How much time if can only live with bread and water?

He is difficult esteem, therefore he goes to depend on the nutricional state and health of the person, but he has stories of people who lived years alone the bread and water, even so with péssima quality of life. According to nutritionist Vanderli Marchiori, of the Brazilian Association of Esportiva Nutrition, is extremely risky somebody to limit its feeding only these two components. “This diet does not satisfy our necessities nutricionais, therefore the bread alone has carboidrato and needs to also ingest proteins and fats”, say. The first consequences of this diet maluca are of muscular mass of hair of the skin and, in the suspension, drying, fall, loss case the women of the menstruation. Later, the problems are more serious. The agencies go giving bankruptcy signals and the person starts to suffer from fatigue and anemia, is subjects the infections and has lapses of memory and intense sleep. After that, kidneys and liver stop to function, culminating in a collapse of the heart. It seems incredible, but it only has stories of aged kept by months the bread and water in asylums managed for unscrupulous people.

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