Why escargots is so expensive?

Simply because of the one injured work to create these gosmentos bichinhos and to leave them ready to be consumed. Without speaking that, for being a very fragile animal, the productivity is very low. “One escargot leads of six the eight months to reach 15 grams, that are the minimum weight to go to the table”, it affirms the engineer agronomist Carlos Alberto Funcia, pioneer in the creation of escargots in Brazil. Throughout all these months, beyond very fed well, the younglings need to be created in an environment with temperature and ideal umidades. “For being a sensible animal, the tax of mortality in commercial creations varies of 12 15%”, says Funcia. Mortality in creations of chickens, for example, is of about 5% and in the ones pigs, of 10%. It sees what it rolls with this snail until arriving at the bacanudos restaurants

How much time if can only live with bread and water?

He is difficult esteem, therefore he goes to depend on the nutricional state and health of the person, but he has stories of people who lived years alone the bread and water, even so with péssima quality of life. According to nutritionist Vanderli Marchiori, of the Brazilian Association of Esportiva Nutrition, is extremely risky somebody to limit its feeding only these two components. “This diet does not satisfy our necessities nutricionais, therefore the bread alone has carboidrato and needs to also ingest proteins and fats”, say. The first consequences of this diet maluca are of muscular mass of hair of the skin and, in the suspension, drying, fall, loss case the women of the menstruation. Later, the problems are more serious. The agencies go giving bankruptcy signals and the person starts to suffer from fatigue and anemia, is subjects the infections and has lapses of memory and intense sleep. After that, kidneys and liver stop to function, culminating in a collapse of the heart. It seems incredible, but it only has stories of aged kept by months the bread and water in asylums managed for unscrupulous people.

Who is the player ugliest of the world?

He is the English Iain Dowie, an unknown athlete in Brazil that already dressed the shirt of the also little famous Crystal Palace and Charlton. After to leave the lawns in 2008, in the season of 2009 the feioso assumed the assistant appraiser function of the Newcastle United.
The heading nothing honroso was conferred by the English tabloide The Sun, that used a demolishing phrase to define the aesthetic one of Dowie: A little of each one of the personalities imagines ugliest. Thus it is Iain Dowie. The young man who pardons in them, but, in fact, it not cousin for the beauty: he excessively has deep eyes, disproportionately small ears, twisted mouth and seems to be always with face of I cry. The ferina list of The Sun still brings one ídolo Brazilian, Ronaldinho Gaucho. Elect two times for the Fifa as optimum of the world, the meiaatacante of the Milan was with the room place in the question dog absorbing sleeve, behind the English Luke Chadwick, whom Keynes Dons plays in the Milton, and of the dutch Dirk Kuyt, of the Liverpool.

How the bat-vampires attack?

First they find its canine tooth with aid of a species of internal radar and later they bite its skin with sharp teeth. Of 1 100 species of bats more than known, only three if feed of blood: the bat-vampire-common one (Desmodus rotundus), the bat-vampire-of-wing-whites (Diaemus youngi) and the bat-vampire-of-leg-hairy ones (Diphylla ecaudata). The three species (it reads more on them in the site of ME) only live in the American continent, of the south of the Texas to Argentina. The vampires do not attack human beings: the bat-vampire-common one prefers animals bigger, as oxen, cows and horses. The others two species advance on hens, birds and wild animals of lesser transport. As these bats alone ingest blood, they more than do not resist three days without the liquid. Amongst the mammals, the bat-vampires are only the exclusively hematófagos ones. They live in colonies of 20 the 100 individuals and are, together with the too much species of bats, the only mammals total adapted to the flight - others, as the squirrel-flyer, only obtains to glide. This if of the one thanks to the membranes that join four of its five fingers of the previous members (equivalents to the hands). The bats integrate the order Chiroptera, the second greater in number of species between the mammals. The Chiroptera name has origin in the words Greeks quiro (

Penis stretcher reviews

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Scientist wants to recriar dinossauros

Of the one “to construct” one dinossauro in full century 21? The North American palentólogo Jack Horner finds that yes.
The form most immediate to make this would be from a sample of the DNA of the bichões. But, according to Jack, although some of the fósseis already found to be surprising conserved well (some still with sanguineous vases), none so is preserved thus, the point to contain unbroken DNA - of the type necessary to recriar a Jurassic Park. Pôxa.
It remained to look at, then, for the descendants of the prehistoric monsters: the modern birds. The hens, according to paleontólogo, have the key to recriar one dinossauro recorded in its genomes. In accordance with it, they still has characteristics as teeth, express claws and tails there in fundinho of the genes - they had only been “off” in some point of the development of the animals. E Jack and its team, in the case, intend to bind them again.
They had now argued these plans in one of the events of the TED back in U.S.A. in March. If you understand English and want to know more, if she plays in the video of the lecture.

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It knows the 5 bigger supercomputers of the world

The site Top500.org brought up to date the list with the biggest supercomputers of the world, machines capable to process trillions of commands at the same time - something practically impossible to be imagined. Between the five first supercomputers, we find two of them in the United States, one in Germany, another one in Sweden and another one in India.

The supercomputers are ranqueados by the number of processors and teraflops. Flops, in computation, is an acronym that means Floating point Operations Per Second that, in Portuguese, wants to say operations of floating-point for second. That is used to determine the performance of a computer, specifically in the field of scientific calculations, that make great use of calculations with floating-point; similar the instructions for second. 1 Teraflop is equivalent the 10 ¹ ² flops.

1 - Lawrence Livermore DONATES to Blue Gene

This Blue Gene, of IBM, possesss 213 a thousand processors and supports up to 478 teraflops. Located in the United States.

2 - Julich Supercomputing Center Blue Gene

This another Blue Gene, also of IBM, if finds in Germany. It counts on 65 a thousand 167 processors and supports teraflops.

3 - New Mexico Computing Applications Center

Used to manage the water suppliment of one of the areas less populous of the planet, this supercomputer is a good excuse for theories of the conspiracy. But the fact of it to cost less than a North American normal house is surprising. Teraflops supports up to 172 and possesss servers SGI HOISTS Blade.

4 - TATA CRL Lab HP Cluster

This machine of the HP, just ordered, places India enters the five bigger supercomputers of the world. It counts on 14 a thousand processors and a 3000 system HP Blade.

5 - HP Bladeserver Cluster of the Swedish Army

This is “the more private” supercomputer of all, therefore the known data of this machine are few. However, according to information of the proper Swedish army, this supercomputer will be a HP BladeSystem with 14 a thousand 103 processors and that teraflops will support.

Lookeen 2010 - It finds e-mails easily

In this technological world, the email is certainly one of the services more used by the users for information exchange. Daily, our electrónico mailboxes go accumulating e-mails, with the most diverse types of information, becoming difficult the share to find one definitive email.

Today we go to know the Lookeen an excellent solution for indexation and research of e-mails, annexes, contact, tasks, etc.

The Lookeen is a professional solution that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and that it allows to find e-mails easily, disponibilizando a set of research filters. Although the tool of research of the Outlook to have sufficiently evolved in the last times, the truth is that it continues to make use of few options and in some situations the results not yet is trustworthest.

The Lookeen is thus an excellent alternative for who the email is a tool of essential work and works with great volumes of information. The Lookeen disponibiliza a bar in proper outlook that it allows the user to effect a personalized research. For the tests that we carry through the application (as an example, my mailbox has currently about 30.000 e-mails), the research is sufficiently fast and the sufficiently consistent results.

Beyond making possible the research of email, the Lookeen it allows the search for annex, meetings, tasks, reminders and contact. Another one of the excellent characteristics of this application is the possibility to integrate with the Desktop. In such a way, we can all carry through research in the record of our system.

According to information of the proper company, the Lookeen obtains to carry through research in mailboxs that they have up to 100 GBytes of information. For companies, a time that these generate much public information centrally, the Lookeen disponibiliza one “shared index”, that it is not more than the possibility to indexar a set of information publishes so that the partners and employees can accede more quickly to this information.

The Lookeen is without a doubt an excellent professional tool, that offers functionalities sufficiently interesting as for the indexation of information. The application is available per 14 days but in the next days we go to have some new features here in pplware. Meanwhile, the users who possess Microsoft Outlook can try and validate the characteristics presented here.

Single Cup Coffee Makers

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Imperfection of security in Internet Explorer allows robbery of passwords

A researcher of the security area affirmed to Reuters in this thursday (26/5) that an imperfection in Internet Explorer navigator can allow the robbery of passwords of sites as Twitter and Facebook. “Any site. Any cookie. The limit is in its imagination”, affirmed the independent researcher Italian Valotta Rosary. It defined the imperfection as “sequestration of cookies”.

In accordance with Valotta, hackers could get access the archives stored for browser - the calls “cookies” - through the imperfection. Between the archives, they could be the names of users and passwords for accounts of sites of web.

The vulnerability affects all the versions of the navigator, including Internet Explorer 9, launched recently for Microsoft. According to Valotta, hacker must persuardir a victim to drag an object for the screen of the computer so that cookie either sequestrado. Although to seem a difficult task, the researcher affirmed to have obtained 80 cookies in three days applying the technique in the Facebook. “And alone I have 150 friends in my list”, said.

Microsoft, on the other hand, affirmed that it does not have great risk of hacker to get success with the tram. “To be affected, a necessary user to visit a site suspected, to be convinced to drag item for the page and the aggressor would need to have as white coookie of a site which the user was connected at that moment”, it affirmed Jerry Bryant, spokesman of the company.

EA Games goes to launch social games of SimCity and the Simpsons for Facebook

Electronic Arts, known for the publication of games as Need will be Speed and Medal of Honor, goes to launch two social games for Facebook; one based in the television series the Simpsons and another one in the SimCity surmounting, affirms the MCV. Both the games will be produced by the Playfish studios, rival of the desenvolvedora greater of social games of the world, the Zynga.

Since March, the EA Games studies the possibility to create games for the social net in accordance with, since the base of users, beyond gigantic, seems to be sufficiently income-producing, the president of the company, Frank Gibeau. At the beginning of this month the CEO of the EA Games, John Riccitiello, also affirmed that, thanks to the satisfactory results around the digital media, the company would have more focus in the publication of these games during the year.

Currently, the Zynga makes success with considered games previously “copies” of the games published for the EA Games, as it is the case of the proper CityVille (2010). The social game exceeded 100 million users in less of one year, and it was always compared with the SimCity game (1989).

Crackers uses the death of Bin Laden to infectar using of the Facebook

Crackers is if using to advantage of the death of Osama Bin Laden to spread links malicious. According to agency of Reuters notice, the messages promise to show videos of the historical murder.

Still in accordance with the agency of notice, one of the main targets is the users of the Facebook, who have received private messages on behalf of known people, asking for so that they copy malicious codes to have access to the videos of the death of the terrorist.

When following the instructions of the messages, internauta of the total access of its account for crackers. According to Mikko Hypponen, head of research of the manufacturer of antivirus F-Secure, the evil intentioned has used the proper stolen accounts to propagate the virus and to send Spam to the friends of the infectado user. Beyond the Facebook, them also they are using emails loaded with links contaminated.

This type of malicious campaign if uses to advantage of news events to propagate virus and to steal given. In accordance with the executive, other modalities of infection saw web had used the Real Marriage and tsunami in Japan as decoy. “I believe that the attempts of attacks using the death of Bin Laden must persist for some months”, it concluded.

Planet with red sky can be inhabitable

One of the planets that 581d around turns of the Gliese star-dwarfed could be inhabitable, with propitious climate for the water existence in liquid state and life, as a study that one has equipped of climatologistas it finishes to publish. The Gliese 581d, third planet that gravitates around of the dwarfed-red, could be in a colored penumbra, with a dense atmosphere and a thick misty layer.

Discovered the 500 astronomers want to determine if some of exoplanetas are apt to shelter the life. Seven times more massive than the Land and pparently rocky, the Gliese 581d “could be the first discovered potentially inhabitable planet” until today, announced this monday the French National Center of Pesquisas Científicas (CNRS) in an official notice.

Detected in 2007 the 20 year-light (1 year-light = 9,5 trillions of km) of the Solar System, the Gliese 581d was considered in the cold occasion excessively to be inhabitable, that is, with compatible temperatures with the water presence in liquid state in its surface.

This exoplaneta, that it gravitates around of a little hot star, a dwarfed-red, receives three times little energy in comparison with that the Land receives from the Sun. Also it is possible that it always has the same face directed toward its star, while to another one remains in perpetual blackout.

Although the disadvantages, the Gliese 581d could benefit of a effect greenhouse, that it of the one hot climate “the point to allow the formation of oceans, clouds and rain”, as a modelização that illustrates “the great variety of possible climates for the planets of the galaxy”, added the CNRS.

In this simulation, the team of Robin Wordworth and François Forget, of the Laboratory of Meteorologia Dinâmica (LMD) of the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace of Paris, if inhaled in the used models for the study of the terrestrial climate, extending the gamma of possible conditions.

If it will have a dense atmosphere in carbon dioxide (CO2), what it is considered very probable by the scientists, exoplaneta can prevent the condensation of its atmosphere in the nocturnal face and also to have a hot climate.

After a called phenomenon “diffusion Rayleigh”, that of a blue tonality to our sky, the terrestrial atmosphere reflects for the space an important fraction of blue brilliance, limiting the heating of our planet. A effect that is little sensible with the red, according to scientists, whose works had been published in the scientific magazine The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

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It is possible to transform human into you buzz

The scene is always the same. Desert streets, spread garbage, abandoned building and a group of human beings try to survive to the extermínio buzzed. It remembered films as the dawn of deceased, Extermínio, evil Resident or the series Walking Dead, certain? But, it will be that it is possible to create a malignant virus that will give beginning to the Apocalispe Zumbi? Perhaps, but it will not be easy for the scientists.
A professor assistant of psychiatry of the University of Harvard, Steven C. Schlozman, already walked thinking about this and until the autopsy wrote a book “Buzzed” (The Zombie Autopsies), a series of removed excerpts of fiction of the notebook of notations of the “last scientist ordered to the Sanctuary of United Nations studying a plague buzzed”. The book must even give fear in those customary ones in attending to films of half human beings, half corpses, devorando pulled out members.
According to Schlozman, an efficient agent could aim and detach parts from the human brain. In this way, the individual would keep some unbroken motor capacities as to walk (in slow camera) and to eat (human). However, its lobe frontal, that is responsible for the morality, for the planning and for inhibiting impulsive actions it would leave to exist.
To create these ambulant beings that walk for there grunhindo behind the next meal she would be necessary only one protein. Schlozman explains that the deterioration of the lobe frontal could be caused by means of an infection for a protein, in particular a call príon. Príons is proteins capable to modify other proteins. These composites are responsible, for example, for the illness of the Cow Insane person.
The first step is there. To contaminate the human beings with one príon that it finishes with our moral and limits. However, the transmission of these proteins is easy to control. The animal would go to catch exactly if some scientist maluco fixed príon to a virus that if spread quickly and took the contaminante agent direct to the brain of the futures buzzes. The task, for general joy of the human beings, would not be easy.
It is not easy, but it has insane person for everything. The director of transplants and infectious illnesses of the General Massachusetts Hospita, in Boston, Jay Fishman, considers that if the virus uses that cause encefalite, an acute inflammation of the brain. You finding little? The face still considers to use the virus of the Herpes or the virus of the Nile Occidental person, causer of a lethal illness spread by the bite of infectados mosquitos. Our luck is that he himself admitted that to bind to one príon and a virus is part of a “well improbable scene”. But some scientific products had been born of ideas that seemed improbable, certain?
After the infection she would be necessary to control príon so that the brain of Zumbi is not completely lost and it enters in eats. For this, Schlozman suggests to add salt to induce metabolic alkalosis (loss of acid in the organism). With the alkalosis “you would have convulsions, tremors and would be igualzinho one you buzzed”. He is better to start to storage weapons, the ammunition and if to prepare for the hunting in the style of the group of Zumbilândia.

Stephen Hawking: God did not create the universe

LONDON - God does not have more place in the theories on the creation of the universe, which had to a series of advances in the field of the physics, affirms the British scientist Stephen Hawking in its new book, that had stretches divulged in this thursday.

Demonstrating a harder position in relation to the religion of what assumed in the pages of the international bestseller “the One soon history of the time”, of 1988, Hawking says that Big Bang was simply a consequência of the law of the gravity.

“For having a law as the gravity, the universe it can and it will go to create to he himself of the nothing. The spontaneous creation is the reason for which something exists instead of not existing nothing, it is the reason for which the universe exists, for which we exist”, writes celebrates it scientist in “The grand design”, that it will be published in series in the periodical Teamses.

“It is not necessary that Gods evoke to illuminate the things and to create the universe”, adds.

Hawking if became world-wide famous with its research, books and sets of documents, although to suffer since the 21 years of age of a degenerative motor illness left that it dependent of a chair of wheels and a sintetizador of voice.

In “One soon history of the time”, Hawking suggested that the idea of God or a being the holy ghost is not necessarily incompatible with the scientific understanding of the universe.

In its more recent work, however, Hawking it cites the discovery, done in 1992, of a planet that gravitates a star is of our Solar System, as a landmark against the belief of Isaac Newton of whom the universe could not have appeared of the chaos.

“This becomes the coincidences of our planetary conditions - only Land and, sun happy combination in the distance between the Sun and the solar mass - well less important, and well less convincing, as evidence of that the Land was carefully projected to only please to the human beings”, affirms Hawking.