Stephen Hawking: God did not create the universe

LONDON - God does not have more place in the theories on the creation of the universe, which had to a series of advances in the field of the physics, affirms the British scientist Stephen Hawking in its new book, that had stretches divulged in this thursday.

Demonstrating a harder position in relation to the religion of what assumed in the pages of the international bestseller “the One soon history of the time”, of 1988, Hawking says that Big Bang was simply a consequência of the law of the gravity.

“For having a law as the gravity, the universe it can and it will go to create to he himself of the nothing. The spontaneous creation is the reason for which something exists instead of not existing nothing, it is the reason for which the universe exists, for which we exist”, writes celebrates it scientist in “The grand design”, that it will be published in series in the periodical Teamses.

“It is not necessary that Gods evoke to illuminate the things and to create the universe”, adds.

Hawking if became world-wide famous with its research, books and sets of documents, although to suffer since the 21 years of age of a degenerative motor illness left that it dependent of a chair of wheels and a sintetizador of voice.

In “One soon history of the time”, Hawking suggested that the idea of God or a being the holy ghost is not necessarily incompatible with the scientific understanding of the universe.

In its more recent work, however, Hawking it cites the discovery, done in 1992, of a planet that gravitates a star is of our Solar System, as a landmark against the belief of Isaac Newton of whom the universe could not have appeared of the chaos.

“This becomes the coincidences of our planetary conditions - only Land and, sun happy combination in the distance between the Sun and the solar mass - well less important, and well less convincing, as evidence of that the Land was carefully projected to only please to the human beings”, affirms Hawking.

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