Scottish scientists you give to create inorgânica life.

Scottish researchers are carrying through a pioneering inquiry to create life from inorgânicos chemistries.
All the life in the Land is based on organic biology (carbon composites), and the inorgânico world is considered inanimate.
Now, one has equipped of the University of Glasgow has demonstrated a new form to make inorgânicas chemical cells.
The objective is to create autorreplicantes inorgânicas cells that could be used in the medicine and chemistry.
To create alive inorgânicas cells (inorgânica biology), the team goes to create internal membranes that control the ticket of materials and energy through them, that is, some chemical processes who could inside be isolated of the same cell, as in biological cells.
The researchers say that the cells, that also can store electricity, can be potentially used in all the types of applications in the medicine, as sensory or to confine chemical reactions.
The research is part of a project to demonstrate that inorgânicos chemical composites are capable of autorreplicação and evolution, as well as the organic ones, to the carbon base.
The scientists believe that the creation of inorgânica life is total viable. The main goal is the construction of complex chemical cells with properties that can helping in them to understand as the life appeared, and also to define a new technology based on the evolution of the material world, a species of technology of the inorgânica life.
The bacteria are, essentially, done microorganisms of an only cell of organic chemical products. Then because not to create microorganisms of inorgânicos chemical products and to allow them evolution it?
If the research will be successful, would give to science some incredible ideas on the evolution and would show that it is not only one biological process. Also it would mean the test of that the life without being to the carbon base can exist, redefining total our concepts.

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