It will be that a quick neutrino can contradict Einstein?

Wrong Einstein? Impossible!
This was the reaction of physicists in the whole world last week when they had heard that the experiences in Switzerland indicate that the theory of the relativity of Einstein can be wrong. Since 1905, when Einstein declared that nothing in the universe more can be moved fast than the light, the theory has been the pillar of the modern physics. By the way, the majority of our electronic of high technology depends on it.
Eccentric people have years denounce the theory of the relativity of Einstein, are clearly. As many physicists, I have full boxes of amateur monographs had been sent that me by people alleging that Einstein was missed. In years 30, the Nazista Party criticized the theory of Einstein, publishing a called book “One hundred Authorities Denounces Relativity”. Einstein would play later that it is not necessary to have one hundred famous intellectuals to knock down its theory. Everything what is necessary is a simple fact.
Good, this simple fact can be in the form of the experiments most recent of the accelerating greaters of particles of the world, that are in the CERN, in the outskirts of Geneva. The physicists had gone off a beam of neutrinos (exotic particles, seemed with ghosts, that obtain to penetrate even though in densest of the materials) of Switzerland until Italy, in a distance of 730 kilometers. For its great astonishment, after analyzing 15,000 neutrinos, they had discovered that they had travelled faster than the speed of the light - 60 we bilionésimos of according to quicker, to be necessary. In 1 bilionésimo of second, a light beam travels about 30 centimeters. Thus, a difference of 18 meters was well surprising.
To breach the barrier of the light violates the nucleus of the theory of Einstein. In accordance with relativity, to the measure that you come close yourself to the speed of the light, the time decelerates, you become heavier and are plainer (everything this already was measured in laboratory). But if you travel faster than the light, the impossible one happens. The time walks stops backwards. You are lighter of what nothing, and are with negative thickness. As this is ridicule, of the one not to travel faster than the light, Einstein said.
The revelation of the CERN was eletrizante. Some physicists had been radiant of joy, because this means that the door is if opening for a new physics (and more winner of the Prize Nobel). New and bold theories need to be proposals to explain the result. Others had started to sweat cold, to if to give account of that all the bedding of the modern physics perhaps needs to be I coat. All the pertaining to school books need to be rewritten, all the recalibrados experiments.
Cosmology, or the proper way as we think the space, would be modified forever. In the distance until the astros and galaxies and the age of the universe (13,7 billion years) they would be placed in doubt. Even though the black theory of the expansion of the universe, theory of bigue-bangue and holes would have that to be reexamined.
In addition, everything what we think that we understand on nuclear physics would need to be reexamined. All child in pertaining to school age knows the famous equation of Einstein, E=MC2, where a small amount of mass M obtains to create a vast amount of energy and, because the speed of light C to the square is a so enormous number. But if C is removed, this means that all the necessary nuclear physics to be recalibrada. Nuclear weapons, nuclear medicine, radioactive dating, all would be affected because all the nuclear reactions are based on the relation of Einstein between substance and energy.
If everything this already was not sufficiently, the change would mean that the basic principles of the physics are incorrect. The modern physics is based on two theories, of relativity and the quantum theory, then the half of the modern physics would have that to be substituted by a new theory. My proper field, the theory of the ropes, is not an exception. Personally, I would have that to revise all my theories because relativity is inlaid in the theory of the ropes since comecinho.
How he will be that this fascinating discovery goes to uncurl itself? As Carl Sagan said one day, affirmations notables demand tests notables. Laboratories in the whole world, as the Fermilab in the outskirts of Chicago, will go to remake the experiments of the CERN and to try to prove or to deny its results.
My instinctive reaction, however, is that this is a false alarm. In elapsing of the decades, it had innumerable challenges to the theory of relativity, and demonstrated that they were all making a mistake. In years 60, for example, the physicists were measuring the very small effect of the gravity on a light beam. In a study, the physicists had discovered that the speed of the light seemed together with to oscillate the hour of the day. Surprising, the speed of the light went up during the day, and fell at night. Later, one uncovered that, as the apparatus was used to the outdoors, the sensors was affected by the temperature of the light of the day.
Reputations can grow or diminish. But, to the end, this is a victory for science. No theory is cut in rock. Science is implacable when times are treated to test all the repeated theories, to any time, in any place. Differently of the religion and the politics, science is determined in the end for the experiments, repeated facts times and in some ways. It does not have sacred cows. In science, one hundred authorities are not valid nothing. The experiment valley everything.

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