It knows the 5 bigger supercomputers of the world

The site brought up to date the list with the biggest supercomputers of the world, machines capable to process trillions of commands at the same time - something practically impossible to be imagined. Between the five first supercomputers, we find two of them in the United States, one in Germany, another one in Sweden and another one in India.

The supercomputers are ranqueados by the number of processors and teraflops. Flops, in computation, is an acronym that means Floating point Operations Per Second that, in Portuguese, wants to say operations of floating-point for second. That is used to determine the performance of a computer, specifically in the field of scientific calculations, that make great use of calculations with floating-point; similar the instructions for second. 1 Teraflop is equivalent the 10 ¹ ² flops.

1 - Lawrence Livermore DONATES to Blue Gene

This Blue Gene, of IBM, possesss 213 a thousand processors and supports up to 478 teraflops. Located in the United States.

2 - Julich Supercomputing Center Blue Gene

This another Blue Gene, also of IBM, if finds in Germany. It counts on 65 a thousand 167 processors and supports teraflops.

3 - New Mexico Computing Applications Center

Used to manage the water suppliment of one of the areas less populous of the planet, this supercomputer is a good excuse for theories of the conspiracy. But the fact of it to cost less than a North American normal house is surprising. Teraflops supports up to 172 and possesss servers SGI HOISTS Blade.

4 - TATA CRL Lab HP Cluster

This machine of the HP, just ordered, places India enters the five bigger supercomputers of the world. It counts on 14 a thousand processors and a 3000 system HP Blade.

5 - HP Bladeserver Cluster of the Swedish Army

This is “the more private” supercomputer of all, therefore the known data of this machine are few. However, according to information of the proper Swedish army, this supercomputer will be a HP BladeSystem with 14 a thousand 103 processors and that teraflops will support.

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