Lookeen 2010 - It finds e-mails easily

In this technological world, the email is certainly one of the services more used by the users for information exchange. Daily, our electrónico mailboxes go accumulating e-mails, with the most diverse types of information, becoming difficult the share to find one definitive email.

Today we go to know the Lookeen an excellent solution for indexation and research of e-mails, annexes, contact, tasks, etc.

The Lookeen is a professional solution that integrates with Microsoft Outlook and that it allows to find e-mails easily, disponibilizando a set of research filters. Although the tool of research of the Outlook to have sufficiently evolved in the last times, the truth is that it continues to make use of few options and in some situations the results not yet is trustworthest.

The Lookeen is thus an excellent alternative for who the email is a tool of essential work and works with great volumes of information. The Lookeen disponibiliza a bar in proper outlook that it allows the user to effect a personalized research. For the tests that we carry through the application (as an example, my mailbox has currently about 30.000 e-mails), the research is sufficiently fast and the sufficiently consistent results.

Beyond making possible the research of email, the Lookeen it allows the search for annex, meetings, tasks, reminders and contact. Another one of the excellent characteristics of this application is the possibility to integrate with the Desktop. In such a way, we can all carry through research in the record of our system.

According to information of the proper company, the Lookeen obtains to carry through research in mailboxs that they have up to 100 GBytes of information. For companies, a time that these generate much public information centrally, the Lookeen disponibiliza one “shared index”, that it is not more than the possibility to indexar a set of information publishes so that the partners and employees can accede more quickly to this information.

The Lookeen is without a doubt an excellent professional tool, that offers functionalities sufficiently interesting as for the indexation of information. The application is available per 14 days but in the next days we go to have some new features here in pplware. Meanwhile, the users who possess Microsoft Outlook can try and validate the characteristics presented here.

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