Medicine” of France was born first “bebé

First “bebé medicine” of France, that will be able to save one of its brothers who suffer from a serious illness, was born in a hospital of the region of Paris

The boy was born in day 26 of January, with 3,650 kilos, and meets of good health, indicated to agency AFP the doctor René Frydman.

The parents, of Turkish origin, had decided to give to it to the name of Umut Cut (that he means “Our Hope”).

The brothers of Umut Cut suffer from the genetic illness of blood, talassemia, a heriditária illness that provokes incapacity, anemia and requires constant transfusions of blood.

“Bebé medicine” was born of a fecundação in vitro, after a previous analysis that guaranteed that the boy did not have the illness and, at the same time, that it would be compatible with the brothers.

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