How a broken bone if regenerates?

When a bone if breaks, the sanguineous vases in its interior if they breach, causing bleed and the one formation coágulo. The place inflames, but, in 24 hours, the extremities of the breached vases are forbidden, stanching almost completely the hemorrhage. The region of the breaking is full of small pieces of the broken bone and died fabrics, that are removed by the action of called cells osteoclastos. They fagocitam (“they eat” and “they digest”) these fragmentos. The process can last weeks, depending on the size of the injury. Since the first hours after the bruise, also enters in action the responsible angioblastos, cells for the formation of the sanguineous vases. They will give to origin the new vases inside of the bone and will go to repair others that if had breached with the breaking. At the same time, the óssea marrow starts if to regenerate. Composed basically of blood and fat, it is inside of the canal to medular of the bone, that goes being filled for new cells. The óssea reconstitution in itself if of the one from two membranes sufficiently vascularizadas: the periósteo and the endósteo. While the periósteo involves the bones completely, the endósteo is a layer finer it coats than them internally. As much the periósteo how much the endósteo has capacity to produce the cells called osteoblastos, that will give origin to the fabric ósseo. One or two days after the breaking, the osteoblastos already start to invade the interior and the surface of coágulo. The deposition of osteoblastos in the place of the breaking leads to the formation of the ósseo callus, that appears in such a way external how much internally. Meanwhile, coágulo goes diminishing, therefore the cells form that it continue being “devoradas” for the osteoclastos. In up to two weeks, the callus, also formed for fabric fibroso and cartilaginoso, obtains to join the extremities of the breaking with the unbroken part of the bone. In six weeks, the fiction disappears. The following phase, that can last months, is of the consolidation, when the calcificação of the bone occurs. The calcium, that confers resistance to the bones and arrives at the place for the sanguineous chain, helps to repair of ruins it to time. Longer the final stage and of óssea regeneration - it can lead up to ten years - is the remodelagem. The osteoclastos attack of new, “sandpapering” the surface of the bone to reduce the callus. To the end, the area of the breaking, that until then remained more susceptible the breakings, comes back to have the resistance of before.

The bone is one of the few capable agencies of if regenerating on account proper. But, clearly, it does not make magician. He is therefore that, most of the time, one is necessary ajudinha doctor so that they glue in the correct position. It is when they enter in action good and old plaster and, in more serious cases, the metal bolts.

Much people who already suffered some breaking complain of pains in the place when the time cools. This occurs because, in general, the elasticity of the area that it broke and of the remaining portion of the bone is different. In the temperature changes it finishes rolling one estresse in this region, what cause pain.

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