Scientist wants to recriar dinossauros

Of the one “to construct” one dinossauro in full century 21? The North American palentólogo Jack Horner finds that yes.
The form most immediate to make this would be from a sample of the DNA of the bichões. But, according to Jack, although some of the fósseis already found to be surprising conserved well (some still with sanguineous vases), none so is preserved thus, the point to contain unbroken DNA - of the type necessary to recriar a Jurassic Park. Pôxa.
It remained to look at, then, for the descendants of the prehistoric monsters: the modern birds. The hens, according to paleontólogo, have the key to recriar one dinossauro recorded in its genomes. In accordance with it, they still has characteristics as teeth, express claws and tails there in fundinho of the genes - they had only been “off” in some point of the development of the animals. E Jack and its team, in the case, intend to bind them again.
They had now argued these plans in one of the events of the TED back in U.S.A. in March. If you understand English and want to know more, if she plays in the video of the lecture.

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