Three forms to travel in the time

The British physicist Stephen Hawking, in an article, showed one, but three not only forms to travel in the time that it considers possible.
The fourth dimension:
First you need to accept that the time is a dimension, as well as the length, the depth and the height. The used example for Hawking is an car passage. If you go for front you you move yourself in a dimension. If you turn for the left or right, you if she moves in another one. Third he is if you go up or go down some relief. E fourth is the time that you lead to make this.
In the films normally we see an enormous machine that creates a breach in the fourth dimension and it allows in them to travel for the future or the past. Although the question of the machine is ficcional, the concept can be until “practicable”.
The laws of the physics allow the notion of trips in the time, through what we know as “earthworm holes”. For Hawking, the earthworm holes are to our redor, only that they are very small to be seen. According to it nothing that we know he is smooth and completely solid - everything has small holes and rugas and this want to say that the time, as the fourth dimension, also would have imperfections that they could be used to advantage for trips in the time. This if we obtained to find them.

Quantum vapor and small holes of earthworm:
In very small scales - lesser still of what the atomic scale - the substance “capsizes” what it is called by the quantum vapor physicists. It is there that the earthworm holes of that we speak before exist. Small tunnels that if open and if close of random form that can take the two different places in the time.
Although to be a very small structure, Hawking believes that it is possible to catch an earthworm hole and to strain it, leaving great the sufficient so that a person pass for it. Theoretically they could taking in them for other places in the time. However, as he has strange paradoxes, involving trips to the past (for example, if you travel to the past and hinder that its parents if know, as you would be born for impediz them of if knowing in some place in the future), scientists find that only the trip to the future would be possible.

The time as a current river:
Hawking finds that, perhaps, the radiation could make unusable earthworm holes that scientists strained so that the people travelled in the time. However, it has another solution: to sail the river of the 0 variable of the time.
For it, the time flows as a river and us we are loaded for the chain. But, as a river, has places where the rapids is faster or slower - and this would be the key for trips to the future.
Albert Einstein behind considered this idea one hundred years e, according to Hawking, it was absolutely certain. The test can be found in satellites that possess internal clocks. When they leave the Land are certain, but the scientists perceive that they are advanced in the space because the time is of the planet would be faster.
Einstein believes that the substance makes with that the time if drags, therefore, in the planet, the time running more slowly.

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