Scientists discover remedy accidentally anti-calvície

The accidental discovery of a substance that made to grow again for the ones in laboratory rats can open way for a potential remedy against the calvície in human beings, according to an American study published this week.

“Our discovery sample that a treatment of short duration with this substance made to grow again for the ones in rats that genetically had been modified to be chronically stressados”, Million Mulugeta explained, associate professor of medicine of the University of California, in Los Angeles, one of the co-authors of this study.

“The work can mean the beginning of new boardings to treat the calvície in human beings, when neutralizing the one receivers hormona that it plays a paper-key in the condition of stresse”, added.

Such treatments could treat the loss of hair related to stress and to the oldness, it needed the doctor.

The study online of the scientific magazine American PLoS One, a publication of the Public Library was published in the version of Science.

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