Scientists discover the gene of the Homer Simpson

For the good mood in science: researchers of the Emory University (U.S.A.) had discovered that an express gene in the brain, call of RGS14, that everybody has, can limit our intellectual capacity from there - and, engraçadinhos had nicknamed, it “gene of the Homer Simpson”.
In a series of tests, rats with the such “off” gene had been smarter: if they had remembered objects seen before and they had learned to leave labyrinths with more rapidity of what the normal rats. What it suggests that the presence of the RGS14 can “possibly brake” some forms of learning and consolidation of memories -, not only in the rats, but in people also.
Penalty that not yet of the one to order that fellow worker more lentinho running pra disconnect of it. According to researchers, the gene of the Homer is on to a part of the brain still little explored. E, as he is not of what it is capable, so clearly all well-taken care of is little. For however, one knows that in the rats with the off RGS14 the region neurons had established stronger connections, what it improves the cognitivo performance. But it is possible that, despite the principle the ratinhos have not presented any negative effect, the lack of the gene causes some disequilibrium that the faces had not yet identified.
“A great question that this research raises is why we, or the rats, we would have a gene that it becomes in them less smart? ”, the leader of the study, John Hepler says. Good question, né?

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