Germans create hair folículos from cells trunk

Scientists German of the University Hospital Charité had obtained to develop hair folículos from cells trunk. This, for joy of men traumatizados for as many gozações that they call its beautiful calvície of mosquito airport, sufficiently approaches in them to so waited “cure” for the bald. It is necessary to remember that the cells used in the experiments had been of laboratory animals, but if functioned with quadrupeds… why does not go to also function in bípedes that they use bath towel to dry the face, due to the prolongation of the forehead?

In fact, the researchers are so hopeful that they wait to obtain pilosos folículos from cells trunk human beings in less of one year. As they know the pluripotentes cells trunk have the ability of if transforming into any type of specialized cell: epidérmica, óssea, sanguineous, etc. Despite the great hope of the future medicine is considered, until the moment the advances are most slow.

However professor Roland Lauster, of the German institution, finds that this work could assume a hope in the treatment of 80% of the people who suffer from calvície in everybody.

He arrives to obstruct itself of hormones that can prevent the calvície, but they leave that you with the face of the Elza Soares. It arrives of bathes of hen or of pig, dust of bunda of tanajura fries, sweat of horse lame and things of the sort. Despite in the treatment it does not go to get rid itself of the needles. Probably it will have that to implant the folículos in the head one by one, as becomes now with the cultivos of the proper giver, but happily already it will not have that to yield part of the nape of the neck for hollowing of the roots.

If everything to run well, in 5 years the thing could start to function. Despite it is always well coming a good dose of skepticism since 1950 until our days, the cosmetic tests in animals for the growth of had been multiplied for them for 500, in way that how much before to find the solution, happyer will be the animal coitados ones of laboratory.

But as before it warned, better to read the notice with reasonable and had reserves. It is enough to remember that in 2004 a team of the University of the Pensilvânia also showed evidences of that the research with cells trunk could prevent the calvície, and since then so far, all remain luzindo the same bald spot.

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