EA Games goes to launch social games of SimCity and the Simpsons for Facebook

Electronic Arts, known for the publication of games as Need will be Speed and Medal of Honor, goes to launch two social games for Facebook; one based in the television series the Simpsons and another one in the SimCity surmounting, affirms the MCV. Both the games will be produced by the Playfish studios, rival of the desenvolvedora greater of social games of the world, the Zynga.

Since March, the EA Games studies the possibility to create games for the social net in accordance with, since the base of users, beyond gigantic, seems to be sufficiently income-producing, the president of the company, Frank Gibeau. At the beginning of this month the CEO of the EA Games, John Riccitiello, also affirmed that, thanks to the satisfactory results around the digital media, the company would have more focus in the publication of these games during the year.

Currently, the Zynga makes success with considered games previously “copies” of the games published for the EA Games, as it is the case of the proper CityVille (2010). The social game exceeded 100 million users in less of one year, and it was always compared with the SimCity game (1989).

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