Albert Einstein

A history of century XX would have been radically different if the German physicist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) had not been born nor discovered, therefore, for general astonishment of the humanity, who substance and energy are two faces of one same currency and that they can be transformed one into the other. The Theory of Relativity, displayed for the first time for the German physicist in 1905, but presented in complete the 13 years later, reformulated the Physics, until then imprisoned to the principles of the Isaac English Newton, still in century XVII. Without Albert Einstein, the world of the reflection on the physics would be desert of some of the ideas instigantes of the science of century XX. Einstein passed the life dreaming of the unification of the physical theory, thing which the astrophysical English Stephen Hawking (author of the bestseller One Soon History of the Time) among others modern researchers started to only give form in the last few decades, thanks to the change of mentality in the world of science, currently opened to the integration you do not discipline between them. The unification of the Quantum Mechanics with the Theory of the Relativity, desired for Einstein, only happened in the last few decades. E of this marriage had appeared formidable and essential innovations as microelectronics, the laser ray and the superconductors.

Without the legacy of Einstein, certainly a great number of reflections on the universe would not be today subject in periodicals of the entire world. (Exactly the popular expression everything is relative paid tribute to the theory of the German physicist. A world without it imagines…) Even because the Newtonian Physics would not have the same breath to explain the virtual worlds considered by intricate mathematical equations in fields as computer science and artificial intelligence. Without the revolution proposal for Einstein, probably none of these technological conquests would exist.

It was the relativity of Einstein that led to the formula of the atomic bomb. The new weapons had given an end point in the Second War and, in the following decades, they had imposed to the humanity the logic of the Cold War. Perhaps without the bomb that devastou the cities of Hiroshima and Nakasaki in 1945, Japan had fallen under Soviet control instead of the American and is possible that none of the technological advances that the Japanese capitalism gave in them throughout last the 50 years had existed. A world without Sony, Honda, Nintendo imagines. That is: without Einstein, it would not have Mario Bros.

In the field of the politics, the consequences of the not-existence of Einstein would be still more chocking: without the tension and the battle of nerves of the Cold War, that transformed the world into an enclosure for bullfighting concentrated politics, politician would not have felt in the effort who president John Kennedy made to arrive first at the Moon. He is well possible that not yet we had rank the feet in its surface. (He is clearly that, until the present, he has much people that distrust of the American feat, saying that only They are Jorge it placed the feet in the Moon. But this is another history.)

But this is not alone. With the communist influence in Asia, it will be that the War of the Vietnam (that lasted of 1964 the 1973) would have at least started? It will be that the European countries (as France and England) would resist the marxist advance? In this in case that, the Wall of Berlin would have been absolutely unnecessary because the Europe already would exhibit the red flag.

If Albert Einstein had not come to the Land, can have certainty that its life would be different. Hardly you would go to esquentar foods in the oven of microwaves, to play videogame, to go to the doctor and being examined for tomógrafo, to visualize the liquid crystal screen of its laptop, among others innovations that had only been possible with the intricate theories of the German physicist.

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