its canine tooth or other objects, and whose echoes allow them to locate the canine tooth. They are communicated enters itself by means of the emission of a fast series of dry blows that sound as tow-car.

Scientific classification: family of the Delphinidae, subordem Odontocetos (whales provided with teeth), order of the Cetáceos. It is the classified species as Orcinus calculates.

The dolphins of the oceans

This is without a doubt the biggest family of dolphins, is more than 12 different species. Many of the oceanic dolphins pass most of the time, dislocating themselves in the ocean, covering vast areas of sea, far from the coast. Many species are distributed by the World. Some of these species, 0ccasionally, cover the rivers and live side by side with the true dolphins of river. The oceanic dolphins, typically bigger that of river, differ in agreement size the species. The oceanic dolphin of so great minor has 1,4 the 1,8 length m and weighs between 36kg and 45kg. The bigger oceanic dolphin is Orca, that measures 9.8m more than and weighs about 5000Kg, being bigger of what some species of whales. The factors that these dolphins threaten are several and vary of species for species. The ones that lives close to the coast suffer the effect from the pollution, the danger of the navigation of boats and the nets of fish. Those that live far from the coast, also have problems… most serious of all are the nets of fish of the tuna, since the dolphins travel many times with this fish. We are unaware of the population tax of these mammals, however exactly that a group of these dolphins is threatened, it always has another group that if keeps healthful!

The dolphins of the rivers

The river dolphins are adapted for the cool water, and for this reason, they obtain to live constantly in the rivers. Its bodies are flexible and ideal to pursue its canine tooth, some of the times in sufficiently narrow rivers and of winding volume. These mammals hunt alone or in groups of 2 or 3, and feed themselves basically of fish. These dolphins possess a long tooth line, that the aid to chew the fish, some possess molar proper to jam small shellfishes. Three of the species of river dolphins are almost blind, and they only count on its sonar to find food and to sail. The main threat for these dolphins, is the pollution of the rivers where they live. In many of the countries where these mammals if find - China, India, Pakistan and South America - the population was taking possetion itself of lands to the return of the rivers, and removed most of its resources, however the dolphins survive only for the beliefs of these same people. These mammals are considered legends, and omens.


Turtle, common name of certain reptiles (quelônios) that if they characterize for one carapaça rigid, that recovers its internal agencies. They are forms of very old lives. The identified fósseis oldest as turtles retrace to the Triássico, have one 200 million years. Today, they exist about 360 species, terrestrial and aquatic, in the whole world. In Brazil, it has 40 species approximately.

The order the one that belongs the turtles if divides in two subordens: the first one understands species capable to inside retract the head for of the shell with a movement by telescope (to strain and to shrink) the neck; e second includes the water species candy, that hide the head folding the neck for a side. In the majority, they are adapted hábitats of terrestrial water candy or and a small group, to the life in the sea.

The superior part of carapaça also receives the name from espaldar; the inferior, plain part, is called chest. The structure and the size of carapaça and the chest vary of a species for another one.
Typically, carapaça of the turtles is formed by two layers: interior, óssea one, whose sections are called plates, and one superior, córnea, formed for the calls shields. Although she is rigid, carapaça of the turtles is a very sensible structure, had to the great number of nervous terminations that contains.
Of the eight species and subspecies of turtle-navies, five costumam to frequent the coasts Brazilian. They are: turtle-green; cabeçuda; turtle-of-leather; turtle-of-comb; e turtle-bastard. All are in the official list of extinguishing animals at risk, although the work developed in the Tamar Project (Turtle-Navy Project), that, operating in the coast of the Bahia since 1979, already it returned to the sea 2 million younglings. It enters the quelônios of water candy, is part of the list cágado-of-hogei, endemic of the state of the River.
In the Amazônia, even so it does not have no turtle considered in risk situation, is great the pressure on the Podocnemis species expansa, Podocnemis unifilis, Geochelone denticulata and Teltocefalus tumerilianus, due to hunting and to the egg collection.

The turtle alaúde is the greater of the seven species of sea turtles. Kg arrives to weigh 540. It is differentiated of the other aquatic and terrestrial turtles for its incapacity to retract the head for inside of the hoof and for the modification of the legs in paddles. It is only fed of jellyfishes.