It is possible to transform human into you buzz

The scene is always the same. Desert streets, spread garbage, abandoned building and a group of human beings try to survive to the extermínio buzzed. It remembered films as the dawn of deceased, Extermínio, evil Resident or the series Walking Dead, certain? But, it will be that it is possible to create a malignant virus that will give beginning to the Apocalispe Zumbi? Perhaps, but it will not be easy for the scientists.
A professor assistant of psychiatry of the University of Harvard, Steven C. Schlozman, already walked thinking about this and until the autopsy wrote a book “Buzzed” (The Zombie Autopsies), a series of removed excerpts of fiction of the notebook of notations of the “last scientist ordered to the Sanctuary of United Nations studying a plague buzzed”. The book must even give fear in those customary ones in attending to films of half human beings, half corpses, devorando pulled out members.
According to Schlozman, an efficient agent could aim and detach parts from the human brain. In this way, the individual would keep some unbroken motor capacities as to walk (in slow camera) and to eat (human). However, its lobe frontal, that is responsible for the morality, for the planning and for inhibiting impulsive actions it would leave to exist.
To create these ambulant beings that walk for there grunhindo behind the next meal she would be necessary only one protein. Schlozman explains that the deterioration of the lobe frontal could be caused by means of an infection for a protein, in particular a call príon. Príons is proteins capable to modify other proteins. These composites are responsible, for example, for the illness of the Cow Insane person.
The first step is there. To contaminate the human beings with one príon that it finishes with our moral and limits. However, the transmission of these proteins is easy to control. The animal would go to catch exactly if some scientist maluco fixed príon to a virus that if spread quickly and took the contaminante agent direct to the brain of the futures buzzes. The task, for general joy of the human beings, would not be easy.
It is not easy, but it has insane person for everything. The director of transplants and infectious illnesses of the General Massachusetts Hospita, in Boston, Jay Fishman, considers that if the virus uses that cause encefalite, an acute inflammation of the brain. You finding little? The face still considers to use the virus of the Herpes or the virus of the Nile Occidental person, causer of a lethal illness spread by the bite of infectados mosquitos. Our luck is that he himself admitted that to bind to one príon and a virus is part of a “well improbable scene”. But some scientific products had been born of ideas that seemed improbable, certain?
After the infection she would be necessary to control príon so that the brain of Zumbi is not completely lost and it enters in eats. For this, Schlozman suggests to add salt to induce metabolic alkalosis (loss of acid in the organism). With the alkalosis “you would have convulsions, tremors and would be igualzinho one you buzzed”. He is better to start to storage weapons, the ammunition and if to prepare for the hunting in the style of the group of Zumbilândia.

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