How is formed the dandruff?

1. The sebácea gland is responsible for the production of the tallow that lubricates the surface of the cabeludo leather. For genetic questions, the person who has predisposition to the dandruff produces more fat that the normal one

2. The tallow arrives at the surface of the skin for folículo piloso (or unit to folicular) - structure for which they leave wires hair or for. The greasy secretion is accumulated in the cabeludo leather, leaving the oily hair

3. The oleosidade cause the inflammation of the cabeludo leather, call of seborreica dermatitis. People with this genetic predisposition also can develop fungo Pityrosporum ovale, that she aggravates the picture

4. The inflammatory process cause itch, vermelhidão and scalling off, that untied white particles of the cabeludo leather - the dandruff, one tallow mixture and cells deceased of the skin

• The ones that have genetic predisposition only costumam to have the seborreica dermatitis, therefore, the dandruff is not contagious

• The dandruff does not have cure, but it has treatment - that it must be indicated by a specialist

• Many xampus antidandruff, vendidos in supermarkets, dry up the cabeludo leather and stimulate, still more, the tallow production

• Each person has, on average, 5 million pilosos folículos in the body, being that 120 a thousand of them are in the cabeludo leather

Causes and solutions
It knows the factors that can leave its full hair of white brans

The nervous tensions provoke some riots in the body - between them, the low one of the defenses of the imunológico system, that unchains dermatological problems as the dandruff. The ideal is not to esquentar the head

Alcoholic beverage
It inhibits the activity of some vitamins that act in folículo piloso and provoke the cellular multiplication, causing a bigger sebácea secretion production. Therefore, nothing of if inebriating

Bad feeding
The ingestion in excess of animal fat and sugar can increase the tallow production in the glands. To better neutralize the oleosidade, nothing of what taking sufficiently water and increasing the consumption of fruits

To wash the hair with hot water stimulates the glands in the oil production. In the winter, the dandruff also increases, since the temperature is ideal for the proliferation of fungos. The tip is to leave the water morna in the hour to rinse the cabeleira

Permanent dyes, smoothings and can provoke since allergies until the inflammation of the cabeludo leather, aggravating the picture of the dermatitis. Therefore, dandruff will be had, prevents these types of treatments

Hormonais alterations
They are common in the puberty, the pregnancy and the menopause. The body suffers to a hormonal disequilibrium and cause a disfunção in the glands. In this in case that, the problem alone is decided to the base of remedies

Sources Luciano Barsanti, doctor and tricologista, director of the Institute of the Hair and author of the Dr. book Hair (publishing company Rise); Raphael Rissardi, supervisor hair technician of the Vita Derm Hipoalergênica; Denise Steiner, doctor in dermatology for the Unicamp and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

Scientists discover the gene of the Homer Simpson

For the good mood in science: researchers of the Emory University (U.S.A.) had discovered that an express gene in the brain, call of RGS14, that everybody has, can limit our intellectual capacity from there - and, engraçadinhos had nicknamed, it “gene of the Homer Simpson”.
In a series of tests, rats with the such “off” gene had been smarter: if they had remembered objects seen before and they had learned to leave labyrinths with more rapidity of what the normal rats. What it suggests that the presence of the RGS14 can “possibly brake” some forms of learning and consolidation of memories -, not only in the rats, but in people also.
Penalty that not yet of the one to order that fellow worker more lentinho running pra disconnect of it. According to researchers, the gene of the Homer is on to a part of the brain still little explored. E, as he is not of what it is capable, so clearly all well-taken care of is little. For however, one knows that in the rats with the off RGS14 the region neurons had established stronger connections, what it improves the cognitivo performance. But it is possible that, despite the principle the ratinhos have not presented any negative effect, the lack of the gene causes some disequilibrium that the faces had not yet identified.
“A great question that this research raises is why we, or the rats, we would have a gene that it becomes in them less smart? ”, the leader of the study, John Hepler says. Good question, né?

To dream of animals

Bee - It is prosperity signal. To be pricked () by a bee: care with envy of colleagues. To see them: profits. If a woman dreams to be being perforated in the face can indicate, pregnancy. Luck: butterfly.

Swallow - To see to fly them: notice of moved away friends. To kill them: obstacles. In nest: happiness. Luck: pavão.

Animals - Calm: its closer desires will be taken care of. Furious: she will be victim of you intrigue, but it will win. Luck: it bets in the animals that appear in the dream.

Spider - Its success will depend on its effort. Care in the treatment with woman. Luck: it charges.

Birds - It will have financial advantages and it will receive money not waited. It still can be wonderful trip. Luck: pavão or the bird that to appear in the dream.

Ostrich - marcante and positive Event related the money. Luck: ostrich.

Whale - aid Will receive unexpected. Luck: alligator.

Kiss-Flower - fast Success in the life. Luck: it charges.

Animals - Furious: it will be attacked (), but it will win. Calm: its desires will be taken care of. Luck: it bets in that to appear in the dream.

Bode - shameful Linking, erótica madness. Luck: goat.

Ox - Abundance, in general way. Grazing: happy omen. Fat person: security. Lean: revezes. Furious Mugindo or: conjugal quarrel. To see ox dead: its enemies will not obtain to win it (). Luck: bull.

Butterfly - Trend the things of small account. Luck: butterfly.

Donkey - Black: purple. White: it enters (Went of money. Chestnut: annoyance. In general this dream discloses persecution of superior, without reason just. Luck: donkey or horse.

Goat - To see one or more goats: good profits with inheritance. To buy a goat: care with envious. Vender a goat: engagement or marriage. Luck: goat

Dog - sincere and disinterested Affection. If the dog has a friendly attitude stops with you waits joys. If it will be in its pursuit: quarrels. To take one bite: treason. Luck: dog.

Shrimp - Well-taken care of with easy women. Luck: alligator.

Camel - it does not confuse perseverance with intelligence. If it will be running is signal of return of undesirable person. Luck: camel.

Crab - Somebody wants to take off something of you. Luck: bear.

Sheep - Prosperity and fast richness. Luck: sheep.

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The benefits of the yawn

It can seem strange, but it is this same! Bocejar helps to cool the brain and improves the attention.

Of the next time that somebody to complain of a yawn its, can answer: “yawn, because I want to give more attention in you”. According to a group of American psychologists, this can accurately be the function of the act of bocejar: to cool the brain to improve the concentration. Thus being, instead of preparing the body to sleep, the yawn would be, in the truth, a way to prevent sleep. The notice was divulged in the site of the American magazine “New Scientist”.

You already perceived that the yawn is contagious? Already?
But talvés what you do not know is that now scientists had discovered that the gentile people are more susceptible to the transmission.

Psychologist Steven Platek, of the Drexel University, in the Philadelphia (U.S.A.), and its colleagues of the University of the State of New York had shown a video with a person bocejando to a group of 65 students. The ones that had ahead opened the mouth of the screen had presented greater punctuation in a psychological test measuring the empatia. The immune students I infect to it were, on the other hand, less premade use to recognize that an insult can offend another person.

Speaking in this, it is good for commenting that the sleep lack affects the combat the illnesses.

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Albert Einstein

A history of century XX would have been radically different if the German physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) had not been born nor discovered, therefore, for general astonishment of the humanity, who substance and energy are two faces of one same currency and that they can be transformed one into the other. The Theory of Relativity, displayed for the first time for the German physicist in 1905, but presented in complete the 13 years later, reformulated the Physics, until then imprisoned to the principles of the Isaac English Newton, still in century XVII. Without Albert Einstein, the world of the reflection on the physics would be desert of some of the ideas instigantes of the science of century XX. Einstein passed the life dreaming of the unification of the physical theory, thing which the astrophysical English Stephen Hawking (author of the bestseller One Soon History of the Time) among others modern researchers started to only give form in the last few decades, thanks to the change of mentality in the world of science, currently opened to the integration you do not discipline between them. The unification of the Quantum Mechanics with the Theory of the Relativity, desired for Einstein, only happened in the last few decades. E of this marriage had appeared formidable and essential innovations as microelectronics, the laser ray and the superconductors.

Without the legacy of Einstein, certainly a great number of reflections on the universe would not be today subject in periodicals of the entire world. (Exactly the popular expression everything is relative paid tribute to the theory of the German physicist. A world without it imagines…) Even because the Newtonian Physics would not have the same breath to explain the virtual worlds considered by intricate mathematical equations in fields as computer science and artificial intelligence. Without the revolution proposal for Einstein, probably none of these technological conquests would exist.

It was the relativity of Einstein that led to the formula of the atomic bomb. The new weapons had given an end point in the Second War and, in the following decades, they had imposed to the humanity the logic of the Cold War. Perhaps without the bomb that devastou the cities of Hiroshima and Nakasaki in 1945, Japan had fallen under Soviet control instead of the American and is possible that none of the technological advances that the Japanese capitalism gave in them throughout last the 50 years had existed. A world without Sony, Honda, Nintendo imagines. That is: without Einstein, it would not have Mario Bros.

In the field of the politics, the consequences of the not-existence of Einstein would be still more chocking: without the tension and the battle of nerves of the Cold War, that transformed the world into an enclosure for bullfighting concentrated politics, politician would not have felt in the effort who president John Kennedy made to arrive first at the Moon. He is well possible that not yet we had rank the feet in its surface. (He is clearly that, until the present, he has much people that distrust of the American feat, saying that only They are Jorge it placed the feet in the Moon. But this is another history.)

But this is not alone. With the communist influence in Asia, it will be that the War of the Vietnam (that lasted of 1964 the 1973) would have at least started? It will be that the European countries (as France and England) would resist the marxist advance? In this in case that, the Wall of Berlin would have been absolutely unnecessary because the Europe already would exhibit the red flag.

If Albert Einstein had not come to the Land, can have certainty that its life would be different. Hardly you would go to esquentar foods in the oven of microwaves, to play videogame, to go to the doctor and being examined for tomógrafo, to visualize the liquid crystal screen of its laptop, among others innovations that had only been possible with the intricate theories of the German physicist.

Scientists discover remedy accidentally anti-calvície

The accidental discovery of a substance that made to grow again for the ones in laboratory rats can open way for a potential remedy against the calvície in human beings, according to an American study published this week.

“Our discovery sample that a treatment of short duration with this substance made to grow again for the ones in rats that genetically had been modified to be chronically stressados”, Million Mulugeta explained, associate professor of medicine of the University of California, in Los Angeles, one of the co-authors of this study.

“The work can mean the beginning of new boardings to treat the calvície in human beings, when neutralizing the one receivers hormona that it plays a paper-key in the condition of stresse”, added.

Such treatments could treat the loss of hair related to stress and to the oldness, it needed the doctor.

The study online of the scientific magazine American PLoS One, a publication of the Public Library was published in the version of Science.

It is possible to transform human into you buzz?

The scene is always the same. Desert streets, spread garbage, abandoned building and a group of human beings try to survive to the extermínio buzzed. It remembered films as the dawn of deceased, Extermínio, evil Resident or the series Walking Dead, certain? But, it will be that it is possible to create a malignant virus that will give beginning to the Apocalispe Zumbi? Perhaps, but it will not be easy for the scientists.
A professor assistant of psychiatry of the University of Harvard, Steven C. Schlozman, already walked thinking about this and until the autopsy wrote a book “Buzzed” (The Zombie Autopsies), a series of removed excerpts of fiction of the notebook of notations of the “last scientist ordered to the Sanctuary of United Nations studying a plague buzzed”. The book must even give fear in those customary ones in attending to films of half human beings, half corpses, devorando pulled out members.
According to Schlozman, an efficient agent could aim and detach parts from the human brain. In this way, the individual would keep some unbroken motor capacities as to walk (in slow camera) and to eat (human). However, its lobe frontal, that is responsible for the morality, for the planning and for inhibiting impulsive actions it would leave to exist.
To create these ambulant beings that walk for there grunhindo behind the next meal she would be necessary only one protein. Schlozman explains that the deterioration of the lobe frontal could be caused by means of an infection for a protein, in particular a call príon. Príons is proteins capable to modify other proteins. These composites are responsible, for example, for the illness of the Cow Insane person.
The first step is there. To contaminate the human beings with one príon that it finishes with our moral and limits. However, the transmission of these proteins is easy to control. The animal would go to catch exactly if some scientist maluco fixed príon to a virus that if spread quickly and took the contaminante agent direct to the brain of the futures buzzes. The task, for general joy of the human beings, would not be easy.
It is not easy, but it has insane person for everything. The director of transplants and infectious illnesses of the General Massachusetts Hospita, in Boston, Jay Fishman, considers that if the virus uses that cause encefalite, an acute inflammation of the brain. You finding little? The face still considers to use the virus of the Herpes or the virus of the Nile Occidental person, causer of a lethal illness spread by the bite of infectados mosquitos. Our luck is that he himself admitted that to bind to one príon and a virus is part of a “well improbable scene”. But some scientific products had been born of ideas that seemed improbable, certain?
After the infection she would be necessary to control príon so that the brain of Zumbi is not completely lost and it enters in eats. For this, Schlozman suggests to add salt to induce metabolic alkalosis (loss of acid in the organism). With the alkalosis “you would have convulsions, tremors and would be igualzinho one you buzzed”. He is better to start to storage weapons, the ammunition and if to prepare for the hunting in the style of the group of Zumbilândia.

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To be of good mood foments the creativity

The people who make a pause while they work to listen to music or to see funny videos in the Internet they are not losing the time, that when improving its mood can potencializar its creativity, according to a study published in the magazine Psychological Science.

To arrive at this conclusion, Ruby Nadler and its colleagues of the University of Western Ontario had modified the state of spirit of some students with the music aid and videos that had made to them if to feel glad or sad. Later they had proven as if they developed learning to recognize certain standards in function of its state. The results had shown that the volunteers who if felt happy discovered and learned before as to decide the problem that its colleagues.

- “A project is existed about which it must think of innovative form, to be of good mood will help”, assures Nadler you.

The mystery of the trees of the Moon

Here it is the fact bizarro: hundreds of trees cultivated from seeds that had travelled for the space are disappeared. The “trees of the Moon”, whose seeds had surrounded the Moon 34 times in the pocket of the astronaut Stuart Roosa of the ship Apollo 14, had been received in return to the Land in 1971.

One of them was planted in Washington Square, Philadelphia, U.S.A., as part of the commemorations of the bicentennial of 1975. Another one was to stop in the White House. Several others had been planted in related state and local capitals to the space, as space stations, for all the country.

Then president Gerald Ford called the trees “symbols livings creature of our spectacular accomplishments scientific human beings and”. Exactly thus, nobody seems to remember them. More than what this: they had disappeared mysteriously.

David astronomer Williams, of the NASA, whose work includes the filling of data of the Apollo missions, had not at least heard to speak of the trees of the moon until a professor of third series ordered an email to it in 1996 to ask on a tree of an encampment in Cannelton, Indiana.

Nobody in NASA seemed to have heard to speak of these trees. The astronomer affirms that careful registers had not been facts, or if they had been facts, had not been kept.

David became its mission to find them. During last the 15 years, it kept a register in the Internet on the localization of each known tree. When it started, in 1996, it only wise person where 22 trees were. Now, this number went up for 80.

But the ascent is slow. The main form of discovery of new trees is when it finds somebody and orders them an email for on this. E-mails is each time less frequent.

David says that it goes to continue to look for, but does not have no way to know when it found all. At least, it affirms the astronomer, the trees will not be forgotten again. Now, it has a permanent home for they, with all the existing information, and the ones that will come.

Although the majority of the trees is of species of long life, that would have to last centuries, some already had started to die.

In accordance with the counting most recent of David, 21 of the 80 known trees more is deceased, including the pine of the White House, five plátanos and two pines of space stations in Huntsville, Alabama, and a pine of New Orleans that was damaged in the Katrina hurricane.
The astronomer affirms that the health of the trees does not have nothing to see with its trip to the space. Nobody wise person to certain if the exposition to the microgravity and the radiation could make some thing with the seeds. Being thus, the scientists had grown trees of control to the side of the trees of the moon to see if they grew of different form, but nothing she was found.

The healthful trees have given to origin to a culture of “trees half-moon”, trees cultivated from seeds of a tree of the Moon. These trees of the moon of second generation already run away to the control of the David. The people until can buy seeds of trees half-moon to plant them where to want. The proper David has one in its yard. If they have something of special, nobody know.

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