Snail is green and fluorescent to frighten predators.

A small marine snail has the capacity to emit a fluorescent green light to frighten its predators, according to a study of the University of California, in the United States.

The animal, that takes the scientific name of brasiliana Hinea, seems to use its bioluminescência as defense mechanism. In accordance with the research, it is green when it perceives the threat of a crab or shrimp in the neighborhoods. The researchers suspect that the tactics aim at to create the illusion of a bigger animal.

According to Nerida scientist Wilson, “is rare to see any snail that lives in deep of the sea producing the bioluminescência. Therefore, he is still more surprising to see that this caramujo has a shell that it maximizes the blinking in efficient way”.

Brasiliana the Hinea species is found normally in the coast of Australia and the north of the New Zelândia. The research was published in December in the scientific magazine Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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