Black tea helps to fight stress, says British study

Black tea helps to fight stress, says British study

The typically British tradition to take a chávena of tea of regular form helps to fight stress daily. The conclusion is of a study of University College London (UCL) published in the specialized magazine Psychopharmacology.
The presence of the cortisone, hormona responsible for stress, in the sanguineous circulation is reduced in about 47% through the ingestion of black tea.

“We proved that the components of the tea, as the catequinas, polifenóis, flavonóides and amino acids help to reduce stress, sending signals to the brain”, explained Andrew professor Steptoe.

The scientist directed the experiences carried through with 75 volunteers who had taken tea of regular form and had been examined during six weeks, disclosing that other drinks do not have relaxante effect the same.

The British study he confirmed thus the idea of that to take tea “traditionally is associated with the act to pass a good bit without stress of the quotidiano and many believe that this drink helps of fact to relax”, added.

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