To dream of animals

Bee - It is prosperity signal. To be pricked () by a bee: care with envy of colleagues. To see them: profits. If a woman dreams to be being perforated in the face can indicate, pregnancy. Luck: butterfly.

Swallow - To see to fly them: notice of moved away friends. To kill them: obstacles. In nest: happiness. Luck: pavão.

Animals - Calm: its closer desires will be taken care of. Furious: she will be victim of you intrigue, but it will win. Luck: it bets in the animals that appear in the dream.

Spider - Its success will depend on its effort. Care in the treatment with woman. Luck: it charges.

Birds - It will have financial advantages and it will receive money not waited. It still can be wonderful trip. Luck: pavão or the bird that to appear in the dream.

Ostrich - marcante and positive Event related the money. Luck: ostrich.

Whale - aid Will receive unexpected. Luck: alligator.

Kiss-Flower - fast Success in the life. Luck: it charges.

Animals - Furious: it will be attacked (), but it will win. Calm: its desires will be taken care of. Luck: it bets in that to appear in the dream.

Bode - shameful Linking, erótica madness. Luck: goat.

Ox - Abundance, in general way. Grazing: happy omen. Fat person: security. Lean: revezes. Furious Mugindo or: conjugal quarrel. To see ox dead: its enemies will not obtain to win it (). Luck: bull.

Butterfly - Trend the things of small account. Luck: butterfly.

Donkey - Black: purple. White: it enters (Went of money. Chestnut: annoyance. In general this dream discloses persecution of superior, without reason just. Luck: donkey or horse.

Goat - To see one or more goats: good profits with inheritance. To buy a goat: care with envious. Vender a goat: engagement or marriage. Luck: goat

Dog - sincere and disinterested Affection. If the dog has a friendly attitude stops with you waits joys. If it will be in its pursuit: quarrels. To take one bite: treason. Luck: dog.

Shrimp - Well-taken care of with easy women. Luck: alligator.

Camel - it does not confuse perseverance with intelligence. If it will be running is signal of return of undesirable person. Luck: camel.

Crab - Somebody wants to take off something of you. Luck: bear.

Sheep - Prosperity and fast richness. Luck: sheep.

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