How is formed the dandruff?

1. The sebácea gland is responsible for the production of the tallow that lubricates the surface of the cabeludo leather. For genetic questions, the person who has predisposition to the dandruff produces more fat that the normal one

2. The tallow arrives at the surface of the skin for folículo piloso (or unit to folicular) - structure for which they leave wires hair or for. The greasy secretion is accumulated in the cabeludo leather, leaving the oily hair

3. The oleosidade cause the inflammation of the cabeludo leather, call of seborreica dermatitis. People with this genetic predisposition also can develop fungo Pityrosporum ovale, that she aggravates the picture

4. The inflammatory process cause itch, vermelhidão and scalling off, that untied white particles of the cabeludo leather - the dandruff, one tallow mixture and cells deceased of the skin

• The ones that have genetic predisposition only costumam to have the seborreica dermatitis, therefore, the dandruff is not contagious

• The dandruff does not have cure, but it has treatment - that it must be indicated by a specialist

• Many xampus antidandruff, vendidos in supermarkets, dry up the cabeludo leather and stimulate, still more, the tallow production

• Each person has, on average, 5 million pilosos folículos in the body, being that 120 a thousand of them are in the cabeludo leather

Causes and solutions
It knows the factors that can leave its full hair of white brans

The nervous tensions provoke some riots in the body - between them, the low one of the defenses of the imunológico system, that unchains dermatological problems as the dandruff. The ideal is not to esquentar the head

Alcoholic beverage
It inhibits the activity of some vitamins that act in folículo piloso and provoke the cellular multiplication, causing a bigger sebácea secretion production. Therefore, nothing of if inebriating

Bad feeding
The ingestion in excess of animal fat and sugar can increase the tallow production in the glands. To better neutralize the oleosidade, nothing of what taking sufficiently water and increasing the consumption of fruits

To wash the hair with hot water stimulates the glands in the oil production. In the winter, the dandruff also increases, since the temperature is ideal for the proliferation of fungos. The tip is to leave the water morna in the hour to rinse the cabeleira

Permanent dyes, smoothings and can provoke since allergies until the inflammation of the cabeludo leather, aggravating the picture of the dermatitis. Therefore, dandruff will be had, prevents these types of treatments

Hormonais alterations
They are common in the puberty, the pregnancy and the menopause. The body suffers to a hormonal disequilibrium and cause a disfunção in the glands. In this in case that, the problem alone is decided to the base of remedies

Sources Luciano Barsanti, doctor and tricologista, director of the Institute of the Hair and author of the Dr. book Hair (publishing company Rise); Raphael Rissardi, supervisor hair technician of the Vita Derm Hipoalergênica; Denise Steiner, doctor in dermatology for the Unicamp and member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology

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