How the bat-vampires attack?

First they find its canine tooth with aid of a species of internal radar and later they bite its skin with sharp teeth. Of 1 100 species of bats more than known, only three if feed of blood: the bat-vampire-common one (Desmodus rotundus), the bat-vampire-of-wing-whites (Diaemus youngi) and the bat-vampire-of-leg-hairy ones (Diphylla ecaudata). The three species (it reads more on them in the site of ME) only live in the American continent, of the south of the Texas to Argentina. The vampires do not attack human beings: the bat-vampire-common one prefers animals bigger, as oxen, cows and horses. The others two species advance on hens, birds and wild animals of lesser transport. As these bats alone ingest blood, they more than do not resist three days without the liquid. Amongst the mammals, the bat-vampires are only the exclusively hematófagos ones. They live in colonies of 20 the 100 individuals and are, together with the too much species of bats, the only mammals total adapted to the flight - others, as the squirrel-flyer, only obtains to glide. This if of the one thanks to the membranes that join four of its five fingers of the previous members (equivalents to the hands). The bats integrate the order Chiroptera, the second greater in number of species between the mammals. The Chiroptera name has origin in the words Greeks quiro (

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