Man who will live 1000 years will be born in less than twenty years, affirms scientist

If the forecasts of Aubrey de Grey will be certain, the first person to commemorate its anniversary of 150 years already were born. E the first person to live until a thousand years can delay less than 20 years to be born.

Biomedical gerontologista and scientist-head of a dedicated foundation the research of the longevity, Of Grey calculates that, still during its life, the doctors will be able to have by hand all the tools necessary “to cure” the aging - extirpando the decurrent illnesses of the age and drawing out the life indefinitely.

“I would say that we have a 50% possibility to place the aging under what I would call decisive level of medical control of more or less 25 years inside”, he said Of Grey in an interview before pronouncing a lecture in the Britain's Royal Institution, a British academy of sciences.

“And for `decisivo' I want to say type of medical control the same that we have today on the majority of the infectious illnesses”, it added.

Of Grey it foresees a time where the people will go to the doctor for a “maintenance” to regulate, what she would include therapies genetic, therapies with cell-trunk, imunológica stimulation and several others advanced techniques.

It describes the aging as the accumulation of some molecular and cellular damages in the organism. “The idea is to adopt what if it could call preventive geriatria, where you regularly go to repair the damages molecular and cellular before it arrives at the abundance level that is pathogenic”, the scientist explained, cofundador of the Sens Foundation (acronym of “Strategies for the Programmed Senilitude Worthless”), with headquarters in California.

He does not know yourself accurately as the life expectancy goes to behave in the future, but the trend is clear. Currently, it grows three months per year approximately, and specialists preveem that she will have a million of centennial people in the world up to 2030.

In Japan already she only has more than 44 a thousand centenarians, and the person more longeva already registered in the world was until the 122 years.

But some researchers argue that the obesidade epidemic, spreading itself now of the countries developed for the world in development, will be able to affect the longevity trend.

The ideas of Of Grey can excessively seem ambitious, but in 2005 the MIT (Institute of Technology of Massachusetts) offered a prize of 20 a thousand dollars for any molecular biologist whom it proved that the theories of the Sens Foundation “are so missed that nor they are worthy of a well informed debate”. Nobody took the haul.

The prize was instituted later that a group of nine influential scientists attacked the theories of Grey, characterizing them of “pseudoscience”. The juries had concluded that the label was not just, and had argued that the Sens “exists in a half term of ideas not yet tested that some people can consider intriguers, but of which others is free to doubt.”

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