To drink coffee really diminishes the drunkeness?

It diminishes. The alcohol is a depressive substance of the central nervous system, because it reduces its activity when making it difficult the ticket of messages between the neurons of the brain. It is not known accurately why this happens, but gives credit that the alcohol modifies the composition of the membrane of the neurons, making it difficult the transmission of the nervous impulses. This makes with that the person is sleepy, unbalanced and without motor coordination.

Already the present caffeine in the coffee has the opposing effect accurately. “It intensifies the ticket of these neuronais messages, brightening up the effect provoked for the alcoholic beverage ingestion”, affirms the pharmaceutical biochemist Robert De Lucia, of the University of São Paulo. To reduce the effect of the drunkness, the coffee must be ingested without sugar, therefore this substance makes it difficult the absorption of the caffeine for the organism, harming its action.

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