How much time for the ones of the body leads to grow?

Between the human beings, the three months delay for them of two to reach its maximum length, while the hair if develop during two the six years. The wires that compose our cabeleira pass for three stages of growth. The first one is the anágena, phase that almost all represents the useful life of the one for, that it is formed in the layers most internal of the skin and follows growing for it are of the body to a rhythm of about 1 centimeter for month. After that, it comes the catágena, period where the wire is in rest and this hard phase does not grow -, in the maximum, one month. Finally, it comes the telógena, that lasts only some months. It is when “it dies for it” and it falls, of course. The final length of each wire directly is related opportunely of life, therefore the hair grow more than what for the ones of the sovaco and other regions of the body.

It discovers why the human body has as many different types, colors and formats of for

Where parts of the body are not born for?
Lips, palm of the hands and sole of the feet are regions of the body where fiozinho does not have the minimum possibility of being born one at least. E the reason is very simple: while our organism is in formation, still during the life inside of the uterus, these parts does not develop, under the skin, the necessary structures for the formation of for

Why the wires have different colors?
The melanina is the substance that colors wires. However, what it defines the tone of the cabeleira is the rocking between the two pigments that compose this natural dye. When it has more concentration of eumelanina, the hair is darker. In clear or ruivos hair it rolls a feomelanina predominance, colored pigment more. Aged Albino and, with total or partial absence of melanina, have white wires

Which the types of for the one of the human body?
Our hair mass if divides in two categories: for the velos and for the terminals. First engloba those short and fine wires, that rest discrete in places as the forehead and, in the case of the women, col, face and abdomen. Already for the terminals they are encorpados, that coat our legs, arms, virilhas and armpits. For the ones of the head also they are fit in this category

Why some for only grow in men?
Beyond having more for that the women, the men cultivate wires in regions that are lisinhas in the body of them. That is, if you already saw woman with for the ones in the chest and in the ears or with beard in the face, she distrusts! The guilt is of the androgênicos hormones, as the testosterone, that are produced in more amount in the hairy ones of what in the bare ones

What it makes for smooth or crespos them to be?
The format of folículo piloso, for where the wire leaves the body, defines the anatomy of the one for. If the canal is cylindrical, the wire leaves smooth. If it will be flattened, for it is rolled up. What it determines if folículo is rounded off is the position of it in relation to the skin. The more inclined, more fechadinha is the exit

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