North American scientist and dutch artist create “skin” to the test of bullet.

A scientist of the State University of Utah, in the United States, with the aid of a dutch artist, created a mixture of silk with skin human being capable to resist the detonation of bullets.
Randy Lewis supplied wires supplied for animal-of-silk genetically manipulated the Jalila Essaidi, that confectioned the “superskin” also using skin cells human being. The animals had been modified to produce the silk typical of teias of spiders, that is more resistant.
After tests with projectiles of bore 22, the material if showed resistant to the detonations and it was not breached, despite the bullets have penetrated in part of the layers of the “skin”.
Lewis believes that the silk produced for spiders can help surgeons to cure serious wounds and to create artificial tendões and ligaments in the future. During another study, it already he had applied genes of spiders in goats to get a loaded milk with wide amounts of the responsible protein for the production of the silk.

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